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Is your favorite vape juice not producing clouds like it used too?  Maybe the flavor isn’t coming through as strong. That probably means you need a replacement vape coil.  Your experience is only going to be as good as your hardware and that’s why having a working vape coil to heat it to the perfect temperature is key.  Look below and find the right one for your pen, kit or shop by brand like SMOK. We’ll get it in the mail ASAP when you checkout so you can go back to enjoying your favorite flavors and clouds the way you want them.

SMOK TFV8 V8-T6 Replacement Coils

SMOK’s new V8-T6 coil heads for the TFV8 Cloud Beast feature a patented sextuple coil configuration and pure organic cotton. These turbocharged heads have a resistance of 0.2 ohms and operational wattage range of 50 to a staggering 240W (although...

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SMOK TFV8 Baby M2 Replacement Coils

The TFV8 Baby M2 Replacement Coils are the latest coils heads for the TFV8 Baby Beast & Big Baby Beast tanks bringing clouds and flavor for days with Baby M2's single parallel coil design. Developed for direct voltage output systems, these are the...

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SMOK TFV8 - V8-Q4 Coils and Boxing V8-Q4 Coil Bottom
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SMOK TFV8 - V8-Q4 Replacement Coils

Introducing the V8-Q4 replacement coil by SMOK for use on the TFV8 Cloud Beast! This wicked little beast utilizes a single barrel design with two sets of parallel heating elements in order to create a flavorful punch of cloud. The three sets of...

$19.99 $9.99
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SMOK TFV8 - V8 Baby T8 Replacement Coils

Smaller than the full sized TFV8 coils, the Baby Beast coils are redesigned to offer the same fantastic flavor, and vapor production (clouds!) as the TFV8. The SMOK Baby V8-T8 features a quad barrel, octo coil setup and is designed to enhance flavor...

$19.99 $15.99
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SMOK TFV8 Baby X4 Replacement Coils

Smaller than the full sized TFV8 coils, the SMOK Baby Beast Coils are redesigned to offer the same fantastic flavor, and vapor production (clouds!) as the TFV8. The V8 Baby X4 Coils feature a double barrel, quadruple (dual parallel we suspect) coil setup...

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SMOK TFV8 V8-T8 Coils SMOK V8 T8 Coil
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SMOK TFV8 - V8-T8 Replacement Coils

Smok V8-T8 coils are designed for high wattage, high VG vaping, and produce the awesome clouds and great flavor we expect from SMOKTech. There are 4 different “barrels” with each one loaded with a parallel coil. Running on  0.15 ohms,...

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Uwell Crown V2 Coils

The Crown 2 coil! (Fanfare!) This new coil uses a brand-new “bullet” shape to prevent turbulent airflow. Smoother airflow contributes to both better flavor and vapor production. The Crown 2 coils has a stainless steel casing with extra large...

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Joyetech BF SS316 for Cuboid Mini
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Joyetech BF SS316 for Cuboid Mini

The Joyetech Bottom Feed SS316 is a replacement coil for the Cuboid Mini, Cubis and the AIO tanks . Constructed with stainless steel, it is a bottom feeding coil designed to work in either stainless steel temperature control mode, or in regular wattage...

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Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils

Vape your Kanger tank with some attitude with the KangerTech SSOCC Coils (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coils)! Operable with most of the Kanger lineup, this is a crowd-favorite! These coils offer a low resistance of 0.5 ohm and a higher resistance of 1...

$14.99 $11.99
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Uwell Crown Coils

A coil fit for royalty. The UWELL Crown Tank coils are perfect for your Crown Tank! These coils are made of stainless steel with a dual vertical design. They also contain 100% organic Japanese cotton and have four large...

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Aspire Nautilus Coils
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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil

The Aspire Nautilus BVC Replacement Coils are revolutionary coils with a unique vertical coil design, that gives bigger wicking passages and can really pack a punch in your Aspire Tank. This means better wicking and more airflow, which translates into...

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Aspire Atlantis Cotton Coils

Introducing the Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Replacement Coils! These coils give your Atlantis tank, such as the V1 or V2, what it needs to perform like they should. They use the excellent "Bottom Vertical Coil" technology and also come with an Organic Cotton...

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What is a Vape Coil?

It is the wire that connects to the battery and heats up so that your e juice can turn into vapor.  It exists in all devices from pens to custom built kits.

How to Clean a Vape Coil?

You can clean you coils by soaking them for about an hour in propylene glycol, wiping down with a q-tip and letting them dry thoroughly.

How Often and When Do I Need to Replace It?

A vape coil needs replaced once cleaning no longer helps it to keep the hardware working properly.  Signs that it is time to replace your vape coil include:

  • Gargling noises while inhaling a cloud
  • Flavor not being as predominant
  • Clouds not being as thick or lush
  • The device is leaking, although this could be a lot of things
  • There is gunk or a burnt out wick that you cannot remove
  • The cotton is solid black
  • It is not heating up and you can’t get the right temperature
  • The vape juice comes out tasting burnt

What Are They Made Of?

Vape coils can be made from five materials including:

  • Kanthal
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel
  • Nickel and chromium or Nichrome
  • Titanium

What Does Priming it Mean?

This is the practice of soaking and exposing the wicking material to your favorite e-juice. This helps it to perform better as you start to vape and give you a better experience.  Each device is different and the wicking material and vape coil are primed once it no longer absorbs the e liquid.

How Do I Stop it From Burning to Fast?

Stopping it from burning is easy, but it takes some care.  You can make sure your tank is always over 50% full. You can also prime the coil before usage each time.  You can reduce the amount of time you spend vaping or at least chain vape less often. Other things you can do are to use an e liquid with a higher VG ratio, options with less sweetener, and buying hardware with temperature controls so it isn’t always on full blast.  

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