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Live on the Wildside with Batsu & Dale

What happens when you take a VapeWild Vet and a VapeWild Fanboy and stick them together in front of a camera? Magic. That’s what happens. Introducing “Live on the Wild Side”.Hosted by Dale and Batsu, this show will be a 30-minute funfest touching on all things VapeWild every Tuesday. There is a multitude of things we will talk about, and give you an insider look into our weird and crazy culture. What are those things you ask? Well I mean, we don’t want to give it all away before we debut the sho

Posted by Batsu on Oct 10th 2018

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Customer Appreciation Month - MORE E-JUICE!

Hey VapeWild Army! This October we wanted to show you just how much we think you are the bee’s knees...the cat’s you get the point. We appreciate each and every one of you guys and gals and decided to give back.Now we spitballed some ideas, and what we landed on was more. More what? More juice. That’s right: for the month of October all your bonus bottles will go from 10 ml to 30 ml! That means every order will contain 90mls of additional e-juice (60ml more than before!). We all know

Posted by Batsu on Oct 1st 2018

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SMOK AL85 Discontinued by SMOK - Better Alternatives

Some of you may have heard, but to those who haven’t. The SMOK AL85 has been discontinued. The manufacturer has decided to end the continued creation of this nifty little mod. For those who were eyeing it up for purchase, you might be thinking “Well, what can I get now?”. Don’t fret we have some really great alternatives here at VapeWild - one of them being the Vaporesso Swag 80w Kit The VaporessoSwag like the AL85 is a single 18560 mod that you can get either on its own or as a kit.

Posted by Batsu on Sep 26th 2018

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VapeWild and Ruby Roo Talk about Vape Stuff

Welcome to the first of many VapeWild Industry Spotlight interviews! Ruby Roo has been Vlogging about vaping from the beginning. Her bubbly personality is infectious, fun and she brightens your days with her YouTube channel. We sat with her -skyped- to get to know her better. She would like you to know more about her years of experience with reviews, vape conventions and events, favorite flavors, and of course we had to shout out her very own hardware brand! Enjoy, VapeWild Army!________________

Sep 20th 2018

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Vape Chicks Learn Beginner Vape Tricks

Behind every good cloud there’s an even wilder woman! A common perception is that the vape community is predominantly male; what many fail to notice is that the number of women vapers is growing every day. Women are turning to vaping as a more appealing alternative to traditional tobacco products, it offers less of an odor, it’s cleaner, cheaper, and the e-juice flavor choice allows for versatility in flavor and nicotine level. With there being an extensive variety of vape trick tutorials o

Posted by Charity on Aug 16th 2018

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