Review: Wotofo Profile RDA - Best Mesh RDA?

Wotofo Profile RDAMany vapers avoid entering the realm of rebuildable atomizers due to the intimidating prospect of building and installing coils. With the  Wotofo Profile RDA, you can enjoy all the perks of vaping on a RDA without the hassle! 

With pre-cut mesh wire and an easy install clamp system, even a novice vaper can join the ranks of RDA users. Read or watch this review to find out whether the Wotofo Profile RDA is the right choice for you!

Wotofo Profile Video Review Transcript

Wotofo Profile RDA Build Deck

Get your good vaping side with the Wotofo Profile RDA. This little work of art will elevate your mesh vaping game to a whole new level.

The Profile by Wotofo has a 24 millimeter wide base with a four millimeter deep juice well, giving you the space you need to build, drip and wick. 

Build Deck

As you can see, this atomizer has a two clamp-style post that supports traditional and mesh style coils. They're really easy to adjust and make building a non-issue. Now, speaking of mesh coils let's get to that. Wotofo saw that there was a problem with mesh coils and how cotton would begin to sag over time. So they created a spring-loaded ceramic support to keep all that fluffy cotton near your mesh. This is a really great feature that does exactly what it's meant to, albeit, depending on the thickness of your wick, it can be a bit of a tight process. 

Mesh Coils

Wotofo Mesh Coils

With all this talk of mesh, we can't forget to talk about the dang mesh coils and  Wotofo's mesh style coils are made to be the perfect companion to the Profile. These coils are rated for .18 ohms and have a range of 45 to 65 watts. But, don't let the low mid-range fool you because the clouds it creates are huge. These coils are built to ramp faster, cover more of your cotton surface area and give you some killer flavor. 

So, the verdict? I'd say get it. My opinion? Definitely get it. My taste bud's opinion? For the love all that is cloudy, get it! And you can get yours today at 

Posted by Batsu on Mar 8th 2019

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