Review: VapeFly Galaxies Squonk MTL RDTA

VapeFly Galaxies RDTA

A squonk MTL RDTA may seem like it's a lot of buzz words shoved into one vape product, but the  VapeFly Galaxies Squonk MTL RDTA definitely has a place in our niche! Accommodating the MTL vaper who is looking for all the benefits of a rebuildable atomizer this RDTA also caters to those looking for convenience! So read or watch this review if you fit into this category of vaper and find the most delightful RDTA of 2019 in the VapeFly Galaxies RDTA!

VapeFly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA Video Transcript

Galaxies RDTA - Un Boxing

Get ready for an atomizer that is stars ahead of the rest with the VapeFly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA. This interesting atomizer tries to take on the vaping universe from all sides with quite a lofty setup. So to reiterate, yeah. The VapeFly Galaxies is an MTL Squonk RDTA. That's a lot of things for one atomizer to do. 

RDTA Details

Let's talk about the RDTA side of things first. The tank has a three milliliter capacity so there's plenty of room for nic salt delectables. On the deck there are two three millimeter wide wicking ports to get your cotton prepped for that good ol' vapin'. Additionally there's a spring-loaded three millimeter wide juice port which makes refilling a no-hassle affair and helps prevent leaking. Now, after wicking this thing draws rather fantasticly but the wicking itself can be a process due to how small it is. Be patient and you'll be up and running in no time. 

Squonk Details

Rainbow Vapfly Galaxies MTL RDTA

And of course, this bad boy can squiggity squonk. It comes with a 510 squonk pin that you can swap out with a standard one that's pre-installed. But how does it vape? Surprisingly well! You would think with everything going on that it would find itself being a jack-of-all-trades and a master-of-none. But it wicked perfectly in RDTA mode and squonked like a champ in, well, squonk mode. So if you are the get-yourself-something-that-can-do-both type of person, then the VapeFly Galaxies MTL Squonk RDTA is for you. Get it at VapeWild today. Great product but uh, that is a long frickin' name. You know how many takes I had to do to get that out? Like fifty. Fifty takes. I'm not kidding. But vape on it. Pretty awesome.

Posted by Batsu on Mar 12th 2019

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