What is a Staple Coil? The Flavor Coil King

What is a Staple Coil? The Flavor Coil King

A Staple Coil is very similar to the Fused Clapton coil; it involves wrapping a thinner wire around a stack of thicker wire. In the case of the Staple coil, however, a thinner wire wraps around a stack of ribbon wires, which results in a more square-looking coil. When the core is claptonized with the thinner wire, it creates a staple-like look that has infinitesimal spaces in between for better flavor.

Staple Coils

Of course, with such a big stack of wires, the staple coil has a much higher ramp-up time when compared to other coils of the same resistance. And because of this coils thickness, there is more of the thinner gauge wire exposed to the cotton, which produces thicker clouds and better flavor. On the other hand, the same thickness that gives this coil an advantage also hinders it from being compatible with some RDAs. The thick nature of the coil prevents it from fitting in smaller post-holes, which can render your RDA useless — look around the internet first to confirm if your RDA accepts Staple coils.

Now that you know how these coils operate, let’s go over the steps on how to build one of these staple coils.

How to Build Staple coils

If you’re building a staple coil, you should already be familiar with the kinds of tools you need. If not, that information is just a quick search away. As with anything this complicated, it’s best to have some visual aids, so check out a video or two when you’re done with this blog for further assistance.

  1. Get a stack of ribbon wires and place it in the center of your drill. Adjust the number of ribbon wires in your core according to your desired resistance. It’s a good idea to look up specific builds online to get a better idea.
  2. Once the ribbon wires are stacked in the center of the drill’s chuck, it’s time to get out your thinner wire, which you will use to claptonize this build.
  3. Start wrapping the wire manually around the core to begin the process.
  4. Once you have a few wraps, place the core and thinner wire between your thumb and index finger and slowly start spinning the drill.
  5. Keep on with the drill at a steady pace and keep an eye out for large gaps between wraps. Go ahead and correct any gaps by pushing them together.
  6. Once you’re done wrapping the thinner wire around the core, your Staple wire is complete.
  7. Start wrapping the Staple wire around a coil jig or screwdriver, depending on how big you want your wraps to be. The number of wraps will determine your resistance, but that depends on your preference and the size of your deck. Once you have the right amount of wraps, cut off both ends, leaving enough material on the ends to insert the coil onto the post, and now you’ve got a Staple Coil.

Enjoy your Staple coil, and if you want to learn more about other coils or vaping-related topics, check out the rest of the VapeWild Blog. 

Posted by Alejandro on May 28th 2019

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