Recycling Vape Batteries 101

Recycling Vape Batteries 101

Recycling your batteries has many benefits, none more important than the benefits to the environment.

In this blog, we’ll cover:

  • Why it’s important to recycle vape batteries
  • When to recycle your batteries
  • How to do it
  • What happens to your batteries after

Why recycle?

There are a lot of reasons to recycle your batteries:

  • Prevent potential hazards from entering the stream of waste on our planet
    • Landfills are full of waste. Prevent the potential of a hazardous event by properly recycling.
  • Protect yourself and your property from those hazards
    • Your trash can is not the place for vape batteries. They may connect which could lead to a fire in your home. Bleak, I know, and you definitely don't want that to happen.
  • Salvage natural resources
    • Proper disposal will help conserve resources and help prevent those hazards.

When do you recycle?

When your batteries are no longer providing the power you need to your vape, it's time to recycle. Signs include the following:

  • Full charges don't go as far as they used to
  • You don't get the same output from your vape as normal
  • They take longer to recharge
  • After a year or 300+ recharges

You can help the life of your batteries by recharging them for an hour or two. You may do well to do this when they are at 50% life or so.

How do you recycle?

Recycling your batteries could not be made easier! We suggest you use our friends at Call2Recycle. They have all you need to get going!

Ship them in

There are safe ways to ship them in. First, you should have a case or container to place them in. You can find them here. If you would like to buy a kit, find them here.

This is the least time consuming because you do not have to drive to a location. The recycling kits will be shipped to you with a return label. It's easier and more convenient!

Drop them off

If you are uncomfortable with shipping them or aren't able for any reason, drop them off! This resource offers you a locator to drop off your vape batteries for salvaging.

Dropping them off still requires that you carry them to the location yourself. Gear up with battery cases! An added perk is that you can keep the cases. The centers and drop off locations will have what they need to stow the batteries for the time being.

What happens to recycled batteries?

The process is rather cool! Batteries are rich in resources that we use in other ways. Like silverware, golf clubs, and cooking materials.

What happens is they process through the recycling journey. With the salvageable materials going back into new products. The chemical byproducts removed are disposed of according to the international recycling standard.

This is the process:

  1. Material is collected: By you dropping them off or shipping them in.
  2. They are recorded and sorted: The materials are logged, then sorted according to their processing standards.
  3. They are processed and recovered: The materials are then processed to separate the chemicals from the salvageable products. They are then re-purposed into the economy for production.

Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community and answer their questions. He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now answers the public’s questions in the Wild Blogger. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions! 

Posted by Gabriel on Apr 8th 2019

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