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All About Nicotine Salts: The What, Why, & How

Nicotine salts, more commonly called nic salts, are a recent addition to the ever-evolving world of vaping. While they’re not super complicated, it’s very likely that vapers of all experience levels will have questions about nic salts.

Posted by Zach on Apr 30th 2018

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The Ins and Outs of Vape Advocacy

There’s never been a more important time to get involved with vaping advocacy. With the Cole-Bishop Amendment failing to get included in the latest Congressional spending bill, we’re redoubling our efforts for the next push leading towards the next s

Posted by Zach Woosley on Apr 4th 2018

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Fact or Fraud: ​How to Spot A Fake Vape Study

In a world where information is readily available to you via social media and other sources, it’s a prime time to be at the forefront of knowledge. But, how do you know the information is accurate? This struggle has been even bigger in the vaping wor

Posted by Marissa Benton on Mar 2nd 2018

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To SMOK or not to SMOK - A SMOKTech Vape Review

If there's one thing you can count on in the vaping community, it's that nearly everyone has an opinion about SMOKTech. They're one of the biggest names in vaping mods, tanks, and coils, and if you've been vaping for any period of time, you'v

Posted by Zach Woosley on Feb 8th 2018

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Vaping Insider Best of 2017 Awards-We're Winners!

Perhaps you were in the know, maybe you weren’t, but VapeWild was featured in Vaping Insider’s Best of 2017 Awards. Now, we’re not new to this whole awards circuit thing and it almost never crosses our mind that all year long, we’re up against s

Posted by Crystal Means on Feb 2nd 2018

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4 Pro Tips for Vaping in the Car

4 Pro Tips for Vaping in the Car
One of my favorite places to vape these days is in my car. Mostly because I’m always in it, dashing to and fro between work and home, the grocery store, and running various errands and generally being a chauffeur for my child with her myriad activiti

Posted by Crystal Means on Jan 31st 2018

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What it Means to Vape it Forward

It’s another stressful Monday, you’re running late, but you can’t make it through the day without that steaming cup of hope that some people like to call coffee. So, you pull into your favorite coffee shop, make that order, and impatiently wait for y

Posted by Marissa Benton on Dec 28th 2017

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The Evolution of the Vape Mod

Sometimes, it feels like vape mods have always been around, but actually, they're a relatively recent entrant onto the vaping scene. The original mods were poorly designed and even worse quality, however, the modern devices of today bear very

Posted by Harry Lynch-Guest Contributor on Dec 8th 2017

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The Truth, and Nothing But the Truth About Vaping

Vaping Brings in the Ladies: TRUE Not only do you look super studly chucking huge clouds, but what girl can resist the sweet scents of Smurf Cake? Not a single one of them; it’s basically like an aphrodisiac. Not to mention the f

Posted by Marissa Benton on Nov 14th 2017

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Squonking: Everything You Need to Know

Squonking has become one of the most popular vape terms of 2017. Squonking is a term used by vapers to describe how they are vaping, but I like to describe squonking as dripping made easy.  What is a Squonk Mod? A squonk mod looks like an

Posted by Marissa Benton on Oct 9th 2017

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The Vape Wild World Tour Q & A

If you’ve been following us for a while now, you know that VapeWild has literally been trotting the globe slinging this fabulous juice everywhere. We’ve spanned this amazing planet from California to Greece and points many points in between.Every con

Posted by Crystal Means on Oct 9th 2017

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Is Vaping a Habit or a Hobby?

I’ve covered a wide range of topics here at the Wild Blogger but this particular subject of vaping being a habit or hobby hasn’t ever been broached. I started thinking about it when I noticed how many devices I have accumulated over 2+ years of vapin

Posted by Crystal Means on Oct 6th 2017

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Getting Started with DIY: Flavor Boost

Things have changed in the world of vaping since the FDA regulations started to go into effect. VapeWild was forced to change certain products we could offer, which led to the elimination of the flavor boost option with your e-juice. Not cool

Posted by Marissa on Sep 5th 2017

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Vaping in the Workplace

Vaping in the Workplace
Heck yeah, your new mod just came in the mail. What do you do next? Pop your ADV in that tank and vape some clouds so big that your local meteorologists begin to take notice. But what are you going to do tomorrow? You’d feel terrib

Posted by Alex on Aug 24th 2017

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FDA Ecig Regulations Update: What It Means for Vaping

After months of eager anticipation within the community by vapers and vape companies alike, the latest FDA administration released their first public comments that outlined how they’ll be approaching vaping and ecigarette products. The initial r

Posted by Zach on Aug 2nd 2017

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