The Taste of Westeros - Flavors for GOT Characters

The Taste of Westeros - Flavors for GOT Characters

The popular HBO series, Game of Thrones, has many flavorful characters. Each one of these characters have inspired emotion in the masses of fans. From love to loathing, from hope to despair, the Westerosi and Essosi will live in our hearts long after the Season 8 finale.

Each of these people have different personalities, just like the VapeWild flavors you love. In this blog, we will outline which flavor matches your favorite GOT character, so you can vape along as you watch the last season of Game of Thrones.


Do not read any further, if you do NOT want spoilers.

Hodor - Hold the Door E-juice

This one is obvious - Hold the Door is clearly a representation of Hodor. Only one thing can ease the heartbreaking scene where we discover Hodor’s past and lose him in a matter of minutes. This one thing is a Banana Cream Marshmallow e-juice flavor, Hold the Door. In the great words of our favorite gentle giant, “Hodor, hodor, HODOR!”

Sansa Stark - Lemon Sansation e-juice

When life gives Sansa Stark lemons, she makes Lemon Cakes which is her favorite treat! Lemon Sansation’s sweet but bold flavor perfectly represents the Lady of Winterfell, Sansa.

My Favorite Sansa Quote - “How do you answer for these charges…. Lord Baelish?”

Daenerys Targaryen - Dragon Warrior e-juice

With fear and awe, Daenerys has struck Westeros dumb with her dragons. Dragon Warrior’s flavor is strong with a subtle hint of sweet just like the (hopefully) future queen of the 7 Kingdoms. Being my favorite flavor and and my favorite character, this is a flavor I’ll be vaping through season 8 and beyond!

Tyrion Lannister - Wine About It e-juice

Tyrion Lannister is not much of a whiner, but he does love wine! So, if you’re rooting for Tyrion to survive this season, vape Wine About It. This is a wine e-juice flavor that tastes like the perfect mixture of a Dornish Sour Red and a Sweet Red from the Reach.

“That’s what I do, I drink and I know things” - Tyrion Lannister

The Knight King - Ice Cold e-juice

If your hoping for the ultimate demise of the 7 kingdoms, then you should be vaping Ice Cold while rooting for the Knight King to destroy the Andals. This menthol e-juice is as cold as the Fist of the 1st Men, the Frost Fangs, and the Knight King himself!

Oberyn Martell - Snake Psss e-juice

Oberyn Martell, also known as the Viper, is represented by Snake Psss. The Viper gained his name by his notorious use of venom on his spears, making him even more dangerous. In this flavor, pear, coconut, and cream come together in a tropical dessert that could have come from Dorne!

Petyr Baelish - The Clever Fool e-juice

My hate grew for Littlefinger with each passing episode, so, in the season 7 finale, I was overjoyed to see this “Clever Man” fooled. This is why The Clever Fool e-juice is the best representation of this mastermind of schemes. Just like Lord Baelish’s demise, this flavor is a mix of sweet and sour in an orange flavor.

“He was always clever, even as a boy, but it is one thing to be clever and another to be wise.” - Catelyn Stark

Joffery Baretheon - King Cake e-juice

Although not the current king of Westeros, he may be the most hated King to appear on screen. He tried to have his cake and eat it too, ultimately leading to his murder by Olenna Tyrell. The taste of this young king’s death was as sweet as a cinnamon cake, just like King Cake e-juice!

Jaime Lannister - Gold Label e-juice

Gold is one of Lannister’s house colors and the way they “pay their debts”, so it’s only natural for Jaime Lannister to be represented by Gold Label. Especially since his hand is literally made of gold! This premium tobacco flavor will put you in league with the Lannisters!

Drogon - Dragon Juice e-juice

Do I have to explain myself here? Drogon is a dragon, Dragon Juice is a dragon fruit flavor. Nuff said. So vape Dragon Juice, if you’re hoping the Dragons will conquer all!

