Vaping Advocacy Organizations

Vaping Advocacy Organizations

There are enough vaping advocacy groups out there that could really use your contributions monetarily. Giving to the following causes will help national vaping advocacy as a whole!

Below you’re going to receive an idea of what the respective organization stands for, what they do with monetary donations, and find a link to follow and donate if you are so inclined. Let’s do this!

If you don't have the money to donate, please don't worry. Read this blog on how to be a vape advocate yourself!

CASAA - Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

About CASAA -- CASAA is a non-profit organization with a board of volunteers and a membership counting in the hundreds of thousands. They are dedicated to providing information about alternatives to smoking cigarettes to empower people to make informed decisions. Read more here!

What is CASAA -- CASAA is a consumer organization, not a trade association. They are focused on providing information about all tobacco alternatives -- (smokeless tobacco, pharmaceutical nicotine-replacement therapy, and of course e-cigarettes). In 2013, they formed the CASAA Research Fund to provide monetary grants to scientists for research.

Ways to follow and contribute -- Follow this to have access to their free application to join their cause, follow them on social media, and donate if you would like to!

VTA - Vapor Technology Association

About VTA -- The VTA has four main priorities for their members, which is also their mission statement;

  1. Keep the vaping markets open and competitive for big and small businesses alike.
  2. Ensure the long-term viability of the vaping industry.
  3. Defeat bills that stifle innovation that is important to public health.
  4. Transform the public debate on vapor product.

You can find out more information about their leadership board here!

What VTA does -- Being the only vaping trade association, they lobby for the vaping industry! Here are some of the services their members receive:

  • Federal-level advocacy on Capitol Hill and other executive branch agencies
  • State-level advocacy professionals
  • A package that includes guidance, assistance with lobbying and coordination with other states
  • Promote benefits of vapor technology
  • A seasoned team of experts to help members navigate the FDA and other agencies
  • A full slate of persuasive and informative position papers tailored for legislators
  • Training for members
  • Membership reports on key developments
  • National conferences and regional workshops
  • Packages for new and existing associations

Membership -- Membership is for small to large business owners, they are a trade association after all. If you are an owner of a vape shop of your own, this may be the group for you! For vapefam like you and I, sign up to join their mailing list here! If you are interested in being involved as a business owner, or leader of a vapor association in your state and would like to be a member, follow this!

*Quick heads up -- VapeWild is a platinum member!

AVA -- American Vaping Association

About AVA -- Founded in 2014, AVA stands to argue for sensible policies toward vapor products. Their President, Greg Conley, is highly quoted when it comes to vaping news and policy. They’re committed to seeing vapor product remains available to adult smokers looking for alternatives. AVA is a non-profit organization that provides information concerning the legislation, local and national, to those signed up for updates and their members.

Follow and donate -- Follow this link to be led to their donate page. They also include news updates and have a section for you to subscribe to their newsletter! Donate to the AVA if you would like to support their cause!

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Author: Gabriel Pimentel

Gabriel is a student of the vaping industry that loves to help inform the community! He started his vaping career in 2015 as a customer service agent and now works to write blogs for VapeWild. He loves to hear from his readers and answer their questions on Twitter! 

Posted by Gabriel on Aug 6th 2019

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