Up-cycling E-Juice Bottles - How to Make Use out of Old Bottles

Up-cycling E-Juice Bottles - How to Make Use out of Old Bottles

Upcycling your empty  e-liquid bottles may not have been something you were thinking about. If you were, you will love these ideas! With these clever ideas, you can upcycle your bottles and make some magic happen. Ready? Ready. GO!

Thoroughly clean and dry your bottles

You should always clean your empty bottles to prep for the magic. Cleaning is simple, and it's perfect to recreate something special!

Here is the best way to clean and dry your empty bottles:

  1. Rinse with warm water - The best way to get any leftover e-liquid out of the bottle.
  2. Remove the Label
  3. Drip a drop of dish soap in
  4. Fill halfway with water - Make sure you're making all sorts of bubbles! You definitely want bubbles!
  5. Use your finger or a bottle brush to wash the inside of the bottle - Whichever finger you choose. I use my middle... for fun, you know.
  6. Rinse again - This is where you part from the wonderful bubbles. Take a moment of silence for them. #NeverForget
  7. Use a paper towel to dry - Stuff the paper towel(s) in your bottle to soak up the water. Leave there until totally dry!

Now for the upcycling! You have your super clean bottles and all that you need for the following ideas!

Condiment/Spice Container

Who hasn't had a meal that needed a little salt or pepper? Who hasn't had a burger or hot dog and wished for a little more ketchup/mustard? Who hasn't needed a little hot sauce for their taco?! You get the idea, here is how to make those dreams come true!

Upcycle E-juice Bottle into Condiment Container

Liquids - Hot sauce, a favorite vinaigrette, whatever you wish you had for your noms!

  1. Remove nipple of bottle
  2. Take favorite liquid, fill the bottle
  3. Replace nipple of the bottle
  4. Give a good shake
  5. Carry in pocket or purse or bag or carry on!
  6. Squeeze to your heart's content!

Salts/Spices - Wish you had a little pepper for that steak? Here you go!

  1. Make sure bottle all the way dry
  2. Remove Nipple
  3. Fill with your favorite flavor of spice
  4. Shake, not squeeze the pinches of taste!

Fishing Bobber

When you need a neat little bobber and don't want to make another trip to the outdoor shop! You have all the bobbers you need because you vape too! You win, you fish, you win again! What a catch!

Upcycle E-juice Bottle into Fishing Bobber

  1. Replace nipple when dry
  2. Apply cap
  3. Paint the bottle a neon or bright color (waterproof paint)
  4. Give your line some slack, about 1-2 feet
  5. Tie the line around the threads of the bottle tightly
  6. Cast and fish!

Quick added idea! Throw in something shiny! Fishies love shiny things! You could do this instead of painting it if you like!

Paint dispenser for Dot Art

The perfect way to stay clean and drip drops of beauty on your canvas!

Upcycle E-juice Bottles into Paint Dispenser

  1. Make sure bottle is completely dry
  2. Fill with your color - You can mix too!
  3. Hold bottle like pen/pencil
  4. Drip a drop here
  5. Drip a drop there
  6. Make beautiful things!

Seed starter container

Have an itty bitty plant that needs a kickstart? Now you have a container for its first moments!

Upcycle E-juice Bottles into Seed Starter

  1. The bottle doesn't need to be completely dry
  2. Fill halfway with soil
  3. Place seed on top of the soil
  4. Fill remaining space with more soil
  5. Tie string around the neck of the bottle (optional for hanging)
  6. Set/hang bottle in sunlight
  7. Sprinkle water regularly
  8. Watch the first bits of life happen!

Earbud/Headphones case

Boom-shaka-laka! You have your earbuds/headphones carrying case! Now it won't get tangled with your keys, makeup, loose change, nor that old receipt you forgot to throw away!

Toss your earbuds in, or coil up your headphones and put them in! Viola'!

Quick note: Your Beats ear covers do not fit... Sorry.


Empty bottles are perfect for holding your smaller items in one spot!

Things you can carry/store in empty bottles:

  • Nails
  • Bobby Pins (60ml bottles recommended)
  • Buttons
  • Pre-Built Coils
  • Beads
  • Glitter!

Travel shampoo and conditioner/soap carrier

When you're getting ready for a vacation and need to put your washer stuff in something small, these are perfect for that!

Upcycle E-juice Bottles into Travel Shampoo Container

  1. Fill with your shampoo/conditioner/soap
  2. Apply nipple and the lid
  3. Enter shower and get yourself cleaned up!

Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community! He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now works to write blogs for VapeWild. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions on Twitter! 

Posted by Gabriel on Apr 23rd 2019

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