Cinnamon Vape Juice Flavors

For our cinnamon connoisseurs, these e juices are preferred over anything else out there. They feature several different types of cinnamon ejuices such as our amazing Cinnamon Roll e-juice and Vanilla Hazelnut. These e liquids have a bold taste that is sure to sate the cravings of any cinnamon extremist. Vape Wild is very proud of these savory e liquids because they are so true to form. 

Sweet Complexity

A rich blend of banana, rum, ice cream, cinnamon, brown sugar, and vanilla. Complex layers of flavor, like a sweet dream come true. Primary Flavors: Cream Banana Cinnamon Sugar Vanilla Rum Why VapeWild E-Juice? Made in the USA All...

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Cinnamon Roll with Caramel Ejuice - I'm On A Roll by Vape Wild
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I'm on a Roll

Could we possibly improve a cinnamon roll e-liquid? Let's top it with silky smooth caramel! The delectable duo of caramel and cinnamon rolls might just become your new favorite sweet tooth go to! Primary...

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