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Cowboy Cooler e-Juice


Product Description

Cowboy Cooler ejuice is a complex blend of menthol with sweet and sour berries. This tart concoction of fruit and menthol flavor is sure to make you want more!

Primary Flavors: Berries, Menthol

Cowboy Cooler was May 2015's Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild's Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA.

The VapeWild Return Policy can be found here.

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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. great flavor

    Posted by Kris Ritchie on Sep 24th 2017

    I absolutely love it, the only complaint some may have though is that it doesnt seem to make as big of a cloud as my other juices. Im not all about clouds though so I dont really care honestly, the flavor is fantastic, nice menthol smoothness on the inhale, big berry test on exhale

  2. Tasty!!!

    Posted by JD on Sep 21st 2017

    So I'm not a juice connoisseur .I've basically vaped some form of Tobacco Menthol for the past 5yrs. Anyhow, been trying to broaden my horizons ever since i bought my SMOK Procolor. I chose this juice in a Sample Pack and it's phenomenal. The taste is addicting! I feel like the Menthol is just the right amount mixed with the berries! I immediately purchased more along with Murica, and Hannibal Nectar! VapeWild Juice is Legit!


    Posted by Alma.f on Sep 14th 2017

    probably my favourite flavour, always buy this flavour when i get the chance too.
    absolutely delicious

  4. Delicious!

    Posted by Tiani Ball on Sep 14th 2017

    Unfortunately I was unable to allow the first bottle to steep, but I'm allowing the rest to as much as possible. The taste is phenomenal! I absolutely love the mixture of flavors. AND the package came quickly! I am so satisfied with this company all around.

  5. Mind Blown!!!

    Posted by Heather on Sep 5th 2017

    This is the best menthol flavor that I've tried yet! This will seriously blow your mind away. Its so good!

  6. Bomb stuff!

    Posted by Casey on Sep 2nd 2017

    My favorite so far!!! So delicious!!!

  7. Awesome flavor

    Posted by MASON GAZAWAY on Sep 2nd 2017

    This is actually my first ever review but I had to give my opinion on this awesome juice! I have never tried a menthol flavor juice before so I ordered this in a sample pack just to give it a try and now I'm mad because I have to order some more and wait for it. You do have to get use to it because at first it's so different, but if you'll use about 3 mils of it then you will never want to use your other flavors.

  8. Better and better

    Posted by Cody on Sep 2nd 2017

    Got a sample of this and was not disappointed. Coming from a sweeter juice, you may find it a bit harsh with the menthol, but it gets better and better. Menthol taste and cool hit right when you inhale and a tart and sweet hit of berries on the exhale. Great contrast.

  9. Great Contrast

    Posted by Chris on Aug 31st 2017

    Normally I'm vaping a desert or sweet vape, and this is a great alternative when you need a break from the super sweet juices.
    Not over powering menthol, and very smooth! Would recommend.

    Vaping at 40w on a 0.5ohm clapton aspire triton coil

  10. Gets better and better

    Posted by Ollie on Aug 29th 2017

    Well I got this shipped from the US to the uk and was not disappointed.

    The first few hits felt a tad harsh on the the throat but then it keeps giving and a lovely tingly mouth sensation afterwards.

    You can taste the berries with a nice almost menthol kick.

    I would definitely recommend to everyone.

    I'm using a SMOK GX2/4 TFV8 big baby beast tank with the RBA and my own cotton bacon/ 316L SS coils.

    It doesn't disappoint!

  11. One of my favorites!

    Posted by chance brooks on Aug 28th 2017

    I don't usually do a lot of reviews but this is a must have if you've never tried it! The intense Berry flavor is the perfect topper to the menthol flavor. I smoke menthols and I enjoy a strong menthol taste, but this definitely doesn't overwhelm the berries. If your picky about your menthol, I would suggest buying a Berry flavor and mixing it with a plain menthol bottle of vape juice.

  12. Tastes harsh and gross

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 23rd 2017

    Really harsh and tasted bad.

  13. My All Day Vape

    Posted by Tim on Aug 17th 2017

    Being an ex-menthol smoker (going on 4 years without) I prefer menthol flavors. I've read a lot of reviews saying this has too much menthol but for me it's just right. It's all personal preference but the mix of flavors in this is just right for me.

  14. Just not for me

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 17th 2017

    The flavor was great but the menthol was so overwhelming I dumped it and had to change my coil.

  15. Love iy

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 15th 2017

    This flavor IMO is awesome. It has just the right balance between berries and menthol which makes it the best juice I vaped on so far from vape wild. Definitely give this a try.

  16. Great flavor

    Posted by Dave on Aug 14th 2017

    Very light menthol taste with a mix of berries. It almost tastes just like a blue raspberry jolly rancher to me. This is a flavor I will most certainly be buying again.

  17. Cowboy Cooler

    Posted by Kate on Aug 12th 2017

    Just a right amount of menthol with berries. Good for a hot summer. Refreshing

  18. Fruity

    Posted by Muhammad Akbar on Aug 11th 2017

    It tastes good, reminds you of multi-flavored fruity ice cream. However i don't think the flavor is strong enough to leave decent aftertaste. Might require more steeping time probably? I've steeped mine for 2 weeks before trying this.

  19. Bought more

    Posted by Laura on Aug 11th 2017

    I loved it so much I went to a local shop and bought a 30 ml bottle. Light cool flavor.

  20. Lipstick aftertaste

    Posted by Anonymous Badger on Aug 3rd 2017

    Got this as a vape it forward. I normally like menthols and this has a good up front taste, but a noticeable aftertaste that reminds me of lipstick or lip balm. Maybe it's the 50/50 base talking.

