Storm Caused Power Outage at VapeWild - Delay in Shipping

Storm Caused Power Outage at VapeWild - Delay in Shipping

11:30am (CST) Update June 12 2019

We are back! The power has come back on and we are back in business!

We’re going to need a little time to get recovered from the multi-day outage, but, for the most part, we have our team back in the office and getting to work. We worked hard during the outage to make sure that your orders were ready to go for this moment. We shipped 3,200 of your orders yesterday on generators alone! We’re proud to say that our dedicated team was able to keep up during the outage and we're ready for your orders in full operational service to you!

Your order shouldn’t be delayed more than half a day. That is not only good news but is indicative of the hard work our team did over the past two and half days and will continue to do for you!

With this being said, order on, we will be charging on, and, finally, VAPE ON! Stay Wild, friends!

1pm (CST) UPDATE June 11 2019

After our crack team of IT folks cranked up the generators to get production up and running, they hooked our customer service folks up with laptops and sent them back home to begin responding to emails that have come in over the last couple of days. We're also going to have a few agents in live chat - bear in mind that they're at home in pajamas and bunny slippers where they're working on laptops (rather than at the veritable Tony Stark-esque command center of the VW mothership), so response times may be slightly longer than usual. Thanks for your patience with us! 

10am (CST) UPDATE June 11 2019

We are still experiencing a power outage in our facility. We do have our quick response team working hard to prepare orders and have them ready for shipping. They are the superstars you know they are!

We do believe your orders will be delayed in the shipping process, however, your orders are going to be ready to go once all services are up and running again.

This is the information we have at this time. Please do hang with this blog for updates as we get them for you!

Hello, friends!

I wanted to let you know that we had a really bad storm in our area. Although, all VapeWild employees are safe and sound, it affected some hundreds of businesses, unfortunately, including ours. This caused a large power outage that affected our service to you.

We’re sorry to share the news, and will get your order to you as quickly as we can muster. We are relying on USPS to be up and running as well. One of their main hubs might be affected by the outage as well, which of course means they might be delayed right along with us.

At this time, customer service is not available for immediate assistance but you can still continue to email or use our contact form here.

We do have a skeleton crew working hard to make sure that your orders are ready for shipping once all services are back and operational!

This is the information we have at this time. Please do hang with this blog for updates as we get them for you!

Posted by Gabriel on Jun 10th 2019

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