REVIEW: VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Kit | Tiny but Mighty

REVIEW: VooPoo Drag Nano Pod Kit | Tiny but Mighty

These days, every vaping manufacturer has a pod mod device. It’s the hottest trend in the industry, and there seems to be a new one every week. Most of those devices are better off collecting dust, but, once in a while, a pod mod delivers on performance, looks, and functionality. That device: the Drag Nano from VooPoo.

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The Aesthetics

If you’re at all familiar with VooPoo’s line of Drag-branded devices, then the design of the Drag Nano will look familiar. Engraved on one side of the Drag Nano is the classic Drag Logo in big blocky letters — it’s as much a design statement as it is an advertisement. The opposite side of the mod has a resin panel, which comes in different colors and swirling panels that look like something out of a surrealist painting.

VooPoo Drag Nano with Chain

The device is made from an aluminum and zinc alloy with a chrome finish that doubles as a mirror. This device is literally flashy, but, as the old adage goes, “don’t judge a mod by its resin panels.” Instead, judge the mod by what’s inside and how it performs.

Features & Faults

  • 750mAh Battery - Because this is a pod mod, the Drag Nano has a 750mAh built-in battery that can last up to 350 puffs, according to VooPoo — I have not yet tested this claim, so take with a grain of salt. 
  • 1 Hour Charge time - The battery charges in one hour, which can be a bummer if it’s your only device. 
  • Draw Activated - It is draw-activated and there are no buttons on the device. It’s a simple device, really, but a power switch, like the one on the SMOK Mico, would have been nice.
  • Refillable 1mL Pods - Nano pods are refillable and hold 1mL of e-juice, which is not a lot but definitely more than Juul’s 0.7mL pods. 
  • Pod Removal - Removing the pod is a hassle, though, and removing the top-cap from the pod isn’t ideal either. It wouldn’t be a problem if the pods held more e-juice, but with a 1mL capacity, I’m removing the pod to refill a few times a day. 
  • Pod Refilling - Refilling can be a pain too. The fill port is quite small, so refilling requires finesse, otherwise, the liquid will leak from the fill port and make a mess. Refilling can be a pain, but it’s not at all a dealbreaker — it’s only mildly annoying. Using a needle bottle fixes the problem, and, although they’re relatively inexpensive, I wish VooPoo had included one.
  • Cloud Production - These 1.8Ω pods have great cloud production when you consider the size of the device, and the airflow, though a bit tight, produces a nice throat hit. 
  • Pod Options - Right now, VooPoo only has one pod option, but I’m hopeful they will release one with a lower resistance soon. The current pods aren’t bad performance-wise, so I’ll settle with those in the meantime.

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My Overall Thoughts on the Drag Nano

Consistency: My favorite thing about this mod is how it stays consistent throughout. Because of the Drag Nano’s Gene Pod chip, it has a feature called Cold Boot mode, which regulates the puff so that it’s the same from start to finish. Other devices ramp up slowly until they apex, and then the power drops off the longer you vape. Not with the Nano, though. Whether you draw for one second or five seconds, the puff stays consistent and doesn’t weaken over time. Even better, unlike similar pod mods, hits don’t weaken as the battery depletes. A similar device I own hits weaker than a sore arm when it’s around half battery.

VooPoo Drag Nano & Pod

The Draw / Hit - The draw can be a bit tight at times, and the throat hit, which isn’t bad, could be better. Cloud production doesn’t compare to a sub-ohm device, but it’s still respectable for a mod so small. I think this device would benefit from a lower-resistance pod, but that would also drain the battery faster. That, however, is not my problem, so it’s a good thing I’m a writer and not an engineer.

Safety Features: Even in a small frame, the Drag Nano has some crucial safety protections. You won’t even notice most of these, but safeties like overcharge protection and short circuit protection are necessities these days. Trust me, you may not see them but you’ll be glad to have them.


  • Cloud production was decent relative to the size of the device.
  • Throat hit was good, but not great.
  • Battery life has been good so far.
  • Puff remains consistent throughout.
  • Puffs remain consistent throughout battery life.
  • Gene Pod chip and safety precautions.
  • Small and portable
  • Chrome finish and resin panels look sick.
  • Included chain is stylish and convenient.
  • Affordable replacement pods.


  • Pods are hard to remove from the device and open.
  • Pods require finesse to fill — a needle bottle is necessary.
  • Charging the battery takes one hour.
  • Draw can be too tight sometimes.
  • Lack of pod options 


The Drag Nano is a pod mod. It doesn't try to do more than that, and it doesn’t have to. It produces decent clouds, flavor, and throat hit. It fits in your pocket, or you can wear it around your neck if you buy the Fans version. The silver-looking chain is stylish and durable, and it keeps the Drag Nano within reach at all times. I’ve spent about a week with it, and it’s been my go-to pod mod device. Maybe something else will come around to take it out of my rotation, but, in the meantime, I’ll enjoy our time together.

Posted by Alejandro Medellin on Aug 28th 2019

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