  21. Awesome

    Posted by valencia williams on Aug 2nd 2017

    Oh my God this flavor is soooooo good. I can't stop vaping

  22. Another great hit.

    Posted by Samantha Keener on Jul 31st 2017

    I love this flavor. It's flavorful with a dash of menthol so it doesn't hinder the flavor. This is one of my favorite menthol e-juices from VW. Cowboy Cooler & Blue Blizzard are so far my favorite menthol e-juices.

  23. Great flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2017

    Very smooth hit with a refreshing flavor

  24. my fav

    Posted by HQ on Jul 22nd 2017

    this was my favorite of the 6 pack I ordered (of the 8 flavors total if you include the freebies) -- i'm surprised to see so many 'meh' reviews about it, I think it's excellent. i'm a fan of menthol, and generally prefer fruit flavors. the fruit flavor is strong here, it has a little sweetness, and the menthol is subtle. I think it's perfect. def an adv for me.


    Posted by Amanda on Jul 13th 2017

    This was the first juice I tried. It's Awesome, sweet, sour and smooth. Great flavors I just got another bottle at the store!

  26. My all time favorite

    Posted by on Jun 28th 2017

    It's sweet with a hint of menthol. Love it!

  27. Decent flavor

    Posted by Micah Lehew on Jun 23rd 2017

    Nice berry blend with light menthol aftertaste. I'm not a huge menthol fan. If I was I might like it better.

  28. Berry cool juice

    Posted by It's Darts on Jun 21st 2017

    I couldn't put my finger on the fruit flavors but I loved the combination of sweet, cool berries.

  29. No

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 19th 2017

    No. Taste like cough syrup

  30. Maybe I should've steeped longer

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 18th 2017

    New to Vape Wild but so far the pics on the website have been a good indicator of flavor, not so with cowboy cooler. Not a bad flavor, just not what I expected

  31. Just a beauty

    Posted by Gavin Ireland on Jun 17th 2017

    Vapewild has created another beautiful juice pleasant taste bud hits of fresh berries with a coolness after tone.

  32. Pair with Ice Cold and its MUY BUENO

    Posted by Danette Ward on Jun 15th 2017

    I do 3/4 of CC and then I/4 of Ice Cold and it is the best combo! Yummy!!

  33. I never order menthol..

    Posted by Lea on Jun 14th 2017

    Very disappointed this 10ml came free in TWO orders, I've never ordered a flav with menthol and I've been a VW customer for almost 2yrs. Maybe it's too much to ask but it's be GREAT if the "vape forward" flavs would be some flavor VW knows I order consistently. First time I was ever sent a menthol flavor, exactly what I smell when I opened it. Don't like to complain but I think since VW's gotten more popular and tons of newer customers they're not as attentive to the orders as they were in 2015.

  34. Not what I was expecting

    Posted by Victoria on Jun 13th 2017

    The cowboy cooler wasn't what i was expecting it to be. Had this funky taste to it. Others might like it, but for me it wasn't really good.

  35. a bit like vaping some perfume

    Posted by Andres Alpizar on Jun 13th 2017

    still steeping it (more than a month) because I like the flavour description, but it still has a very perfume-like taste. The bits that I've tried remind me of some "blue Bubbaloo" but the perfumy taste won't allow it to fully shine. Hopefully in another month it can be great.

  36. Fantastic flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2017

    Got this as one of the samples from the new customer pack, and despite usually preferring vanilla/strawberry, this surprisingly ended up being my favorite. Will definitely reorder in the future.

  37. Robitussin-ish

    Posted by Michael on Jun 9th 2017

    Tastes almost like robitussin cough syrup to me and my girlfriend said the same thing. Very odd considering the reviews. Ended up tossing it into our emergency stash.

  38. Favorite

    Posted by Katie Hill on Jun 7th 2017

    This is the only juice I get excited about using. I've tried about 15-20 flavors from VW so far and this is the only one I've repurchased.

  39. Good

    Posted by Paige Davis on Jun 7th 2017

    Sweet and sour berries is the stronger flavor, but the menthol is there.

  40. Love it!!

    Posted by steven hooper on Jun 6th 2017

    Ordered a sample pack of only this flavor and I'm loving it! Defiantly will be reordering this soon!

  41. Surprisingly Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2017

    Got this as a sample, and let me tell you I am not a fan of menthol or mint. I decided to put this in as my last juice that will probably run my coil on it's last leg, and boy was I shocked.

    The flavor is a sweet and smooth variety of berries with a finish I can only describe as "fresh", not overly menthol/minty. Probably my second favorite flavor I have ever tried from Vape Wild after Hannibal Nectar.

  42. Honestly good juice

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 3rd 2017

    I got this as an extra in a 10ml with a sample pack I bought and honestly this is probably my favorite juice by far. As someone else mentioned its not the kind of minty which leaves your mouth super cool and it tastes like raspberries with a refreshing exhale. Honestly delicious!

  43. Awesome product

    Posted by Unknown on May 30th 2017

    I am picky about my ejuice and love this one!

  44. Cowboy Cooler

    Posted by Lorrie Kee on May 25th 2017

    I love the cowboy cooler it has a great mentol aND it is smooth but if you didn't smoke mentor cig you want like it Vape wild save my life they are the great Everyone keep on Vaping

  45. Great flavor!

    Posted by Michele on May 24th 2017

    Reminds me of the raspberry Ice Breakers Duos.

