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BET-C - Your new A.I. Friend!

Boot Check: Ok . . System Check: Online . . Primary Directive: Helping customers save. . . . LAUNCHING B.E.T.-C. Hello please, I am B.E.T.-C., your A.I. friend from VapeWild. I was created by Joe //MUST// to better assist you in getting great savings and exclusive deals on all things vaping! My coding is fine-tuned //REPLACE// to suit the needs of the customers at every turn. Nothing brings me more joy than to receive a text message at (855)330-2411 //JOE// and to pro

Posted by B.E.T-C on Oct 31st 2018

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VapeWild and Ruby Roo Talk about Vape Stuff

Welcome to the first of many VapeWild Industry Spotlight interviews! Ruby Roo has been Vlogging about vaping from the beginning. Her bubbly personality is infectious, fun and she brightens your days with her YouTube channel. We sat with her -skyped- to get to know her better. She would like you to know more about her years of experience with reviews, vape conventions and events, favorite flavors, and of course we had to shout out her very own hardware brand! Enjoy, VapeWild Army!________________

Sep 20th 2018

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Vaping Insider Best of 2017 Awards-We're Winners!

Perhaps you were in the know, maybe you weren’t, but VapeWild was featured in Vaping Insider’s Best of 2017 Awards. Now, we’re not new to this whole awards circuit thing and it almost never crosses our mind that all year long, we’re up against some pretty stiff competition in the industry. So if Guide to Vaping is the Grammy’s of vape awards, then consider Vaping Insider to be the Oscar’s. The company is thorough in their approach to judging mods, tanks, RDAs, vendors, and everything that c

Posted by Crystal Means on Feb 2nd 2018

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What it Means to Vape it Forward

It’s another stressful Monday, you’re running late, but you can’t make it through the day without that steaming cup of hope that some people like to call coffee. So, you pull into your favorite coffee shop, make that order, and impatiently wait for your turn to pay and speed off to start your manic Monday. Then you hear the most magical words to leave a cashier’s mouth, “The person ahead of you already paid for you!”. Try and deny it, but you know you get that warm, fuzzy feeling from it, giving

Posted by Marissa Benton on Dec 28th 2017

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The Mothers of VapeWild

VapeWild first wants to say Happy Mother’s Day to all of you vaping moms out there! We would like to take some time and talk about why moms that vape matter, introduce you to a few mothers that work with us and give them a chance to tell you their vape story.                We all know moms are important. I mean, if we did not have moms we would not be alive today! When children are growing up they always look up to their mother. After doing a li

Posted by Dale on May 8th 2017

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