Vape Chicks Learn Beginner Vape Tricks

Behind every good cloud there’s an even wilder woman! A common perception is that the vape community is predominantly male; what many fail to notice is that the number of women vapers is growing every day. Women are turning to vaping as a more appealing alternative to traditional tobacco products, it offers less of an odor, it’s cleaner, cheaper, and the e-juice flavor choice allows for versatility in flavor and nicotine level. With there being an extensive variety of vape trick tutorials out there, we thought it we would be amazing to see how effective (and hilarious) these tutorials are for vape trick newbies. To make this journey even more wild, we dared a team of all VapeWild women to attempt learning a few of these “wick”ed trends!

VapeWild divas Lacey, Crystal, Emily, and Marissa were challenged to learn at least one vape trick of their choosing based on our easy vape trick blog. Over a two-week time span, these ladies watched the vape tricks video and documented their vape victories and vape trick fails! [insert evil laugh here] After a week of attempting to morph their clouds, our VapeWild divas followed up to update us on their progress. Since we applaud their courageous efforts and dedication to learning this trend, at the end of this “tricky” trial we sat them down with our vape trick guru, Christian, to give them a personal tutorial on how to master the art.

To start this cloudy transformation, Emily makes mastering “O” Rings look like second nature. She states that the only trouble she had was her nerves when she gets in front of the cameras, but even through her stage fright she blew those "O's" like a champ! The Tesla Punk 220W is Emily’s mod of choice, and to upgrade the look she added on the Wotofo Recurve RDA and filled it with VapeWild’s apple kiwi concoction, Boomslang.

Lacey decided to go hard or go home with her Vandy Vape Pulse X, topped off with an Oumier Wasp Nano RDA, and filled with our Tai Chi Warrior E-juice. She decided to come in with a bang by taking on two tricks, the Walking O and the Tornado were her gauntlets of choice. She started off with a few difficulties in her air flow and the thickness of her “O” Rings, but soon became a semi pro headed to the big leagues!

Next up with a never-ending supply of Key-Lime Pie and a Dead Rabbit RDA, backed up by the Smok Alien 220W mod is Crystal and her attempt at “O-rings! She expressed that most of her difficulties were with the “throat cough”, which is the foundation for the perfect “O” form. Yet, she managed to accomplished a whopping four O’s in the midst of full clouds to set the tone for their arrivals.

To be able to master the tornado trick, utilizing your hand at the perfect time is key. Marissa started off having a little trouble forming the perfect “twister”, but she pushed through and enhanced her cloudy cyclones. To aid in these victorious clouds, Marissa teamed up with the Flux Wotofo mod, the Drop RDA, and our Kiwi Berry e-liquid as her hype-man!

Week 1: The Vape Chicks Begin Their Training

Week 2: Vape Chick Hone Their Skills

Week 3: Vape Chicks Practice with a Professional

Congratulations to our VapeWild divas for taking on this tricky challenge! Learning new things can be time-consuming and frustrating sometimes, but these brave ladies stuck it out till the end and had a blast doing it. The vaping community is growing every day into a united front that promotes smoke free alternatives; and more importantly, a method of support for one another as we try to kick those old habits in fun and engaging ways. For more information on how to get involved with vaping communities or smoke free alternative associations you can visit the CASAA or SFATA

Posted by Charity on Aug 16th 2018

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