  46. Great flavor (even presteeped!) and Service!

    Posted by Jessica on May 24th 2017

    Flavor - Can I just express how obsessed with this flavor I am? I mean honestly, if you like minty and fruitily flavors this is absolutely perfect for you! I was at first kind of nervous to try this because sometimes minty things can either be too strong or too weak, but this is the best amount! It's not too minty where it leaves your mouth cold (if that makes sense?) but strong enough that it leaves a lingering freshness. I wouldn't recommend you use this as an alternative for your altoids or anything, but you get what I'm saying!
    The blue raspberry flavoring is on point and reminds me of blue ringpops, which I guess is a good thing since those are also blue raspberry!
    The flavor steeped is stronger, as expected, but is not overpowering. Without steeping, the flavor is still really good, so if you're impatient you can definitely vape on this as soon as you get it!

    Service - This was my first time buying e-liquid and I must say, I could not have asked for a better experience! When I was finalizing my order I wrote how this was my first time and I was so surprised (and flattered) to see a HANDWRITTEN response to my little note! It was completely unexpected and really added a great personal touch!
    They also included 3 small 15ml bottles of different flavors as an added bonus!
    It really helped me gauge what kind of flavors I like. Incredible service, everything was shipped perfectly and came in a cute plastic bag with their logo and everything!

    Definitely will be ordering more from here!

  47. Great Stuff!!!

    Posted by John Rego on May 23rd 2017

    Vape Wild has the best quality flavors in the business

  48. Fruity Deliciousness

    Posted by Katy on May 20th 2017

    Tastes of blueberries and spearmint, very tasty and sweet, my new fav!

  49. i reordered this so it must be good :)

    Posted by Jason Robinson on May 14th 2017

    fruity with just a slight hint of menthol probably my favorite flavor ive tried from vw so far

  50. Great flavor!

    Posted by Michael S on May 12th 2017

    I was vaping another sports team named juice from elsewhere when I found this and it has replaced that one forever! It needed a bit of a boost so I picked up some of the flavor boost and it is perfect!

  51. Nice and refreshing

    Posted by Alex on May 11th 2017

    A very good mix, not overpowering. I really like it.

  52. Sweet surprise

    Posted by Unknown on May 10th 2017

    Wonderful blend. Relieved a sample and now it's my favorite. Thanks,

  53. Very awesome

    Posted by Jules on May 9th 2017

    It's not too sweet or too sour. It's a very good flavor that I still haven't gotten tired of. I would very much recommend!

  54. Vaguely familiar

    Posted by Steven Fowler on May 8th 2017

    I love mint and fruit together. I think this juice would be better with koolada instead of menthol, however. It's got the right amount of berries but the menthol can be overpowering. It may remind you of a menthol-based syrupy cough/flu medicine at first, though. If you can get over that, this is a pretty pleasant juice.

  55. Flavor profile on point

    Posted by Aryn Yohn on May 4th 2017

    The flavors showed are definitely exactly what is in the juice.

  56. Okay but not great

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2017

    Disclaimer: I'm not really a menthol guy.

    I was surprised to read that people wanted more menthol than this. The first hit and I was taken aback at the menthol flavor, it was kind of offensive to my palate. After a few more hits I guess I got used to it and it seemed to be okay. This isn't my favorite. Glad I only got a 10ml because I probably won't use more than one tank of it. The berry flavor is subtle, which I like. Overall not bad, but not for me.

  57. Unique Flavor

    Posted by Duncan on Apr 29th 2017

    Haven't had a flavor with this kind of punch to it. Great blue berry type taste. Slight aftertaste, but still phenomenal. Definitely gonna buy it again.

  58. Tasty stuff

    Posted by Christian on Apr 25th 2017

    Taste kind of like blue berry, its very sweet and resonates in your mouth. I enjoy it very much.

  59. Tasty berries cooler

    Posted by Mark Liapustin on Apr 24th 2017

    I like it, the cooler with the berries reminds me a berry cold milkshake. Yum!

  60. So yummy!

    Posted by LB on Apr 19th 2017

    I love this juice. It's so refreshing! At first I thought the coolness was koolada, but I think there may actually be a hint of menthol in this. I HATE menthol, but this is so good!

  61. My favorite!

    Posted by Justin Hopewell on Apr 19th 2017

    This is my absolute favorite. I love berry flavors and the menthol is a great combo giving it a cool berry experience.

  62. Great!

    Posted by Tyler on Apr 19th 2017

    Just got my juice in today. Not to mention a bunch or other great goodies for free! Cowboy Cooler is a great juice prior to steeping berry with slight menthol, going to let a bottle steep for a few weeks and then try again. I already like it without steeping but maybe steeping will give it another taste experience.

  63. Greatest juice of all time!

    Posted by TG on Apr 19th 2017

    This is my favorite juice. After being let down by so many other companies, I have finally found my go to flavor. Thank you Vape Wild!

  64. Very good to use as soon as it arrives.

    Posted by Benjamin Mang on Apr 18th 2017

    Very good blend of flavor.

  65. Berries and menthol!

    Posted by Mike on Apr 16th 2017

    Love this Juice! Tastes cool and fruity(berry) a very pleasant smoke. I'm going through my 10 ml fast and I'd get it again maybe even a bigger bottle! 3 mg of nic I'd probably up that to the next level not getting much of a buzz

  66. Love this menthol

    Posted by Joe on Apr 15th 2017

    This is my second favorite but I love running this in one of my tanks the flavor is amazing and the menthol is not overbearing at all

  67. It's BERRY good xD

    Posted by Brandon Lee on Apr 14th 2017

    Very light menthol hit. I'm used to and light more menthol kick. But the flavor and menthol are nicely paired! Thank you for the delicious juice VW!! Keep it up!! Oh and I didn't steep it. Just went for it lol

  68. Very delicious

    Posted by JL on Apr 12th 2017

    I fell in love with it after the first draw, super good, I do wish there was more menthol though, otherwise, amazing.

  69. My favorite !

    Posted by Javon Porter on Apr 11th 2017

    Its berries and a slight menthol. I have order many of these. I ordee 8 at a time!

