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Cousin's Brother's Roommate's Rootbeer e-Juice


Product Description

If this is not your cousin’s, brother’s, roommate’s rootbeer, then what does that make us? Nothing! Which is what you will be if you don’t get some of this amazing e-juice into your tank or dripper immediately. It’s that great rootbeer taste spiked with a little something extra!

Primary Flavors: Sassafrass, Anise, Bubbles, Nostalgia

Made in the USA.

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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Love it!

    Posted by Kelly on Aug 26th 2017

    Just like old fashion root beer from a bottle. Complex flavor profile. One of my favorites

  2. great flavor

    Posted by michael laws on Aug 17th 2017

    this rootbeer is great. it has the taste of the old fasioned rootbeer i have been trying to find

  3. Childhood Memories

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 26th 2017

    Tastes just like the Rootbeer Barrel candies my grandparents had at their house as a kid.

  4. Cousin's Brother's Roommate = BFF

    Posted by Sonya on Jun 30th 2017

    I love love LOVE this juice!! It reminds me of the root beer barrel candy I had as a kid. I got it in a sample pack and I will absolutely order more. I could do this one all day everyday!!

  5. Great Flavor

    Posted by jeff on May 27th 2017

    Truly great flavor it's awesome

  6. Disappointed at the overpowering earthy/spicy flavor

    Posted by melecotones81 on May 13th 2017

    In the ever seeking quest to find a palatable root beer juice, I tried this one. It's only OK. I found the flavor to be extremely too spicy (maybe anise/licorice or clove or something like that) to enjoy. Cream generally doesn't do much for me - I didn't try other root beer vapes from Vape Wild because I'm not sure I like their interpretation of root beer. To each their own, but I have only found one root beer I have liked, and it was not this one.

  7. Great flavor

    Posted by Ally on May 7th 2017

    One of my all day vapes. Tastes more like sarsparilla than root beer but still a great flavor. Highly recommended.

  8. So, where did you GET that?

    Posted by A.B.Gibbs on Apr 28th 2017

    It's almost like Sarsaparilla, rather than the standard root beer. An unusual take on the usual flavor you find when you shop around for a good root beer. Not sticky sweet, a bit spicy and feels almost carbonated on the inhale. I'm hooked!

  9. Taste like root beer

    Posted by James miller on Apr 26th 2017

    Taste like root beer

  10. best RB I've found

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 23rd 2017

    for 3 years i shopped and vaped RB flavor from my local shop, but this one blew me away! Amazing flavor, rich/deep/smooth. try it, you wont be upset.

  11. Amazing taste! Be for warned with mods that are hard to clean

    Posted by Mikey on Apr 16th 2017

    This one was the greatest huge flavor! Loved it so much! I steeped it for longer than two weeks. The only problem was that the juice seeped into my silicone seals on my RDTA and even after cleaning several times they smell of the flavor, but no effect on other e-juices flavors thus far, thank goodness. I would highly suggest only using this juice in a mod that can be cleaned easily.

  12. Awesome

    Posted by on Mar 22nd 2017

    Taste exactly like the root beer barrels candy, the only reason I don't give it a 5 star rating is I wouldn't use it as an all day vape. I do vape it at some point almost every day though

  13. Just like the real thing

    Posted by aritee on Mar 6th 2017

    One of my top 5 favorites. Taste JUST like root beer.

  14. All day vape

    Posted by Austin on Mar 6th 2017

    This is the best root beer flavor e-juice I have ever bought. It's almost like I'm drinking real root beer, I definitely recommend this to anyone.

  15. Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Nathan2 Hanks on Feb 27th 2017

    On spot rootbeer flavor, tastes like those little rootbeer hard candies

  16. Quiet good

    Posted by Wendy Madole on Feb 25th 2017

    It was ok but think I should have steeped longer.

  17. this one is dead solid perfect!

    Posted by Michael Jennings on Feb 21st 2017

    Everything about this root beer is 100%. Amazing flavour. Can't say enough.

  18. nice flavor

    Posted by Stephanie Hurlocker on Feb 15th 2017

    Got this in the soda sampler pack. Tasted like those root beer barrel candies. Very tasty vape. I may buy a larger bottle.

