VapeWild has a Forum?

VapeWild has a Forum?

Members of the VapeWild e-juice group on Facebook know that we have a silly, dedicated, and passionate community, which is why we decided to build a forum where all our fans could communicate. This live forum will serve as a place where VapeWild members can geek out over new mods, request gear, solve problems together, or just shoot the shit.

How does it Work?

The forum will go live on Monday, April 29th and you can access it right from our website.

  • Make sure you’re logged into VapeWild, and if you’re not, just create a profile — it’s free!
  • Once you’re logged in, hop on over to the VW Info Hub dropdown menu and select the forum.
  • Posting is quick and easy, and all posts will show up immediately — the forum will not be moderated unless a user really crosses the line.
  • If you’re not sure what you can and can’t post, read through our guidelines to make sure you’re on the right track.

Posting, commenting, and liking is very easy, and shouldn’t take too long to figure out, but here are a few pointers:

The forum is launching with four channels, which are like boards, and then users can freely create new topics, which are like threads. The comment section allows text and pictures — you can also use simple HTML to bold, italicize, or quote. Creating a new channel is not something that users can do at the moment, but they can be requested.

Interacting with the Community

As of right now, there is no notification feature, but users can click on the “eye” icon which will put that topic on their ‘my feed” page, which makes it easier to track. And speaking of the home page, posts that are new or have lots of “likes” will be pushed to the top of the “all posts” page. We also included a private messaging feature that you can use to continue the conversation with others.

All posts will be live immediately, so you won’t have to wait for someone to approve it. If you post something and then realized you made a mistake after the fact, there is a nifty pencil icon that can undo your post within two minutes of it going live. Since there will not be a heavy moderating presence, we’re trusting the community to be respectful to each other, but if someone goes too far, there is a reporting feature, which will let us know who is being a bad apple. In some extreme cases, which we really hope doesn’t happen, we will have to step in and remove the post.

Let’s Get Wild!

While this forum is meant for the community, you might see that some VapeWild employees are actively posting and commenting. We think this forum is a great way for the community to find answers, talk amongst each other, or go completely off-topic, and if there’s a feature you desperately want or need, then let us know — we’ll try our best to implement it.

The forum was tested primarily on Google Chrome browsers for Windows, so if you’re experiencing issues let us know. And if there’s any question or concerns, don’t be afraid to post about it. We’re really excited to launch this, and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Posted by Alejandro on Apr 29th 2019

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