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5 Tips for Vapers to Stay Sane During the Holidays

Happy holidays, VapeWild Fam! We thought it would be fun and fitting to give you some tips for vaping and staying sane with your families this season. The following will give you some ideas for ordering, traveling, the looonger than normal moments, your anti-vaping bloodline, and some great flavors for you. Ready?! Aaaand go! Order Early Because Holiday Delays Are Real A lot of us aren’t the best of planners, but when it comes to your vape juice and vape gear, it would be wise to get

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 2nd 2018

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5 Things To Keep You Vaping In A Zombie Apocalypse

In honor of the newest season of The Walking Dead we wanted to impart some zombie-world vape survival know-how. I’m pretty sure you’ve gotten your doomsday plan all set, but have you figured out how you’ll continue your cloud chasing lifestyle while being chased by the undead? Fear not! In this super-informative, completely factual, and totally not made up off the top of my head blog, we will tackle how you can vape without ending up the hordes up walkers nipping at your running shoes.Step One -

Posted by Batsu on Oct 17th 2018

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Vape Chicks Learn Beginner Vape Tricks

Behind every good cloud there’s an even wilder woman! A common perception is that the vape community is predominantly male; what many fail to notice is that the number of women vapers is growing every day. Women are turning to vaping as a more appealing alternative to traditional tobacco products, it offers less of an odor, it’s cleaner, cheaper, and the e-juice flavor choice allows for versatility in flavor and nicotine level. With there being an extensive variety of vape trick tutorials o

Posted by Charity on Aug 16th 2018

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Vaping Love Connections - Finding Your Vape Mate

Love is in the air at VapeWild! We’re taking it old school, so you can find your love connection or at least get “boo’d up” this Summer.2018 dating apps thrive off selling you a dream. Are we really supposed to believe that we can find the perfect match in the palm of our hands by just swiping left and right through pictures? Cough, Cough…Tinder! Maybe, you can start planning your wedding date in hopes of landing a passionate everlasting romance on eHarmony. Those odds are slim, really slim. Use

Jun 27th 2018

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The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth About Vaping

Vaping Brings in the Ladies: TRUENot only do you look super studly chucking huge clouds, but what girl can resist the sweet scents of Smurf Cake? Not a single one of them; it’s basically like an aphrodisiac. Not to mention the fact that asking about her set up is the ULTIMATE icebreaker, plus it gives you a chance to show off those dual coils that you built yourself. Next thing you know, you’ll have a phone number, so keep on puffing, ya lady killer!Vaping Smells Bad: FALSEOkay, whoeve

Posted by Marissa Benton on Nov 14th 2017

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