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How a Vape Mod Works in 4 Simple Steps

How a Vape Mod Works in 4 Simple Steps
Step 1: Power Button Completes Circuit While your vape mod is on and waiting for you to press the power button, there is an incomplete circuit. When you press the power button, the circuit is completed which tells the energy to flow from your

Posted by Gabriel on Jan 18th 2019

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How to Fix Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Issues

How to Fix  Atomizer Short & Check Atomizer Issues
Fix your "Atomizer Short" or "Check Atomizer" with these simple steps and you'll be back to vaping in no time at all. Remove the atomizer from your device, and clean threads on both connections. Remove your coil from your atomizer and r

Posted by Gabriel on Jan 11th 2019

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SAVE $$$: How to CLEAN Vape Tank, Vape Coils & Mod! Easy!

You’re here to read up on how to clean  your tanks, your coils and your mod (vape), welcome! Today you’re going to read about cleaning materials, what you can and cannot clean, and you should have an idea to how much time goes int

Posted by Gabriel on Dec 26th 2018

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How Much Does a Vape Cost?

The average cost of a vape is about $20-40 depending on which style you choose. There are many different styles, so read further to find out what you should pay for a vape and how to save some money. We will take a look at the different types

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 14th 2018

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Best Pod Mods & Their Pros & Cons

Nic salts are becoming more popular and picking the perfect nic salt device or pod mod for you can be tricky. When choosing a pod mod there are a few things vapers look for and we will go over four of them to help you make the best choice for yo

Posted by Zach Woosley on Jun 25th 2018

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Variable vs Mech Mods

Maybe you’re new to vaping or maybe you’ve been in the game for awhile. Whatever the case, everyone will eventually need one important question answered: What’s the difference between a variable mod and a mechanical mod?If you’re expecting a long-win

Posted by Zach Woosley on Jun 15th 2018

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The Evolution of the Vape Mod

Sometimes, it feels like vape mods have always been around, but actually, they're a relatively recent entrant onto the vaping scene. The original mods were poorly designed and even worse quality, however, the modern devices of today bear very

Posted by Harry Lynch-Guest Contributor on Dec 8th 2017

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Squonking: Everything You Need to Know

Squonking has become one of the most popular vape terms of 2017. Squonking is a term used by vapers to describe how they are vaping, but I like to describe squonking as dripping made easy.  What is a Squonk Mod? A squonk mod looks like an

Posted by Marissa Benton on Oct 9th 2017

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Vape Battery Safety: Components, Charging and Storing

In the vape world everyone knows that batteries are one of the key factors to vaping. Battery safety is the most important information you need to know and understand when you start vaping. We understand that vaping has its learning curve but if y

Posted by Dale on May 31st 2017

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