Variable vs Mech Mods

Maybe you’re new to vaping or maybe you’ve been in the game for awhile. Whatever the case, everyone will eventually need one important question answered: What’s the difference between a variable mod and a mechanical mod?

If you’re expecting a long-winded and complicated answer with all sorts of vaping lingo and technical terms, you’re probably going to be disappointed (or really excited if you didn’t want any of that). Instead, the main difference is pretty simple: a little electronic brain.

Both types of vape mods accomplish the same goal of heating your preferred e-juice and turning it into vapor for you to inhale. A mech mod requires you to understand how Ohm's Law works for both functional and safety reasons, while a variable mod handles all of that for you.

What is a Variable Mod?

A variable mod -- sometimes referred to as a variable voltage/wattage mod (VV/VW) -- is a pen or box style mod that includes a chip that helps control the device. The system gives the user the power to tweak the electrical power produced by the mod so you can create vapor that’s right in your sweet spot. A good example of a Variable Mod is the Revenger X with a full touch screen and many settings.

Whether you’re adjusting by wattage or using a temperature control suite, you simply tell the mod what you want it to do (usually by using an LCD or OLED screen and buttons) and the chip makes it happen. This also allows you to change your setting quickly and easily if you change up atomizers or vape e-juice with different VG/PG ratios.

The other big advantage of variable mods is that they are generally safer to use than a mech mod. Modern variable mods are packed full of useful safety features that prevent overheating, manage the batteries and much, much more.

While these are still electrical devices that should be used responsibly, variable mods are designed to be easier to use and more forgiving.

What is a Mechanical Mod?

A mechanical mod, often referred to as a mech mod, is nothing more than a metal tube with a battery and button. Mech mods are easy to use, but they require an understanding of how electricity works to be used safely.

To use a mech mod, you attach your atomizer to the connection on the top of the device, hit the button and vape. When you press the button or trigger, you create a connection (complete the circuit) between the atomizer and the battery that heats the e-juice and creates vapor.

This is where an understanding of Ohm’s Law is important. You have to ensure that the amperage of your battery, or batteries, is compatible with the resistance of your coil. For example, if your resistance is very low and the batteries aren’t capable of producing the power the coil needs, you will stress the batteries and potentially create a dangerous situation that could end with the batteries venting.

Essentially, mech mods are not for beginners and you shouldn’t just pick one up and start using it unless you are completely comfortable with how they work.

We don’t want to make mech mods sound bad though, because they’re not. They’re great devices that, when used properly, will last you a very long time. It’s just important that you use them correctly and safely.

So which one is better?

Neither a variable or mech mod is “better”. It’s ultimately all down to personal preference. Years ago, when variable mods were typically weak and didn’t put out more than 40W, mech mods were the only way to chuck massive clouds. Fortunately technology has closed the gap, which allows you to get the same results from a variable mod as you would from a mechanical one.

VapeWild recommends that anyone who is new to vaping start out with a variable mod. They are safer and easier to use and give you time to learn about Ohm’s Law, resistance, wattage and more. Then, when you’re ready, you can check out a mechanical mod and see if it’s something you enjoy using.

There’s no wrong way to vape as long as you’re using the technology correctly and safely. So get out there and get vaping! And remember, we’re always here to help, so if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team or hit us up on social media!

Posted by Zach Woosley on Jun 15th 2018

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