  19. Interesting

    Posted by Juanita on Feb 4th 2017

    Tastes just like rootbeer,but it's kinda weird.Neat experience, but wouldn't buy it

  20. Too Much Flavor

    Posted by Dustin Hall on Feb 3rd 2017

    By far way too much flavor, got it as a freebie, tried it out after 5 days, took a few tanks to finally get the flavor out of my coil! Tastes like rootbeer, just isn't a good vape flavor.

  21. Too alcoholic

    Posted by Jess on Jan 24th 2017

    Had too much of an alcoholic sharp note, without the warmth of root beer. It was okay for one bottle, but I wouldn't order again.

  22. rootbeer

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2017

    Its a little to much rootbeer flavor for me

  23. awome

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 11th 2017

    Taste like an adult root beer

  24. Good flavor!

    Posted by Logan Warren on Jan 10th 2017

    A very enjoyable flavor!

  25. another winner

    Posted by sidney on Jan 8th 2017

    come on after a good vape pull you will try to wipe the foam off your mouth

  26. Root Beer?

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 8th 2017

    I wasn't a big fan. Flavor was bland and only slightly tasted of Root Beer.

  27. Delightful!!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2016

    Very nice old fashioned root beer flavor! Surprisingly delightful!

  28. Delicious

    Posted by Noah Adams on Dec 27th 2016

    Tastes just like rootbeer barrels. Awesome flavor if you like old fashioned root beer.

  29. black licorice

    Posted by Carol Costa on Dec 24th 2016

    Taste like black licorice but worse

  30. Fantastic Rootbeer flavor

    Posted by David Ingraham on Dec 16th 2016

    Just ordered this figuring I'd like it and it tastes FANTASTIC! Great rootbeer flavor without even steeping. I ordered a 30ml with max VG at 1.5 nic. I use a baby beast at about 60w

  31. Blech

    Posted by Kale on Dec 13th 2016

    Black licorice flavor is all I got from this. The smell is nice though.

  32. Decent

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 11th 2016

    Not bad but not exactly like root beer, a little off. Better than the others I've tried, though.

  33. enjoyed

    Posted by Mike Okon on Dec 1st 2016

    Reminded me of the root beer candies from my childhood.

  34. This could be my go-to flavor

    Posted by JR on Nov 28th 2016

    This is probably one of the best flavors that I have tried. To me, after using the product for a couple of days it really didn't remind me of the hard root beer as much, but in a better sense the taste was reminiscent of the old root beer barrels or dum-dum pops, or of the old fashioned horehound drops. Trust me, that isn't a bad thing!

  35. Like rootbeer candy

    Posted by Sarah on Nov 18th 2016

    This is the only rootbeer flavor I've tried, and it's a keeper. It tastes, as another reviewer said, just like the barrel-shaped rootbeer candies. It does need steeping for a while before it can be thoroughly enjoyed.

  36. Needs Steep

    Posted by Connor on Nov 10th 2016

    This is one of those juices that NEEDS to be steeped :) I can tell that it's going to be way better

  37. Old Fashioned Rootbeer

    Posted by CT on Nov 5th 2016

    Love it! Reminds me of the rootbeer we would get from the local Dog'n'Suds when I was a kid. Creamy rootbeer flavor with a little bite from the Anise that gives the unique locally brewed rootbeer flavor. If you like old fashioned rootbeer, you will most likely like this flavor.

  38. Def Rootbeer

    Posted by Caden Franklin on Nov 4th 2016

    My old roomate loved this so much and while its okay I think its too carbonated for my liking. But definetely worth buying and trying out

  39. Awesome Unique Flavor

    Posted by NZoms on Oct 22nd 2016

    One of my favorite flavors from Vapewild so far, really does taste like root beer with something extra added to it!

  40. Yummm

    Posted by on Oct 17th 2016

    Totally recommend! I got this as my free sample and now i'm addicted. <3 reminds me of the A&W rootbeer candies just sweeter!

  41. Perfection

    Posted by Virginia Deffendall on Oct 5th 2016

    You know those old candies that you can find at Cracker Barrel and other old time stores? The ones that are molded to look like an old beer barrel? That is exactly what this tastes like to me. Sweet and a little spicy, just like the candies I used to sneak from my grandmother's candy jar. I. Love. It.

  42. Gotta love Rootbeer

    Posted by Kellsey on Sep 28th 2016

    This is a great flavor.

