VapeWild and Ruby Roo Talk about Vape Stuff

Welcome to the first of many VapeWild Industry Spotlight interviews! Ruby Roo has been Vlogging about vaping from the beginning. Her bubbly personality is infectious, fun and she brightens your days with her YouTube channel. We sat with her -skyped- to get to know her better. She would like you to know more about her years of experience with reviews, vape conventions and events, favorite flavors, and of course we had to shout out her very own hardware brand! Enjoy, VapeWild Army!


How did you get into doing vape reviews?

I started making vape videos and vape-related content on YouTube because I knew that I had something additional to offer to the vaping community.

Off all the vape events you’ve attended, what’s your greatest memory?

I’ve been to SO MANY events and shows that it’s hard to pick just one favorite memory. I think one of the most impactful shows was VPX in Niagara, NY. That’s where a lot of my vape family really met and solidified. It was a formative point in my vaping journey.

Okay, now that we have your best moment, what is your most embarrassing vape event moment?

I’m honestly not embarrassed very easily, so I guess I don’t really have one!

If you could have a lifetime supply of one VapeWild flavor, which one would it be?

Murica for SURE!

What do you think sets VapeWild apart from other vape companies?

Vape Wild makes great juice at a great price. You’re a trusted name in the industry who’s been doing it right for YEARS.

Let’s go back to when you were a “vape newbie”, what was your very first mod?

My very first mod was the Innokin MVP 2. I loved it.

What motivated you to start your own Mod line?

My husband and I wanted to start our own mod company because we had a REALLY good idea for a mod that has features that have never been seen before in a mech box. We knew that we’d need complete control over all of the design and manufacturing because that’s just who we are . . . control freaks. Josh is a mechanical engineer, so it all made sense and came together in Aspen Mod Co.

What’s your favorite method of blowing clouds? (Squonk, Pod, Regulated, etc.)

My favorite way to vape is dripping on a mech!


There you have it! Some of Ruby’s favorite memories on growing in the vape community as well as her thoughts on the industry. Ruby (we’re on a first name basis now) tried VapeWild’s September 2018 Mystery Flavor, see her take a guess here! Watch our full interview for all the fun! Check out her channel where she masterfully (and bubbly) reviews hardware and e-Liquid. See more VapeWild madness on our channel!

Sep 20th 2018

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