What is a Clapton Coil? How to Build & Benefits

What is a Clapton Coil? How to Build & Benefits

A Clapton coil is one of the most widely used coils on the market and it’s made by tightly wrapping a thinner wire along a thicker wire.

Early on, this coil was primarily used by hardcore drippers because it offered a challenge and lower resistances, which produced unbelievable flavor and thicker clouds. Since then, however, there have been plenty of YouTube tutorials that outline the process step by step.

Nowadays, you can find pre-built Clapton Coils at your local vape store or even online — Clapton wire is also available and allows more customization with less hassle. If you’re a dripper or vaper who likes to work with their hands, this is the best time to start building your own coils. 

Below, we’ll go over the steps to building your own coils, but I recommend you also watch a few YouTube videos to supplement your knowledge. The thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy your new hobby — learn something new and make the best coils you can make.

How to Build Clapton Coils

If you want the breakdown of building a coil from scratch then read all the steps — Clapton wire users can skip to the last step.

  1. Collect your materials: A Clapton coil is made by wrapping a thinner wire around a thicker wire. The thinner the wire, the lower the resistance. For this step, you’ll need a drill, which you will use to anchor both wires. The length of each wire will vary depending on several factors, but the thinner wire will always be much longer since it will wrap around many times to produce a larger surface area. Also, most people use Kanthal wire to make Clapton Coils, but there are other types of resistance wire you can use.
  2. Secure wires into drill: Place the thicker wire in the center of the drill, and place the other one on the side. Close down the clamp and start to manually wrap the thinner wire around the thicker one. Do it as tight as possible without overlapping — you don’t want to leave any gaps in between. After you have a few wraps done, hold both wires between your thumb and index finger, and start up the drill at a slow pace.
  3. Begin drilling to create wraps: You can rev up the drill if you wish once you get the hang of it, but keeping it a slow, steady pace will result in a more consistent wire, especially if you’re a beginner. Remove the wire from the drill clamp once you’re done, and look for any gaps — push in the wire carefully from both sides to close the gap.
  4. Complete the Wire: Now the Clapton wire is complete, you’ll need to wrap it around a thin metal rod to create the coil — most people use the shaft of a screwdriver for this process. The resistance of the coil depends a lot on the number of times you wrap it — the size of your deck is another factor to consider since smaller decks can only support coils of a certain size. It’s important to keep in mind that, if you’re a beginner, you might not want a resistance level that is too low. Too low of a resistance on the wrong mod could be disastrous, so do your research and find a build with a resistance that you’re comfortable with.
  5. Wrap into coils and install: Wrap the Clapton wire along the screwdriver until you reach your desired number of wraps — deck size, desired resistance, and preference will dictate the number of wraps. Make sure that both wire ends are pointing in the same direction. Remove the finished Clapton coil from the screwdriver. All you have to do now is install it.

Clapton Coils

The Benefits of Clapton Coils

  • Clapton coils have a higher surface area than regular coils.
  • Surface area increases cloud production.
  • Surface area also improves e-juice flavor and delivers the best possible taste.
  • Easier to build because of online tutorials.
  • Pre-built Clapton coils or wire are readily available at most vape shops.
  • Great coil for beginner builders.

Clapton Coils FTW

Sure, building your Clapton coils is much more time consuming than buying them, but building them by yourself will give you a sense of accomplishment — you can also brag to all your friends. With a Clapton coil, you’ll experience thicker clouds and better flavor, which is not something you can get on regular coils. Have some patience, apply a little elbow grease, and don’t forget to be safe. And for more information on coil building or vaping in general, check out our blog for more content. 

Posted by Alejandro on May 14th 2019

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