Vaping Insider Best of 2017 Awards-We're Winners!

Perhaps you were in the know, maybe you weren’t, but VapeWild was featured in Vaping Insider’s Best of 2017 Awards. Now, we’re not new to this whole awards circuit thing and it almost never crosses our mind that all year long, we’re up against some pretty stiff competition in the industry. So if Guide to Vaping is the Grammy’s of vape awards, then consider Vaping Insider to be the Oscar’s. The company is thorough in their approach to judging mods, tanks, RDAs, vendors, and everything that circulates our industry. They are the best at what they do and it shows in their awards. And pardon us as we toot our own horn here (toot toot) but it should come as no surprise that VapeWild took home top billing in some of the toughest categories. Let’s examine them here, shall we?


There shouldn’t even be a question as to why the BEST online vape shop took home the prize in this category. We don’t like the word cheap, because we don’t skimp on quality, but one of our main goals was to be affordable to the public. After all, making the life-changing decision to vape rather than smoke shouldn’t break your pockets. So of course, we find ways to pass along savings in any way we can. Cool sample packsweekly deals, coupon codes, and all manner of savings to be had when you shop with us. Apparently, someone agrees.


On Cloud Custard continues to be our prodigy flavor that stands heads and shoulders above most custard flavors on the scene right now. Being one of our debut flavors, it came as no surprise that it quickly took over as one of our standouts and remains in our top selling list of flavors every day. Rich, creamy, and smooth, OCC is in a class by itself, even if we do share this category win with a few others.


If you’re a stone cold tobacco vaper and you haven’t tried Vanilla Tobacco yet, you’re doing yourself a serious disservice. This smoky yet seductively sweet, warm tobacco flavor beckons to your taste buds in the best ways. Yeah, it’s that good. We’re not even boasting here. And clearly VI thought so too! Maybe now’s a good time to check out this astounding flavor if you’ve been looking for something a little different. This is decadence of the highest degree.


Hannibal Nectar, how we love thee. This fruit bomb of a flavor is so splendid, it continues to make waves all over the world for its uniquely blended fruits and its wildly eccentric name. Not to mention the insane reveal video that accompanied this long ago mystery flavor. Because we’re not braggarts in any way (sorry, we hear some horn tooting softly in the distance), we’ll let the people continue to do all the talking about it for us. But trust us, you’re gonna hear a LOT of talking about it.


This one should be a no-brainer. Seriously, with over 150 flavors currently in rotation, with new ones being added with our mystery flavor releases every month, we’re pretty sure we’ve set the bar then raised it in terms of keeping it groovy and making it easy. We cater to every palate out there and then some. Whether you like beverages, desserts, candies, baked goods, tobaccos, we’ve got something for everyone. We’re like the Target of vaping. Everything you need all under one roof. Yeah, you’ll click out site for one thing, but two hours later, you’ll have a cart full of stuff you didn’t even know you needed and probably shouldn’t be buying but you’ll explain the credit card bill to your spouse some kind of way. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. 

Posted by Crystal Means on Feb 2nd 2018

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