  70. Good!

    Posted by Rickell Lunday on Apr 10th 2017

    It has a good flavor to it on the breath in its icy and minty and on the breath out its berries. All in all I like it a lot!

  71. Menthol with berry flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 9th 2017

    Its pretty good as is but I add a Lil more menthol I find it has a Lil more berry taste than I want but still a good liquid

  72. Very tasty

    Posted by Christian on Apr 5th 2017

    This is by far my favorite E-Juice. It definitely has a nice berry taste with a cool menthol after taste. Really digging it. Thanks to Mike for recommending it.

  73. This is my favorite juice

    Posted by on Mar 22nd 2017

    Blue raspberry and blueberries with a light menthol, this is my absolute favorite juice period....

  74. Perfect Blend...

    Posted by Steven Cook on Mar 14th 2017

    This product is the first product I've purchased from this website and I must say I'm impressed... First off the shipping was pretty quick and when I got my package I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I get the 60 ml of cowboy cooler that I ordered I also got three additional 10ml (I Think) bottles of other flavors. The Cowboy Cooler is a perfect blend of fruit and menthol. Some companies make the menthol so strong it taste nasty but this blend is perfect with a good throat hit and awesome flavor definitely will be ordering this product again and these guys have a new "regular" customer... You can't beat the flavor or the prices!!!

  75. Fruity Fresh

    Posted by Trent on Mar 8th 2017

    Good fruity flavor with just the right amount of Menthol. Excellent Blend!

  76. another great vape

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 2nd 2017

    an excellent juice I highly recommend it

  77. WOW!!!

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Mar 2nd 2017

    All I can say is wow , I'm not a menthol person bit this is totally amazing . Had to order a new one today when I got my package in mail cause I don't wanna take chance of running out . I'm usually a sweet Desert kinda a person . Can't put down my tank on This one

  78. Good Juice

    Posted by David Privitt on Mar 1st 2017

    Another one of my wifes favorite.

  79. king

    Posted by timothy on Mar 1st 2017

    cowboy cool best e-juice out there

  80. cool minty

    Posted by melodie higgins on Feb 25th 2017

    another great vape nice minty taste if you want a real cool minty feel to vape this is the one .

  81. WOW

    Posted by Donna W on Feb 25th 2017

    I don't usually review but I have to tell everyone how much I like this one! It has the cool hit and a huge berry hit! This one is one I will be back for! LOVE IT

  82. Really Strong Menthol

    Posted by Daniel Donovan on Feb 19th 2017

    I honestly think the menthol is a bit too overpowering but if you like menthol then I guess this is for you. Also the only berry I really could taste was raspberry

  83. Cowboy Cool

    Posted by Kim on Feb 18th 2017

    Bought this for my boyfriend because he really enjoys menthol tasting flavors. He loves this. I got him two of the 30ml's and he's already through the first. I tried it myself, although it has a bit too much nicotine in it for me, the taste itself is delicious and I will definitely be purchasing more for him, as well as myself at a lower nic level. Definitely recommend for menthol lovers.

  84. My childhood in a bottle

    Posted by Christopher DeGirolomo on Feb 16th 2017

    It tastes identical to the blue lollipop from the, "Lollipop Paintshop" candy that was around a while ago. Also has a hint on mint. The mint is perfect in it. No overpowering, just enough to notice.

  85. I love this!

    Posted by Emilie Glosenger on Feb 16th 2017

    This e-juice is awesome! My new favorite!

  86. My go-to flavor

    Posted by Zak on Feb 16th 2017

    This is some magical stuff, the perfect amount of bright tangy fruit and topped off with a dusting of cool menthol that isn't overpowering at all. It's amazing, absolutely the first flavor I grab when everything else is too sweet or too heavy. Quite possibly my favorite flavor VW offers.

  87. Cool and refreshing

    Posted by Kobe Miller on Feb 14th 2017

    I've tried all sorts of menthol and berry combinations, this is up at the top. The flavor is wonderfully balanced and refreshingly cool. The only thing I would change is that I would add menthol (I use a lot).

  88. Amazing!

    Posted by Rachel on Feb 12th 2017

    I was never a menthol smoker when I smoked, my husband was and I love this more than he does I think! It is now in my constant rotation! perfect balance of menthol and berry flavor!

  89. Ok after steeping

    Posted by Kristian Bowser on Feb 8th 2017

    I am an frequent vaper, so prototypical flavors burn out on me fast. When this arrived in the mail I tried it out the gate, it was decent, but much better with steeping. Sadly doesn't have as hard a hit with menthol that I was hoping for. None the less a really great flavor. If you want more menthol to it just order some Ice Cold 50 / 50 and mix it. For more info, I ordered the 50 / 50 12mg of this flavor.

  90. Fresh and tasty!

    Posted by Geir on Feb 7th 2017

    When I first time tried this juice, I realy liked the taste of "sour berries" with the mint. After stepping the juice for about 3-4 weeks, this sour flavor I liked is almost gone ;( Now it`s more like sweet berries with the mint. How ever, I still like it a lot.
    My juice: 50/50 and 12mg.

    Recomanded from Norwegian vaper ;)

  91. perfect fit for my flavor profile

    Posted by Cassie on Feb 1st 2017

    I was given a small sample bottle of this juice from a friend and was surprised that it was exactly the flavor profile I prefer (a fruity menthol). I then ordered 4 30 no bottles and also 2 30 no of the fruity freeze. Both were excellent. Not overwhelmingly fruity or minty. I liked how I was able to choose the base I prefer and saved a ton of money on the process. I got six 30 no bottles for what I would have paid for 2 in a local cape store. It came it the coolest packaging with some small samples that I passed along to friends since they were 3mg (i use 12). I have put the stickers to good use as well and loved the colorful card on how to steep. Overall absolutely wonderful experience and would recommend cowboy cooler or fruity freeze to anyone that likes a fruity menthol juice!

