What is a Framed Staple Coil? Framed for Greatness

What is a Framed Staple Coil? Framed for Greatness

A Framed Staple coil isn’t too far removed from a regular Staple coil, but there are some major differences. As with the Staple coil, the Framed Staple coil uses a stack of ribbon wire as the core, but that is where the similarities end and the complexities begin. Framed staple coil cores are surrounded by a thick, round wire on each side, which frames the core — hence the name — and gives the coil a wider and thicker profile.

Framed Staple Coils

Once the stack of ribbon wire is sandwiched between two thick, round wires, it is then claptonized with thinner wire. Basically, this means wrapping a thinner wire around the core, which is the same process as building a simple Clapton coil. The Clapton process on a thicker core gives this type of RDA coil the look of staples, which is where this coil gets its name. The staples are wide with grooves in between that are meant to capture more juice thereby providing a better vaping experience.

Another upside of having a thick core is the bigger surface area, which improves cloud thickness and flavor — the multiple-wire core also speeds up the firing process. One major drawback, which might render your RDA inadequate, is that the thickness of this coil might prevent it from fitting on your RDA’s post-holes — a clamp-style RDA would fix this problem, however.

This coil is not easy to build and it will require tons of patience and failed attempts, but it’s also one of the best builds out there, with amazing flavor and large, billowing clouds of vapor.

How to Build Staple Coils

  1. Get some ribbon wires and stack them horizontally. The number of ribbon wires will vary depending on your desired resistance and ramp-up times, so do some research to find the appropriate number.
  2. Place a round wire on each side of the horizontally-stacked ribbon wires. The thickness of wire is another aspect of this build that may vary.
  3. Place the core in the center of the chuck on your drill and clamp it down tight.
  4. Get your thinner wire out and begin to wrap it manually on the core. Don’t leave any gaps in between. Depending on your build, the thickness and material of your wire will also vary.
  5. Place the core and thinner wire between your thumb and index finger and start up the drill slowly.
  6. Keep the pace of the drill, and you can speed it up once you feel comfortable. If you see any gaps, push them in gently but don’t overlap the wire wraps.
  7. Once the Framed Staple coil is done, take it off the drill and start wrapping it on a screwdriver or coil jig. The size of your building deck and your desired resistance will determine the number of wraps on your coil.
  8. Cut the ends of the coil, making sure you leave enough space to place in your RDA. Install the coil on your deck, wick it, and start vaping!

And that’s how you build a Framed Staple coil, folks! For more information on coils, vaping, or VapeWild, check out our blog!

Posted by Alejandro on May 28th 2019

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