To SMOK or not to SMOK - A SMOKTech Vape Review

If there's one thing you can count on in the vaping community, it's that nearly everyone has an opinion about SMOKTech. They're one of the biggest names in vaping mods, tanks, and coils, and if you've been vaping for any period of time, you've probably used one of their products at least once.

Because of their wide variety of products and extensive reach into the market, they've managed to become a bit of a lightning rod for their fans and detractors.

The Pros

Cutting Edge Mods 
If you're looking to get a new mod that features all of the latest trends and features in vape technology, it's hard to go wrong with SMOK Mods. Every new mod or tank they release features all the newest and coolest stuff, from OLED screens, to advance safety options, if it's a new feature for a mod, SMOK will probably have it on their latest product.

Mods are not cheap, it's a fact we all deal with as vapers. There are a ton of really great mods on the market that can quickly drain your wallet, and that's where SMOK excels. SMOKTech products are affordable. You can get new mods with all the latest bells and whistles for a reasonable price, which is very appealing to many vapers.

Tank Selection
SMOK makes a variety of tanks that fit the needs of virtually every vaper. Whether you're wanting a massive tank with huge coils or something more compact, SMOK likely has a tank for you.

With SMOK products being widely available both online and in local vape shops, it's usually possible to quickly find replacement coils when the need arises. Since not everyone can, or wants to build their own coils, making your product easier to get is a sure way to win over consumers.

The Cons

Too Many Products
SMOK has a ton of options of the market. SMOK is always adding new products. Remember the Alien? It was all the rage less than a year ago, and now it's quickly becoming a museum piece in the as yet created National Museum of Vaping. This is daunting for buyers and potentially annoying for owners, especially if they run into an issue with their SMOKTech products.

It's easy to feel like the company is more concerned with rushing out the next big thing than creating a quality product that's built to last. Why? Because they essentially are. For example, when you compare the SMOK S-Priv to the SMOK Alien, they're pretty much the same mod, plus or minus a few watts, along with an aesthetic change with the addition of a skull shape on the S-Priv. Instead of releasing a mod that's five times better than their last model, they release a mod with minor improvements at a crazy fast rate.

Coil Quality Control

For most vapers who buy SMOK tanks, part of the convenience is the wide array of pre-built coils for them to choose from. No matter what you're looking for from a coil, chances are good SMOK has one that will fit your needs. Like the SMOK Baby Beast V8-T8 Coils, they have 8 internal coils for maximum vapor production! The trouble is, you don't have to spend much time online to see people talking about issues with new coils out of the package from SMOK not working properly, or at all. It ties back into the previous issue with the desire to release new products getting ahead of quality control.

Customer Service
If you've ever tried to get help from SMOK's customer service, you know what we're talking about here.

SMOK is likely going to remain a highly debated company in the vape world. No matter how you feel, they've succeeded in becoming a powerful force in the market while keeping people talking about them. As the classic line states, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

They've Changed the Vaping Game

It's also important to consider that SMOK has changed the vape game, creating a new baseline for other companies to beat. Plenty of companies have been forced to adjust their mods to compete with the elements that makes SMOKTech popular, including forcing prices down in some cases in order to compete. In general, this benefits the end consumers.

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Posted by Zach Woosley on Feb 8th 2018

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