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BlueBird Eliquids

It’s not wintertime but these birds flew south for the summer anyway!  Meet the new line, Bluebird, that we picked up with flavors that tweet softly on the palate and make desserts fly!  With four dynamic and unique flavors, cheesecake lovers will find something they enjoy in each one.  Say hello to Bluebird, the flavor namesake that pairs berries and cheesecake in a sea of flavor. Redbird, the delightful strawberry cheesecake and cereal concoction that hasn’t been done before, and the citrus-loving Yellowbird, a lemon cheesecake that pairs corn puffs in a combo you won’t find anywhere else. Now, they are taking on new heights with Luckybird, their marshmallow cereal and milk flavor that is so good, literal birds actually want to taste it. Take flight on delicious wings today with Bluebird and see what we’re singing about! 

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