Ellaria Sand - Boomslang e-juice

The leader of the Sand Snakes, Ellaria Sand, is represented by Boomslang e-juice! Boomslang is a kind of snake that, like Ellaria, has a deadly kiss, so it was an easy match to make. The flavor of Boomslang e-juice is Kiwi and Apple, but, don’t worry, there’s no venom in these bottles!

Varys the Spider - The Underboss

Varys is never the boss, but he is always whispering in a rulers ear. That’s why Varys is the Underboss! Whether you love or hate this unich, he always has the best of the realm in mind and never seeks the throne. So vape the Under boss, if you’re hoping Varys survives this season!

Tommen Baratheon - Dive In To It

Harsh but fitting, sweet King Tommen dove into it upon the death of his beloved wife and many friends in the Sept of Balor. If you love Caramel, Milkshakes, and sweet Tommen, vape Dive In To It to remember the little King whose heart was big.

Gendry - Hyper-BULL-e e-juice

Gendry, a strong bull headed man who is eager for action smithed a bull’s head helmet making Hyper-BULL-e his flavor. Tasting of a famous energy drink, Hyper-BULL-e  is a the flavor of your favorite red bull energy drink in a vape juice and is going to get you hyped for Game of Throne season 8. So, if you’re hoping Gendry bashes some heads of the army of the dead with his war hammer, vape this flavor!

Brienne of Tarth - Bear it All e-juice

Breinne of Tarth has BEARed a lot in the series. She even has beared an actual bear! So if anyone can bear it through the final season of Game of Thrones, we’re thinking it’s Brienne of Tarth. So, Bear It All e-juice is the flavor for her.

Cersei Lannister - Crime of Passion e-juice

With a lot of passion and a lot more crimes, Crime of Passion e-juice is the only flavor that could represent the current Queen. If you were jolted by the bombing of the Sept of Balor, the set-up of Eddard Stark, the attempted murder of Bran Stark, or the set-up murder of King Robert, then Crime of Passion is the flavor for you! Tasting of passion flower, passion fruit, and ice cream, it’s a crime if you don’t love this one!

Jon Snow - Sweet Sugary Biscuits e-juice

You may be wondering why we chose Sweet Sugary Biscuits e-juice to represent the King in the North. Well, I’ll tell you why. Because, SWEET SUGARY BISCUITS, this man is sexy. We know Jon is a character with a lot of depth and that we shouldn’t objectify him by his looks… but we can’t help it. I mean, damn.

Euron Greyjoy - Tropic Plunder

Notably the worst uncle ever, Euron is a character that has seen and sacked the world beyond Westeros. So, he fittingly gets represented by the flavor Tropic Plunder e-juice. As we wonder what him and the Iron Fleet are up to, we can vape this Tropical Yogurt flavor and hope for the best!

Hot Pie - Baked Buns e-juice

Hot Pie, Arya’s sweet baking friend, is represented by Baked Buns e-juice. His baking is loved and enjoyed by many at his inn and so is this e-juice flavor!

Theon Greyjoy - Banana Hammock e-juice

Poor Theon lost his banana. So, Theon (or Reak) is represented by Banana Hammock… because… well…. it’s funny. Vape AWAY on this banana, strawberry, milkshake flavor and contemplate the loss of Theon’s favorite toy, or don’t, because that’s kinda weird.

Arya Stark - Happy Demise e-juice

Arya is always so happy with her work, which typically entails someone else's demise. That's why Arya is represented by Happy Demise E-juice. If you're rooting for Arya to induce the demise of the Knight King in Season 8, vape along with this Strawberry Macaron e-juice!

Stick ‘em with the pointy end, Arya!

Grey Worm - Spearmint E-juice

Grey Worm, our favorite Unsullied soldier is represented by Spearmint since his weapon of choice is a spear. His skill with his spear may only be rivaled by the late Oberyn Martell, but his humor is not.

“I make joke” - Grey Worm

Posted by Lacey on Apr 10th 2019

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