Vaping Love Connections - Finding Your Vape Mate

Love is in the air at VapeWild! We’re taking it old school, so you can find your love connection or at least get “boo’d up” this Summer.

2018 dating apps thrive off selling you a dream. Are we really supposed to believe that we can find the perfect match in the palm of our hands by just swiping left and right through pictures? Cough, Cough…Tinder! Maybe, you can start planning your wedding date in hopes of landing a passionate everlasting romance on eHarmony. Those odds are slim, really slim. Use of dating apps quickly turn in to solely sending multiple pictures and messages through your laptop or cell phone with little face to face interaction, and I don’t mean facetime.

The problem with today’s dating services are that they remove the one thing you’re there for…DATING! This is how you get to know someone physically and mentally. If you’ve ever used one, chances are you experienced one of two things: meeting someone that has great conversation, but looks nothing like their pictures; or meeting that one person who looks like their pictures, but you notice the crickets around you are having better conversations. Let’s face it, if dating apps really worked, the number of users would be decreasing…Right?

Remember the dating services in the 80’s and 90’s when you didn’t have to worry about being catfished? When you could meet the love of your life in person? Shows like Blind Date at least let them see you, meet you, and have at about 3 dates before mentally swiping left and right. On the MTV dating show Next, they at least let you meet and date multiple people until you find one you liked.

Until you find your perfect soulmate, VapeWild is going to play “love doctor”. We’re bringing a little bit of that old school dating spirit back with our VapeWild Sample Packs so you can at least find your flavor bae. New to our dating scene? We’ll give you bonus samples because we know roses on the first date are SO last year. Just use the promo code WELCOME10 for our Welcome Sample Pack and pick 3 delicious VapeWild flavors and hope that one is your match made in heaven. Everyone has different taste in men and/or women, just like they do in their e-juice. If you’ve been on the scene for a while and still haven’t met that e-liquid that rocks your boat, you can still use our sample pack to find the flavor of your dreams. 

Jun 27th 2018

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