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National Vaping Day - August 8th

Vapers around the country celebrate National Vaping Day on August 8, the anniversary of the date the FDA deeming regulations on e-cigarettes came into effect. This day is marked by advocacy efforts and a renewed sense of community throughout the

Posted by Lacey on Jul 27th 2018

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What You Need to Know About the San Fran Flavor Ban

By now, the whole nation has heard of the flavor ban imposed on all flavored tobacco products sold in San Francisco. In perhaps the most shocking piece of local legislation in the vaping industry to date, San Franciscans approved a sweeping flavor ba

Posted by Crystal Means on Jun 19th 2018

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The Ins and Outs of Vape Advocacy

There’s never been a more important time to get involved with vaping advocacy. With the Cole-Bishop Amendment failing to get included in the latest Congressional spending bill, we’re redoubling our efforts for the next push leading towards the next s

Posted by Zach Woosley on Apr 4th 2018

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FDA Ecig Regulations Update: What It Means for Vaping

After months of eager anticipation within the community by vapers and vape companies alike, the latest FDA administration released their first public comments that outlined how they’ll be approaching vaping and ecigarette products. The initial r

Posted by Zach on Aug 2nd 2017

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FDA Regulations Update: How can you help the vape industry?

If you weren’t already aware, the FDA has extended its vaping regulations deadline until August 8, 2017 (what a coincidence that it falls on the same exact day as the regulations did last year).The delay was caused by multiple lawsuits against t

Posted by Alex on Jun 6th 2017

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The Navy's vaping ban is counter productive, won't help their sailors

The U.S. Navy is set to ban all e-cigs from their aircraft, ships, submarines, and boats on May 14 this year. According to the Navy Times, this is due to a string of incidents occurring regarding battery safety and minor explosions of devices:“B

Posted by Alex on Apr 25th 2017

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How Are You Releasing "New" Flavors-What About the FDA?

Since August 8th, we’ve seen some major changes and shake ups within the vape industry. Everything from shops closing to companies suspending rewards programs and maybe even worst of all, businesses shutting down completely. Those who have be

Posted by Crystal Means on Sep 13th 2016

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**VapeWild & the FDA-What You Need to Know Now**

What’s Next for VapeWild?We all knew this day was coming. Many of you have questioned us, but ALL of you have supported us. August 8th became a date synonymous with the end of the world. Vapepocalypse, if you will. The hard truth is, for some, it

Posted by Crystal Means on Aug 5th 2016

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GCC Certifications...What's It All Mean to You?

Many of you have been asking over the last few months what VapeWild is doing concerning the upcoming deadlines for the new FDA regulations that will be implemented throughout the industry. We’ve been working quietly behind the scenes ensu

Posted by Crystal Means on Aug 1st 2016

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