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Vape Chicks Learn Beginner Vape Tricks

Posted by Charity on Aug 16th 2018

Behind every good cloud there’s an even wilder woman! A common perception is that the vape community is predominantly male; what many fail to notice is that the number of women vapers is growing every day. Women are turning to vaping as a more appealing alternative to traditional tobacco products, it offers less of an odor, it’s cleaner, cheaper, and the e-liquid flavor choice allows for versatility in flavor and nicotine level. With there being an extensive variety of vape trick tutorials
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Vaping the Great Indoors - A Vaper's Opinion on Vaping in Public

Posted by Guest Blogger - Kelly Weed on Aug 16th 2018

No shirts, no shoes, no service. The signs are everywhere. No doubt you have seen one yourself as you went about your day. They greet us on the doors of gas stations, grocery stores, even at our favorite take-out spots. Their warning so literal, it is understood by everyone what they mean: If you do not wear a shirt or pair of shoes, or both, you will not be served. Some establishments will not let you enter unless these basic conditions are met. So what about things the sign leaves unsaid?
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National Vaping Day - August 8th

Posted by Lacey on Jul 27th 2018

Vapers around the country celebrate National Vaping Day on August 8, the anniversary of the date the FDA deeming regulations on e-cigarettes came into effect. This day is marked by advocacy efforts and a renewed sense of community throughout the industry.VapeWild’s GoalVapeWild is participating in National Vaping Day to raise awareness, to change the public perception of vaping, and to raise money for advocacy efforts. We’ll need your help to make the biggest impact.Goal #1: Change Public P
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How Net Neutrality Can Affect Vapers

Posted by Crystal Means on Jul 13th 2018

On June 11, the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) dismantled rules regulating the businesses that connect consumers to the internet. One of the biggest questions being asked within the vaping industry right now is this: How will the FCC’s net neutrality regulation rollback affect us?The short answer is we have no idea. Many reports about the potential effects are speculative, worst-case scenarios and fears of what might happen. But that’s not a reason to disregard the concerns, it’s more im
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Vaping Love Connections - Finding Your Vape Mate

Jun 27th 2018

Love is in the air at VapeWild! We’re taking it old school, so you can find your love connection or at least get “boo’d up” this Summer.2018 dating apps thrive off selling you a dream. Are we really supposed to believe that we can find the perfect match in the palm of our hands by just swiping left and right through pictures? Cough, Cough…Tinder! Maybe, you can start planning your wedding date in hopes of landing a passionate everlasting romance on eHarmony. Those odds are slim, really slim. Use
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