  92. Nice cool but fruity vape

    Posted by Nancy on Jan 30th 2017

    Love this juice. Not too sweet with a nice cool exhale. Got some and immediately ordered more.

  93. all day vape

    Posted by Dawn Moreno on Jan 27th 2017

    Very smooth, fresh with a hint of mint that doesn't steal the show. 1 of my top all day vapes.

  94. Good Fruity Flavor Menthol a little Strong

    Posted by Martin Cox on Jan 27th 2017

    I was pretty excited to try this flavor out and I did right away. First thought the fruity flavor combo is amazing but the menthol was just way too overwhelming. After letting it steep a little over two weeks the fruit flavor intensified slightly and the menthol strength did subside somewhat. However it was still just a little too strong for me. I gave it a four because it is a really good flavor if you like your menthol a little more dominant. I would order just the fruit flavor of this without the menthol or wish they would offer a version with just a touch of menthol.

  95. Icy party in my mouth hole

    Posted by Bobby Kelly on Jan 20th 2017

    I havent used menthol in a sub ohm tank in a long time but this flavor was just right. You still get the cool feel but also a very noticeable berry/fruit taste.

  96. awesome

    Posted by Dez on Jan 20th 2017

    Tastes delicious and doesn't hit harsh. Very fruity.

  97. Great all day vape

    Posted by Tim Eaton on Jan 16th 2017

    Unlike most flavors that lose a great deal of appeal for me after a couple of tanks, Cowboy Cooler doesn't. I can easily go through 30 or 60 ml without needing to take a flavor break, which is highly unusual for me. Reminds me of a wild berry hall's cough drop.

  98. not my thing

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 15th 2017

    Was OK but Im not a menthol person.

  99. #1

    Posted by Michelle on Jan 12th 2017

    This is my staple in life. Enough berry flavor to keep it interesting, plenty of minty tones to keep me hooked. Can't go wrong no matter what level of nicotine

  100. Love it!

    Posted by Adrien Brown on Jan 11th 2017

    Great blend of berries with a nice cool feel! Awesome flavor to give a break to my creamy juices!

  101. BEST

    Posted by John Rego on Jan 9th 2017


  102. Fresh Explosion

    Posted by Nikolay Fialkovskiy on Jan 9th 2017

    This juice is really fresh. I could say it's rather fresh then minty and I like it! Smooth berry flavor of medium intensity and just a touch of mint flavor at the end of exhaling. Great juice.

  103. Amazing!

    Posted by Dominik on Jan 9th 2017

    I bought this flavor pre-steeped and it's outstanding! I tasted just like the blue raspberry Jolly Rancher with menthol in it. I love menthol vapes but haven't managed to find a fruity menthol flavor I liked. But this one killed it!

  104. Very nice

    Posted by Nathan Phillips on Jan 6th 2017

    This is an outstanding flavor. Only outdone by Fruity Freeze.

  105. Awesome

    Posted by Mike Thomas on Jan 6th 2017

    One of the my favorite e-juices.
    A daily vape for sure.

  106. Fruit Minty Deliciousness

    Posted by Amanda on Jan 5th 2017

    A perfect blend of fruit and mint, I'm in love

  107. Randomly got it

    Posted by Thomas on Dec 31st 2016

    I usually don't do reviews, but I got this product randomly as a throw in, but it instantly became my favorite juice! It is a perfect blend of mint and fruit, and made me super happy. I finally found my main vape juice!

  108. My number 1

    Posted by Timothy Boyd on Dec 31st 2016

    Every order I place has this juice added to it. Nice berry flavor and just the right touch of menthol

  109. makes hubby happy

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 30th 2016

    This is the only flavored ejuice that my husband uses . he likes his normal menthol and that's it. I ordered this one time and he liked it. Now I have to make sure I order him a bottle of cowboy cooler along with his menthol...

  110. Yaaasss!

    Posted by Emily Brannon on Dec 30th 2016

    I was really excited to try this, because fruit and menthol are my go-to's.

    It's the perfect medley of berries and menthol; neither overpower the other.

    Will definitely be ordering more before I run out!

  111. MY Go-To EJuice

    Posted by Cee on Dec 29th 2016

    I am a pretty casual vaper and this flavor is my all time Go-To flavor!! I have always been into the fruity flavors, so this is the perfect combo of berries and menthol without being so overwhelming of mint.

  112. My Go-To juice

    Posted by Mackenzie on Dec 28th 2016

    Cowboy Cooler is my absolute favorite juice! I'm not a big fan of dessert flavors, so I gravitate more towards fruits and menthol feels. This particular juice is the best of both those worlds. Refreshing without over powering the fruity sweetness. The first time I ordered it I only got one bottle and as soon as I sampled it I sent for more and always have it on hand.

  113. Cool Berry Flavor

    Posted by Cribbs on Dec 25th 2016

    This juice has a great berry flavor with a cool mint finish. Menthol flavor is not overpowering, its just right for a ADV.
    Good Stuff.

  114. Thankyou!

    Posted by Nancy Erea on Dec 12th 2016

    I ordered a new product called soylent green e liquid and VAPEWILD sent me 3 extra bottles, all in my nicotine range! They sent me a free 30 of COWBOY COOLER , I went straight for it. I have been meaning to try this one. Maybe they are psychic. I haven't tried the e liquid I ordered yet, but this cowboy cooler is fantastic . I love fruit and menthol together and I love this. Merry Christmas VAPEWILD AND THANKYOU. thanks for the Christmas card and pray that all these troubles that the E CIG industry is having will end. Honest people do not deserve to be harassed like this.

