The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth About Vaping

Vaping Brings in the Ladies: TRUE

Not only do you look super studly chucking huge clouds, but what girl can resist the sweet scents of  Blueberry Cheesecake E-juice? Not a single one of them; it’s basically like an aphrodisiac. Not to mention the fact that asking about her set up is the ULTIMATE icebreaker, plus it gives you a chance to show off those dual coils that you built yourself. Next thing you know, you’ll have a phone number, so keep on puffing, ya lady killer!

Vaping Smells Bad: FALSE

Okay, whoever came up with this silly notion obviously has not been caught in a delicious cloud of  Blueberry WFFL. It’s like a built-in air freshener that you can take wherever you go. Not that we advocate vaping out a room (sorry, no covering up those weird smells that are the byproduct of that Thai food you had for lunch during an important meeting). But seriously, there are WAY worse smells out there – we’re looking at you cigarettes.

Cloud Chucking is Serious Business: TRUE

Not every vaper feels this way, but for the ones doing it for the clouds, this is no laughing matter. You spend hours on perfectly built coils and finding that perfect ratio of cotton, before cranking up your wattage and bam! You’re chucking clouds that could rival a steam engine. That's impressive dude! We applaud you, and the prizes from cloud competitions probably sweeten the pot too. So, next time someone tells you clouds aren’t important, just refer them back here; we’ll let them know what’s up!

All Vapers Wear Fedoras and Carry Fidget Spinners: FALSE

First of all, fedoras are awesome, okay? Just want to clear that up. But some of us prefer other hats, whether it be cowboy hats, baseball caps, or a sombrero, we’re not judging over here. All I’m saying is broaden your mind and realize we love all hats, not just fedoras. Now for the fidget spinners, those glorious little toys. We don’t ALL have one, some of us stick to good old fashioned fidgeting of fingers, tapping feet, and knee shaking to keep ourselves occupied.

Hopefully, this brings some light to the wonderful world that is vaping and more importantly, clears up some questions (the good, the bad, and the ridiculous) for those non-vapers out there. Have more questions? Ask your local vaper! I promise they’re more than happy to tell you all about it and you might learn a thing or two. Because we all remember that knowing is half the battle!

Posted by Marissa Benton on Nov 14th 2017

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