Vaping in the Workplace

Vaping in the Workplace

Heck yeah, your new mod just came in the mail.

What do you do next? Pop your ADV in that tank and vape some clouds so big that your local meteorologists begin to take notice.

But what are you going to do tomorrow? You’d feel terrible if you left your new beloved mod at home! You really want to take that beauty to work and showcase it for all your buddies to see. In today’s day and age, no doubt they live the #vapelife as well.

There's a problem though. Many places of employment do not allow vaping in or around areas where their employees are hard at work (or pretending like they’re working hard in most cases). 

Vaping in the workplace is frowned upon in a lot of buildings. A majority of offices and city municipalities do not allow smoking indoors. As a result, vaping is also not allowed. It shouldn’t be about how to get around the law or your office policies, you’re encouraged to know the law or your office policies, and be mindful of those around you. 

Here are some industries where employees may or may not be allowed to blow superb clouds:

Fast Food Restaurant

Cashier: “Hello, may I take your order?”

Customer: “Umm yes, I’d like the #2 please...wait is something smoking behind the register?!”

Cashier: “No, haha, that’s my Funky 160 with a Crown 3 cranked up to 110W!”

Customer: “What the hell are you talking about…”

*Manager steps in* “Sorry, ma’am, it seems that our new cashier didn’t read the code of conduct.”

If you work in the food industry, it’s probably not the best environment to chuck your bodacious clouds. No one wants their Super Sized Double-Patty Burger to smell like Strawberries & Cream. You might want to showcase your new SMOK mod setup on your break...outside.


This might be the most controversial environment to vape up a storm. We're pretty certain all office buildings nowadays do not allow smoking inside, and since most companies see vaping the same as smoking, chances are you can vape at your desk. With that being said, some modern, more progressive thinking companies might be cool with your firing up your coils at your desk! This is one you have to play by ear and be aware of your surroundings. For example, if your boss is into it (or you’re the boss) you are in luck! Bring on the cloud game. If your boss doesn’t like, or even more likely, doesn’t understand vaping, you are probably out of luck practicing O’s in the office. No one says you can’t build coils at your desk, though (at least not yet)!


Warehouses are usually wide open and have lots of ventilation, so there’s a good chance that you’ll be safe to blast off some clouds. Your warehouse manager should allow it in most cases as long as you still get down to business and get your work done! Chances are your co-workers know what’s up with the #vapelife and it’s a great environment to show off your mod. Hell, it’s even a good open space to test out some new vape tricks. Another plus, your thick, high-VG clouds will most likely make the warehouse smell substantially better than it normally would.

Delivery Driver

You get to do things on your own for most of the day, and that’s amazing news for you! Time to get down with the sub-ohms and vape as much as your heart desires. So bust out you Big Baby Beast Tank and vape away on your V8 Baby T8 Coils! Windows down, windows up, shouldn’t really matter as long as you can see the road. The only struggle here is dripping and driving, which you shouldn't be doing anyway, especially if you’re driving a company vehicle. So safety first! Get yourself a tank, crank up the tunes, go the speed limit, and vape strong my friend.

Construction or Outside Labor

Throw your hard-hat on, slip on your neon yellow jacket and get busy with your dual-clapton build! Yep, you’re outside in the fresh air so no one can complain that you’re causing a distraction. Although it’s wise that you don’t chuck some clouds while operating heavy machinery, you can probably get away with vaping while you set up some traffic cones. If you’re working high up on a bridge or skyscraper, you’ll get a stunning view with your mod by your side!

When vaping isn’t allowed

If your office prohibits vaping indoors, don’t vape! Weird for a vaping blog to say. The best practice here is to know when you’re able to take breaks so you can go to your designated vaping area. If you are in need of nicotine but you don’t want to blow huge clouds, a pod system is perfect for you! When you have a pod mod, you are set to have higher nicotine content using nicotine salts, or even high nic freebase e-liquid. Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult to find what you need! 

Vape smarter, not harder

There isn’t a need to puff and puff and puff until your tank is hotter than a stovetop! It has been said before, grab yourself a pod mod or even a mouth to lung tank so you can have higher nicotine with each puff. With a higher nicotine content, you will find that you’re satisfied with less inhales and exhales. It isn’t worth burning out coils because that can cost more dollars, so vape smarter with nic salts or higher nicotine e-liquid and a good MTL tank.

Great Starter Pod Mods and MTL Tanks

Great Flavors You'll Love

Vaping is a wonderful thing! Being able to vape in the workplace or not, be mindful of your teammates. Know the office policy before you vape on the clock so you know what you can and cannot do. Remember that vaping on your break is probably the best way to take in your nicotine, whether with nic salts or freebase nicotine vape juices. Mouth to lung tanks and devices are the best way to vape when you are working.

Now get to work, and vape on! Stay wild friends!

Posted by Alex on Aug 24th 2017

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