Squonking: Everything You Need to Know

Squonking has become one of the most popular vape terms of 2017. Squonking is a term used by vapers to describe how they are vaping, but I like to describe squonking as dripping made easy. 

To Squonk or not to Squonk

What is a Squonk Mod?

A squonk mod looks like any other  box mod, however, there is a small bottle of eLiquid inside the box mod that attached to a tube going up to the 510 pin. When you squeeze the bottle the eLiquid is pushed up into the atomizer through the 510. A squonk RDA or also known as a Bottom Feeder RDA has a special pin that has a small hole which allows eLiquid to be pushed through into the RDA and come in contact with the cotton so you do not have to “drip”.

Types of Squonk Mods:

There are 2 main types of squonkers, regulated and unregulated.


Unregulated squonk mods don't have a screen, chip, or any protections. Due to their unprotected nature, these are made for advanced users only that understand battery safety and ohms law. The upside of unregulated mods is their simplicity and aesthetics. The downside is they require a lot of tinkering and knowledge to keep them safe and working properly.


Regulated squonk mods have a screen, a chipset, and adjustable wattages for maximum custom ability. They're a lot more safe than the unregulated versions and often have modes like temperature control. 

Bottom Feed Atomizers

Bottom feed atomizers are atomizers that utilize a bottom feeding 510 to siphon the juice from the squonk bottle into the atomizer. These are the only kind of atomizer that is comparable to squonk with. Many bottom feed RDAs have an interchangeable pin so they can be used for squonking or just regular vaping. 

Squonk Mod

How to Squonk

Step 1) Get a Squonk Mod & Bottom Feed RDA or a full  squonk ready kit

Step 2) Build your coils on your  Bottom Feed RDA just like any other atomizer (Make sure the bottom feed pin is installed)

Step 3) Fill your squonk bottle with  your favorite E-Juice and insert into the mod

Step 4) Saturate your cotton

Step 5) Squonk away!

It's as easy as that! Anyone who already know how to build an RBA is ready to squonk.

The History of Squonking

Squonking has been around in the vape community for quite a few years now but it has been kept “underground”. One of the first  squonk mods was called the Rio was introduced about five years ago and it was expensive and extremely hard to get your hands on one.

If you wanted to squonk you would have had to have some money to blow or have a brother’s friend’s cousin’s uncle help you find someone who could make one for you.

Fortunately for people interested in trying squonking out, they're starting to become more readily available and much more affordable. This raises the question: To squonk or not to squonk?

Pros & Cons of Squonking

Before you dive in, there are some pros and cons you should be aware of.

The main con about squonking becoming so popular so quickly is with so many companies jumping on the bandwagon to create their own squonker. In the attempt to get their versions out on the market and keep up with demand you are sure to find a few duds in the bunch.

A big pro about squonking is the “new” setups we have seen arrive on the market recently. You can now find mechanical squonks, variable squonks, high wattage variable squonk mods, resin squonk mods, dual coil squonk attys, single coil squonk attys and much more. There are now a wide variety of squonks available and more are sure to arrive in the near future.

Is Squonking Worth It?

Whether you're a dripper or RDTA fan, or someone who wants to get into  RTAs and RDTAs, but you don't want to have extra bottles in your pocket all day, squonks are for you. In a way, squonking devices are like having an all in one device for novice vapers and it seems to be changing the vape game up a little (and that is a great thing).

I will say that the pros substantially outweigh the cons. Squonk mods and squonk atomizers are an amazing concept and we in the vape industry think they are much-needed devices.

If you are not sure if they are worth it, we would encourage you to check out as many review videos as you can to learn the ins and outs of how they work. We are confident you will admire them just as much as we do!

Posted by Marissa Benton on Oct 9th 2017

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