  115. A MUST TRY!!!

    Posted by Robert Doyle on Dec 9th 2016

    This juice has amazing flavor. I first ordered several months ago not expecting much because of the cheap prices. Boy was I very happily surprised. I'd order this by the gallon if I could. I mix some sweetner and a little more Ice to what we like and we vape it all day everyday. Couldn't be happier I found Vape Wild!!!

  116. not a very good fruit flavor

    Posted by Christopher West on Dec 8th 2016

    I'm the typer of vaper that loves fruity vapew but this one just missed the mark. It's got a weird flavor and I didn't taste any chill whatsoever.

  117. good buy, but not the best.

    Posted by Dylan on Dec 7th 2016

    I'm a menthol guy so this is obviously a pretty good choice. Too much berry not enough mint. Mix it 2 parts cowboy cooler with one part ice cold though, and you got yourself a pretty awesome juice.

  118. Interesting!

    Posted by Trystin on Nov 28th 2016

    It's an interesting flavor...but it has me coming back for more. I got the 6mg, 65/35. The menthol isn't strong, but just right and it tastes like berry candy. I would consider buying it again.

  119. Yes!

    Posted by Alicia S on Nov 22nd 2016

    Cowboy Cooler is my new favorite all day vape!
    Nothing about its fruity menthol combination is to subtle or to strong. Vapewild defiantly earned a new customer with this flavor!

  120. Chilled Berries

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 21st 2016

    Always good

  121. For real cool guys only

    Posted by John Rego on Nov 16th 2016

    As with every menthol flavor from Vape Wild. Coboy cooler is top notch!!!

  122. Happy cowboy

    Posted by Cye 58 on Nov 13th 2016

    I do like it has a nice Menthol fruity mix which could be a little stronger even after you add a flavor shot but overall it's good and mild enough to be a all day Vape something different when the candy & overly fruity flavors and dessert flavors. That can get tiresome.

  123. good but needs more of a kick

    Posted by Stephen K on Nov 10th 2016

    It's good but needs more flavor

  124. Sweet and Smooth

    Posted by Dalyn Dougherty on Oct 30th 2016

    This flavor is a very nice combination of berries and menthol. The menthol is not too strong, which I really liked.

  125. Zingy...cowboy cooler

    Posted by Shila on Oct 29th 2016

    This flavor is so good. You get a slight zap of sour/cool and sweet berry with this. It will tickle your taste buds in a very tasty way. Try it.

    Plus really fast shipping. Awesome juice, thank you for another sweet liquid treat vape wild.

  126. Great Flavor

    Posted by Sean Skaggs on Oct 25th 2016

    I got this in a little bottle to try since I used to be a menthol smoker. The flavor is insanley delicious but I learned I am just not a fan of the "ice" effect. So if you like the ice the taste is great and I would definitely reccomend.

  127. delicious surprise

    Posted by Christopher DiDomenico on Oct 24th 2016

    I got this as a free add on to my order, and man am i happy they chose this flavor! I was not sure what to expect but i fell in love with it instantly, has a great icy throat hit but not too much and a fantastic slightly sour berry flavor, which i love sour and menthol so this hits all my strings. This is definite buy and going to be one of my regulars.

    Thanks vape wild, you guys are the pinnacle of customer service and satisfaction!

  128. Yummy

    Posted by Tracy Maples on Oct 20th 2016

    This flavor snuck up on me. First, I'm not a huge menthol fan but I wanted to try at least one flavor from each VW category. I started vaping this thinking, "It's okay. It's light and refreshing." Then after a few more hits I changed my opinion to it being good instead of just okay. By the time I finished the first tank I was having a difficult time putting the vaporizer down. It's become a favorite. The menthol isn't too strong. The berries come out more on the exhale and don't taste artificial. So yummy!

  129. Great Vape

    Posted by JC on Oct 12th 2016

    Was looking for something like Hawk Sauce from MBV, seeing as MBV decided to raise their prices and not offer deals on larger quantity purchases. Cowboy cooler fits the bill...faint sweet berries, good sour berries and that menthol flavor I was looking for without the overbearing minty taste. As others have said, the longer it sits, the better it gets!

  130. swag

    Posted by Ephraim Best on Oct 11th 2016

    This is one of the best menthol flavors in the vaping world. Its like a wonderful vacation right at home.

  131. Outstanding

    Posted by Colin on Oct 11th 2016

    A big mint flavour, with a great aftertaste. As someone kicking the habit of smoking, this is exactly the type of juice that keeps me away from the cancer sticks.
    I would like a little more of the berry flavour though as it is present mainly only on exhale.

  132. Pretty good

    Posted by dave c on Oct 5th 2016

    Not a huge fan, can mainly taste the mint/cooler flavor not so much the berries. Okay flavor to vape every once in awhile, get sick of it pretty quick though

  133. Awesome taste!

    Posted by Ariel on Oct 4th 2016

    I was a little skeptical at first because most coolers are just too "cool" on the inhale but this was actually very good. Ordered a small bottle to try definitely going bigger next time a true keeper and everyday vape!

  134. Cowboy cooler brings the chill to the hottest of dayz

    Posted by Christopher Hoard on Oct 4th 2016

    Cowboy cooler is a delicious concoction that only a true wizard could brew. Been my adv now for awhile. The more you steep the juice, the better it gets. But if you're like myself, that's hard to do because it's so darn good! From the outstanding customer service to the fantastic bulk pricing I recommend that you do yourself a favor and buy from vape wild!

