RIP Vape It Forward

RIP Vape It Forward

On Aug. 31, Vape-it-Forward, a VapeWild program beloved by many, passed away peacefully in its sleep after complications from regulatory agencies. The three-year-old program sought to bring unity and friendship to the vaping world.

Born in 2015, VIF was an immediate hit with VapeWild customers, and it continued to bring smiles to customers’ faces until its untimely demise. Friends and family remember it as a fun-loving program whose presence could cloud up a room.

“Man, VIF was an amazing program, and I looked forward to my shipment every time,” said one customer about VIF’s passing. “It will be sorely missed.”

VIF is survived by its next of kin, a bottle of bonus e-juice in every shipment.

All jokes aside, this is really the end of Vape-it-Forward, and we’re just as bummed out about it as you are. Unfortunately, due to rules and regulations that are beyond our control, we can no longer send a bottle to give to someone else. We also don’t want Vape-it-Forward bottles to accidentally end up in underage hands, which could be bad for you and us.

It was a great program that we started years ago to incentivize customers to spread the word about vaping and VapeWild as well. We’re not sure how many of those bottles reached a friend, but even if it was a few, it was a job well done. Just like you’re probably feeling right now, we’re sad to see it go as well.

However, there is some good news. All orders are still getting a bottle of bonus e-juice — to clarify, the bonus bottle of e-juice is not going anywhere. Enjoy that bonus e-juice, and try to Stay Wild out there!

Posted by Alejandro Medellin on Sep 2nd 2019

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