  43. Anise?

    Posted by Douglas Gleason on Sep 6th 2016

    This is a really strange flavor. A bit of maybe what you might think as Root beer, but really tastes more like anise. Since Vape Wild was rated #1 is a 2016 poll, thought their flavors would be more spot on.

  44. Best juice ever!

    Posted by Clayfreak on Aug 31st 2016

    I've been vaping for 5 months now and have ordered from Vape Wild and a few other places. Of all the juices I've tried this root-beer flavor is the best.

  45. Definitely up there...

    Posted by D. Wolford on Aug 16th 2016

    ...on my favorite flavors from VW. It's not your usual root beer flavor, but it's definitely worth the order.

  46. old skewl root beer

    Posted by Ani Desilets on Aug 3rd 2016

    This is just like the old time root beer. It is delicious with just the right amount of sassparilla.

  47. A & W fantastic flavor!

    Posted by Hunter Guilbeaux on Aug 2nd 2016

    Cannot put this bottle down, the flavor is by far one of the best on the site. Takes identical to the candy roorbeer barrels.

  48. licorice Vegetable

    Posted by Jared on Jul 21st 2016

    It has an intense flavor really a surprised me. At first it was gross but this flavor takes alittle getting you too I haven't been Vaping it lately kinda scared it gets better as you adjust too it.

  49. MEH

    Posted by KayOss on Jul 19th 2016

    I love the Root beer oils i have always vaped that flavor. That is how i found Vape Wild. I Love the other Root Beer flavors but this one is more of the sweet line due the the caramel tone of it. Not bad but it will not be replacing the root beer float or the classic.

  50. Great root beer with a hint of spice

    Posted by MICHAEL GOLDENBERG on Jul 17th 2016

    I was expecting something artificial or chemical tasting, but thought I'd try it anyway since I love the drink. This was really spot on, almost refreshing. Note if you're not a rootbeer fan, especially the rootbeers with a hint of spice (in this case anise), then this is clearly not for you. It even blends well with some other flavors like a little bit of strawberry cream or custard or hint of tobacco.

  51. Best Rootbeer Flavor!

    Posted by Philthy on Jul 13th 2016

    I've tried classic rootbeer & rootbeer float, and this is the best rootbeer flavor I have found! Highly recommend it.

  52. Old candy flavor

    Posted by Troy on Jul 12th 2016

    Tastes like the old root beer candy from when i was younger. If that's your thing, then here it is. I was hoping for more of a IBC or A&W taste.

  53. did not like it as much

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 10th 2016

    I guess I'm more of the fruit flavor person. Thought I would try something different did not like it that much.

  54. Best Rootbeer of all time!

    Posted by Sanctuary Denied on Jul 4th 2016

    In my never ending quest to find a reasonably priced sarsaparilla flavor I've tried many rootbeer flavors to compensate.
    Most of the rootbeer flavors I've tried have been either too sweet, candy(ish), or very artificial in taste.
    I had all but given up, but occasionally I would purchase (what I feel is) an expensive sarsaparilla with a popular video game name.
    On an off chance I tried the soda sample pack exclusively for the rootbeer (CBR rootbeer).
    First taste I was taken back. It wasn't what all the other rootbeer's were like, it had what I can only describe as a "spiciness" more indicative of real natural/old time rootbeer. This is what rootbeer is supposed to taste like, not the artificial stuff we've come to except and grown to know as rootbeer.
    Thank you Vape Wild for finally releasing this as a stand alone flavor! As Arnold would say "I'll be back".
    Used on Reuleaux RX200S @ 50w, 4.53v, topped with Sapor RDA @ .41 ohms, clapton dual coil. Max VG, 3mg, flavor boost.

  55. this is the best!!!!

    Posted by on Jul 2nd 2016

    I was very please with the flavor . Share it with friends and they are all buying it now

  56. Rootbeer Candy

    Posted by Steven Code on Jun 11th 2016

    So good, it taste just rootbeer candy.

  57. Get Some, Vape Some...Go Wild!

    Posted by Karen L on Jun 10th 2016

    Very, very good root beer! Best I've found. Smooth and not too sweet. I sometimes like to add some VW Spearmint or Wintergreen.....may not sound good but it tastes fantastic. Will definitely be ordering more when this bottle runs out. Also it's a nice amber color, not dark so it doesn't gunk up my coils.

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