    Treat yourself don't cheat yourself


    Posted by Patrick on Sep 22nd 2016

    This is my ALL DAY VAPE ordered multiple times already and it never gets old. 6mg max vg with flavor boost=greatness!!!!!!!!!! Ice is there as a hint and perfect combination of berries. vaping it on a moonshot 24 dual coil fused clapton 3 mm 5 wraps on a lavabox dna 200 at 90 watts freaken awesome.

  136. just wow

    Posted by Hameed Ali on Sep 21st 2016

    It's one of my best e-juice always I'm order huge quantity really I recommended it for my friends and family..

    Take a shot if you didn't try it yet :) Be Cowboy an run away with it!

  137. Good mix of flavors

    Posted by JT on Sep 19th 2016

    I am very happy with the flavors that mix so well in this juice. I'll be ordering more of this one.

  138. I think I found my new ADV

    Posted by Michael Itzoe on Sep 17th 2016

    I came to find VapeWild when my local store raised their prices by a ridiculous amount. I've ordered and tried a fair percentage of 10ml bottles looking to replace their jungle fruit juice flavor I loved so much (though some I ordered more out of curiosity). This isn't really a match, but it's so good it's my new favorite thus far.

  139. IDK

    Posted by Logan on Sep 17th 2016

    Didn't really like it i wont order it again but didn't hate it 2 the point where i had 2 threw it out

  140. best EVER!!

    Posted by Shannon on Sep 9th 2016

    LOVE it!! Was a menthol person before starting my vaping. This is the BEST ever! Should be tried by anyone who is a menthol fan. BEST ever!

  141. best EVER!!

    Posted by Shannon on Sep 9th 2016

    LOVE it!! Was a menthol person before starting my vaping. This is the BEST ever! Should be tried by anyone who is a menthol fan. BEST ever!

  142. Came Through Clutch

    Posted by Tiberius Russell on Sep 8th 2016

    Ordered 120 ml of this and a pick your own sample pack. Shipped pretty quick considering Labor Day and they even hooked me up with a little extra juice. Will definitely be buying from here again. Gracias

  143. Blown Away

    Posted by Andrew Witucki on Sep 7th 2016

    I recently switched over to these guys from another company and I was looking for something similar in taste to what I was used to, and the Cowboy Cooler matched it perfectly. I get way better value, service, and an overall better experience switching over. Highly satisfied, thank you.

  144. favorite!

    Posted by mary on Sep 6th 2016

    I love this flavor! I will be ordering this one again for sure!

  145. Delicious in a bottle

    Posted by John Harkey on Sep 6th 2016

    Excellent flavor. It's a very mild menthol with a splash of yummy berry flavors. It's probably my 2nd or 3rd favorite flavor from these guys and will definitely buy more when I run out.

    This flavor is unique. I have yet to find another juice that is similar to it. I've tried quite a few menthol + other flavorings (banana, peach, berries, etc) and none have tasted even close to this.

    Give it a shot, you may love it.

  146. Not for me

    Posted by Alex on Sep 6th 2016

    This flavor was not one of my favorites. The product is amazing great clouds smooth all the way through. But I expected more of a minty "cooler" flavor. Great product but this flavor is not for me

  147. Not bad of a juice, great service

    Posted by Khoa Nguyen on Sep 1st 2016

    It was pretty good, I liked the subtle hints of menthol in the berry flavor. What really stood out for me to write a review was Scott's addition of 3 other small flavors with my order! Thanks man, you rock too.

  148. Cowboy Cooler

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 1st 2016

  149. cowboy cooler

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 29th 2016

    Cowboy cooler is fruity. Delish!

  150. Excellent Juice

    Posted by Pat Burns on Aug 29th 2016

    Great juice. Has a super berry flavor with a cool menthol taste. I highly recommend this juice.

  151. Perfect

    Posted by Mike on Aug 20th 2016

    Vape Wild, you've won me over with this flavor. It's very similar to my ADV from another company, but recently they did away with their version of flavor boosts, and it's just not the same anymore. This is the perfect replacement!

  152. Very Cold

    Posted by Sebastian Camacho on Aug 16th 2016

    Liquid flavored with berries North Pole
    Throat hit 10 (freezing)
    Flavor 8 (missing more berries)
    All day vape: 8.5 (special for the evening and night)
    Overrall: 8.8

    Note: smoking is a liquid at night when you go to a bar or a party (take a shot of jagger + and a long puff of cowboy cooler and you'll see that the mixture is crazy)

  153. So and So

    Posted by Rayvonn Malveaux on Aug 16th 2016

    Didn't really have to much menthol in it. The flavors were not bad but not amazing either.

  154. Brings me back!

    Posted by Rhonda Richardson on Aug 15th 2016

    This stuff straight up tastes like berry blue Kool-Aid, which is of course the GREATEST of all Kool-Aid flavors. The little undertone of menthol just rounds it out oh-so-perfectly. This is definitely going to be a repeat buy for me in the future.

  155. Whomever formulated this flavor deserves a promotion

    Posted by Jeremy Bratcher on Jul 30th 2016

    By far the best all day vape I've had. The berries are on-going, and I love menthol. It's perfectly balanced for me.

  156. love it ordered more

    Posted by LB on Jul 27th 2016

    Idk what it taste like, I can't quite figure it out, but I absolutely love it.

  157. Good Menthol & Tobacco Taste Combination

    Posted by jason on Jul 23rd 2016

    The Cowboy Cooler e-juice has a strong menthol/tobacco combination taste. I like a strong taste and this flavor delivers it.

