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How to Clean your Vape Coils, Tank & Mod

You’re here to read up on how to clean  your tanks, your coils and your mod (vape), welcome! Today you’re going to read about cleaning materials, what you can and cannot clean, and you should have an idea to how much time goes into the process. This is exciting! How to Clean Your TankClean your vape tank by choosing a cleaning agent, disassembling the tank, soaking it in your cleaning agent, then letting it sufficiently dry.  Cleaning Agents Propylene Glycol - PG w

Posted by Gabriel on Dec 26th 2018

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Let's get Christmas AF

We're having a Christmas party, so you know it's going to be WILD. We're giving away 50 prizes to 50 lucky winners. This is an AF exclusive party so make sure you sign up for VapeWild AF and you'll be automatically entered. If you're already an AF Member, you're name is already in the drawing! What you can win:1 of 20 Aleader Funky 160 Mods 1 of 5 VapeWild Swag Packs 1 of 25 Coupon Codes for $10 off an order Participants (anyone who is VapeWild AF) will be notified if they won on December

Posted by Batsu on Dec 6th 2018

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What is VG/PG Ratio? Vegetable Glycerin vs Propylene Glycol

You wonder what VG/PG ratios are and why there are options when you are browsing our e-liquids. In fact, “What is VG/PG?” is one of the questions asked the most. Find out what Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol is and what VG/PG Ratio is best for you in this blog! What is Vegetable Glycerin (VG)? VG stands for Vegetable Glycerine. VG is thick in viscosity, thicker than PG is.  Pure 100% VG is what produces the full and thick clouds you see in vape competitions and vape tr

Posted by Gabriel on Dec 6th 2018

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A Vaper's Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for giving, and choosing the right gift for the right person is something that’s always on the forefront of our minds this time of year. In this guide I will be dropping some knowledge on what to get for the vaper, or soon-to-be vaper, in your life so there can be smiles and clouds all the way to the new year and beyond!The Smoker Looking To QuitWe’ll start with those that still smoke and are looking to quit. Usually when someone is finally ready to make the leap to vaping and ki

Posted by Batsu on Dec 5th 2018

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6 Things to Expect When You Start Vaping

New to vaping? Feeling overwhelmed by all the things you have to worry about? Worry no more, my friends! VapeWild wants to make vaping easy and give you the six biggest things you should expect when you start vaping! We hope to make your starting line easier to find so you can vape easy. Let’s dive in together!The Initial Cost: $40-$60You may know already from your vaping pals that vaping is “so much cheaper” than originally thought. It’s true, depending on what vape kit you choose. When I

Posted by Gabriel on Nov 28th 2018

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