What it Means to Vape it Forward

It’s another stressful Monday, you’re running late, but you can’t make it through the day without that steaming cup of hope that some people like to call coffee. So, you pull into your favorite coffee shop, make that order, and impatiently wait for your turn to pay and speed off to start your manic Monday. Then you hear the most magical words to leave a cashier’s mouth, “The person ahead of you already paid for you!”. Try and deny it, but you know you get that warm, fuzzy feeling from it, giving you a little bit more faith in the kindness of others.

So, in turn, you pay for the man’s order behind you and head off to your day feeling more optimistic. What seems like a small gesture can make a huge impact on others, and you never know what those small acts of kindness can be doing for the person you paid it forward to.

Vape It Forward

Here at VapeWild, we love the idea of helping others and introducing them to the wonderful world of vaping! With holidays here, we think it's the perfect time to spread the word about V.I.F (Vape It Forward).

If you haven’t noticed already, we include a 10ml of VapeWild juice with V.I.F on the label, in your order. This stands for Vape It Forward, and we add it for you to share with loved ones, someone who’s been talking about quitting, or someone who hasn’t had the chance to give VapeWild a try.

We’re not the only ones who believe in the V.I.F movement, and we love to hear the stories of vapers helping other vapers and smokers when times get tough or just because! While V.I.F is a great thing, there are some do’s and don’ts that should be considered when sharing with others this holiday season!

DO: Give away old hardware that you’ve been holding onto and aren’t sure to do with.

  • Make sure any old hardware you pass along is in working condition, and it’s always nice to clean it up a bit if it’s been hanging out on a shelf for a while. While it may be with the best of intentions, broken mods don’t make the best gift for someone who may not know how to doctor their hardware to work.

DON’T: Give juice you’ve had sitting around for 2+ years.

  • By this amount of time, the nicotine has been broken down and flavor will most likely be muted with a harsh hit. Just go ahead and throw those babies in the trash, sometimes it’s just better to say goodbye, you know?

DO: Pass along those flavors that you didn’t really care for the flavor profile, or maybe got the wrong nicotine strength on.

  • What might not be your cup of tea, may end up someone’s new ADV! Just make sure warn them you’ve opened the bottle to try it at least, and try not to pass along half empty bottles, (because that’s just a tease!)

DON’T: Pass along hardware to someone who is not capable of using it.

  • Unless you have the time to teach them, it’s probably not the best idea to pass along a Dead Rabbit RDA and SX Mini G-Class, they might not be up for all the bells and whistles. This is where starter kits come in handy!

There are tons of reasons to V.I.F, and our wonderful customers have told us many of the reasons they do it; from helping a loved one quit smoking, to expanding flavor styles for friends that are missing out on some greatness. We think any reason is a great reason to give!

Posted by Marissa Benton on Dec 28th 2017

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