4 Pro Tips for Vaping in the Car

4 Pro Tips for Vaping in the Car

One of my favorite places to vape these days is in my car. Mostly because I’m always in it, dashing to and fro between work and home, the grocery store, and running various errands and generally being a chauffeur for my child with her myriad activities. And if you’re like me, you’ve got a vehicle mod, a work mod, and an at home device. I usually keep a SMOK Stick V8 with me for my on the go travels, or an Artery Pal for those days my nic cravings are threatening the safety of those around me.

Tips for Vaping While Driving

It can be tough business keeping up with bottles of juice, trying to refill on the go (this is why tanks work best for the roadrunners), and keeping up with your charger cord. It’s the equivalent to packing up a baby and trying to go anywhere. Never know when you’ll have a vape emergency. Don’t judge, it can happen. So what’s a vaper to do when you lead an active lifestyle and you want to keep up with everything? I’ll tell you.

#1: Have a good on-the-go device handy

First things first, get a great device for traveling. It’s gotta be sturdy, yet compact, light, but powerful, and easy to refill when you’re moving at lightning speed. This is the most important step, because mods can be costly and they are investments we’ve made in our alternative lifestyle so don’t skimp on this. We also recommend Tanks instead of an RDA, dripping and driving is dangerous and should be avoided! Even better, a pod mod like the VooPoo Panda or Kilo 1k Ultra that is super simple will be easiest for car rides.

#2 Make sure you have everything you need stored safely

Second, make sure you’ve got all your essentials for your daily journeys. Things like batteries (in a case, of course), fresh cotton if needed, maybe a spare coil, and of course, your favorite flavors. By now you’re probably thinking, “where am I gonna store all this stuff?” This is where you have to get creative. Don’t be the person that just shoves all this into your middle console like a teen driver. Amazon has a veritable mountain of car organization products that you can use to help stay organized while you drive.

Or, you can turn your console area into a complete vape station where you can place your vape mod and battery case (not in direct sunlight though!) and have everything within arm’s reach. Whatever method you choose, just remember to never leave your mod in the car overnight, especially in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold.

3# Be ready for vape residue build up

Third, you’re gonna experience what every vaper on-the-go experiences: that filmy residue build up on your windows from the VG. It happens. Whether you vent your car or not when you vape, it will build up over time. This is a huge topic in the vape community and solutions vary depending on the person you talk to.

The key item to have in your car for this issue is a microfiber towel. It’s soft, easy to clean, and won’t scratch your windows. Glass cleaner will work, but there have been reports of the chemicals counteracting and smearing the residue, making it worse. What works for me? Vinegar or alcohol diluted with water. Spray your windows down real well then wipe clean with the microfiber. Works like a charm every time. And I’ve found that it repels the VG as well.

If you have tinted windows on your passenger doors, try just the vinegar and water, so as not to damage your tint job.

#4 Safety First

Finally, safety is the name of the game here. Sure, we love to blow huge clouds and impress passersby, but because the clouds can be so dense, be careful doing this while driving. You don’t want to impair your vision while operating your vehicle so keep your windows cracked and let the clouds blow. And honk when you see a fellow vaper. We’re everywhere! 

Posted by Crystal Means on Jan 31st 2018

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