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Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations

Different Names, Same Flavors - Staying Ahead of Regulations
At VapeWild, we like to say that we are serious about vaping and not much else. And that’s a true testimony to how we run our day-to-day activities.VapeWild started as three poker players’ dream to redefine society’s concepts of vaping. Our fun-loving company has always been very serious about certain aspects of the vaping industry since our metaphorical doors opened and that is never changing. What is changing is a few of our flavor names and this blog is here to clear up why we’re making these

Posted by Mal on Jun 18th 2018

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Getting Started with DIY: Flavor Boost

Things have changed in the world of vaping since the FDA regulations started to go into effect. VapeWild was forced to change certain products we could offer, which led to the elimination of the flavor boost option with your e-juice. Not cool. After we got over the initial annoyance with the situation, we quickly decided that we didn’t want to completely take away your ability to amp up your favorite flavors, so we introduced our flavor boost line! Sold in 10ml bottles, almost every

Posted by Marissa on Sep 5th 2017

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Getting Started with DIY: Building your Laboratory with the right Labware

You’ve filled your cart with concentrates, VG and PG, and all the other ingredients needed to start your DIY adventure. So what's next? The answer is Labware.If you’re confused, no need to fear! Ahead we will break down the uses of each item and make it a little easier to pick out what you need. If all of that seems like too much hassle though, we do offer an Advanced Kit that will give you all the tools you need to start! You can find out more about the pre-made kits in our

Posted by Marissa on Jul 20th 2017

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Getting Started with DIY: Advanced Kits vs. Blend Kits

So you're ready to dive into DIY ejuice, that's awesome! The next step is to decide whether an Advanced Kit or a Blend kit is right for you.You might be asking, "that sounds good, but how do I decide?" ENTER THE FLOW CHART!Now that you’ve found the perfect match when it comes to what kit you need, you might be wondering what are they all about?Good news! we can help.Advanced KitThis is the perfect kit for the intermediate to the advanced DIY mixer! With everything you could possib

Posted by Marissa on Jul 7th 2017

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Getting Started with DIY EJuice

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for an amazing vape flavor? I mean who wouldn’t want to vape a blackberry-pineapple-white chocolate-cake flavor? Okay, so maybe that’s a bit much, but don't give up! There’s a whole world of creative flavors to be made, and they’re waiting for you in DIY (Do It Yourself)! Before we start diving into the details, we need to talk about what exactly is DIY? To put it very simply, it is creating recipes, and then mixing those recipes up to make your very own e

Posted by Marissa on Jun 20th 2017

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