Burst E-Liquid

Burst E-Liquid is a brand that brings an explosion of fruity flavor to every hit of your vape. Each e-juice in this line is in a 65/35 vg/pg ratio which is perfect for almost any vape tank! You’ll find flavors from candy to fruit and even dessert in this line that will have your tongue tingling with satisfaction. Enjoy a bottle of Burst today!

Sher-Burst by Burst E-liquid

Introducing Burst’s Sher-Burst e-juice, which might just single-handedly cause ice cream shops to go out of business. This ain’t your grandmother’s sherbert, this e-juice from Burst E-liquid combines the sweet and whimsical flavor of...

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Mango-Burst by Burst E-liquid

 Burst e-liquid is at it again, and this time they’ve brought the cavalry with the Mango-Burst e-juice. It combines the sweet and tropical flavor of mangos and marries them to the tried-and-true flavor of chewy taffy. Move over supermarket...

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Straw-Burst by Burst E-liquid

 Combining the flavors of sweet, juicy strawberries with the candy taste of taffy, Burst E-Liquid has hit it out of the park again with this Straw-Burst e-juice. The ripe, succulent strawberries and chewy taffy come together to form a symphony of...

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Berry-Burst by Burst E-liquid

Taste the ice caps and mixed berries with Burst e-liquid’s Berry BRRRST! Take it all in with every puff and chill with the best of them. This mixed berries and menthol flavor will have you singing for joy each time you fill your tank! The menthol...

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Melon-Burst by Burst E-liquid

 With summer always around the corner, Burst has the perfect solution to hot summer days and blistering heat with their Melon-Burst e-juice. This e-juice’s name may indicate that it tastes like melons, but it’s more complex than that...

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Citrus-Burst by Burst E-liquid

For a sweet and refreshing e-juice try Burst’s Citrus-Burst flavor! Combing the tart flavors of lemon and lime with the sweet taste of taffy, Citrus-Burst is like a lemon-lime soda you can vape. No need to pour this flavor in a glass though, just...

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Will You Love Burst E-Liquid?

We don’t want you to buy an e-liquid and hate it, we want you to fall in love! Below you’ll find a list of the types of vapers that will take Burst and make it their All Day Vape.

  • Flavor Chasers

    If you’re looking for an e-juice that’s going to smack you in the face with scrumptious flavor, this is the line for you! The VG/PG ratio of this line has a medium level of VG making it perfect for a smooth hit and lots of flavor. 

    It’s not the best option if you’re looking for something to create huge clouds.

  • Sub-Ohm Tank Users

    If you use a sub-ohm tank, Burst E-juice is a great option for you! It has the perfect consistency to not leak through your tank while also providing a smooth hit.

    If you use a RDA, this brand may not be the best option as you may get a mild throat hit. 

  • Pod Vape / MTL Vapers

    If you love the simplicity of pod vapes or MTL tanks, then Burst’s Nic Salt line will meet your needs! With nicotine strengths of 25mg & 45mg, you’ll definitely get the hit you’re looking for.

  • Sweets Lover

    This branded is packed full with sweet flavors with a unique taste to each individual flavor. If you enjoy sweet and sour vapes, then Burst E-liquid will become your new go to line of e-juice!

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