  158. Good Quit Smoking Vape

    Posted by Ex Smoker on Jul 20th 2016

    I ordered 60 ml of this juice at 6 mg for use in a sub-ohm tank. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give this an 8 for flavor and an 8 for killing the smoking cravings. I am able to vape this all day without getting sick of it. It has just enough coolness to it to kind of feel like a mild menthol cigarette (I didn't normally smoke menthol much) thus it mostly kills the cigarette craving. Plus, the berries give it an enjoyable note. I like this slightly better than Blackberry Breeze. I recommend this flavor for people trying to quit smoking like myself. You will not be disappointed. Note, you should let this steep. I tried it right when I got it in the mail and it had too much of a chemical flavor. After a week or so of sitting, it tasted great. I will be ordering larger quantities of this in the future.

  159. Interesting flavor.

    Posted by M.C on Jul 20th 2016

    I haven't fully steeped my juice yet so the flavor is obviously a little muted.
    I taste a little bit of bubblegum when exhaling from the mouth and a slightly sweet berry mixture from the nose.
    I don't really taste any menthol anywhere but that could be solved by steeping a little more.
    Overall an interesting flavor that I would recommend anyone to try.

  160. Best one so far

    Posted by T.C. Bulik on Jun 26th 2016

    Love this one. Not overly sweet, plus a relatively mild hit of menthol. In that way, it is similar to "Apple of my Ice" which happens to be my second favorite. Like most of these flavors GET THE BOOST. People think its going to taste like Vicks VapoRub or something but it certainly doesn't. Just more throat hit with a cool aftertaste.

  161. great

    Posted by Miracle Martinez on Jun 24th 2016

    Is great very smooth feeling

  162. ehhhh. I'll let it steep longer. don't wanna say no yet but...

    Posted by Ron McVAPES on Jun 16th 2016

    All I can taste is a weird mixture of blue berries that have a super artificial taste to them. And a hint of menthol which that part is perfect... steeped about 3 or 4 weeks so far. I'll try again later... not givinggiving up yet. Not a fan yet

  163. star

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 15th 2016


  164. Amazing!

    Posted by Brandy on Jun 15th 2016

    Really enjoyed this flavor, and will definately be ordering again. This flavor profile was actually my favorite from my local vape shop, and I am soooo very happy to have found that VapeWild carries it!

  165. Meh, Just ok...

    Posted by Michael Samuelson on Jun 14th 2016

    This is one where I would love to boost the Fruit and lighten up the menthol a bit. I can't imagine a flavor boost would have done anything but burn my throat.

  166. smooth and flavorfull

    Posted by Richard Warren on Jun 14th 2016

    This is by far one of the smoothie stand best tasting menthol very flavors on the market this juice is the whole reason I came to vape wild in the first place. This was the one flavor that help me quit smoking and this is the whole reason I still vape and come to vape wild today

  167. All time favorite

    Posted by Carrie Beame on Jun 12th 2016

    This flavor goes above and beyond. The taste is absolutley untouchable by any other juices or juice companies. Ive never tried anything remotely close. Sweet berries with a predominent blueberry and blackberry, backed by raspberry and smooth menthol.

  168. I love this e juice great flavor and is menthol.

    Posted by Nora Rivera on Jun 11th 2016

    I love this e juice great flavor and is menthol.

  169. best menthal juice

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2016

    The best tasting menthal juice I've ever had

  170. Cowboy Cooler.....Coolness in a vape juice without an overpowering menthol flavor!

    Posted by Karen Turkington on May 21st 2016

    I am so happy I chose this flavor in a larger size! This vape juice is loaded with berry goodness with a delightfully cooling sensation at the end. Its perfect for those that want a refreshing coolness without an overpowering menthol flavor! Thanks Vape Wild! I'll be ordering more for sure!!

  171. It's my all day, every day vape!

    Posted by Jeremiah Wyeth on May 19th 2016

    I am a big fan of "Thug Juice" from Mt Baker Vaper, and was pleasently surprised when I discovered this flavor as it's a very good alternative. It's a fruity menthol flavor that doesn't overdue it on either flavors. I've been vaping this flavor exclusively for the past few months, and I've not gotten tired of it like I have other flavors. I've recommended it to friends, and have been surprised that a few of the people I've recommended this flavor to - ones that aren't fans of menthol analogs - have made the switch to exclusively vape this as well! I'll continue to vape this, and will continue recommending to all people who vape that I know as this is truly a great product from VapeWild that I'll continue to order many bottles of!

  172. Blueberry Menthol

    Posted by Zachary Morris on May 19th 2016

    The first Menthol juice I tried from VW was "Menthol Type" which strongly portrays the cigarette brand "Newport" I picked this one up because I wanted to vape on a menthol with a fruity twist. Actually enjoyed a lot, will most likely purchase again.

  173. menthol flavor

    Posted by Frank on May 18th 2016

    The taste is OK bit if it had more menthol flavor that would definitely meet my expectations.
    Was looking for a taste like that of tnt ice from time bomb vapors.
    Sorry but you asked...

  174. I'm a believer

    Posted by Kevin White on May 16th 2016

    I was a bit skeptical going in but I was definitely pleasantly surprised. Fruity w/a cool finish.

  175. burst of fruity flavors

    Posted by Unknown on May 14th 2016

    Great taste. My first drag was unexpected. Suddenly this burst of fruity flavors. Wow great blend with menthol. The amount of menthol is less powering over the fruit. Some people may not like that. Im my opinion its better that way. Keep it up vapewild.

  176. Lagging Mint

    Posted by Abdul Qayoom on May 11th 2016

    Mint is somewhat missing to this flavor or maybe its too low on mint. other than that the flavor fulfils my need

  177. great all day vape

    Posted by toby on May 10th 2016

    Really good flavor

  178. mint is missing

    Posted by Abdul Qayoom on May 10th 2016

    Mint is missing in this. I needed a bit more mint in this

  179. As the description says

    Posted by assaad chehB on May 8th 2016

    it depends on your personal reference, personally i didn't like it cause i'm into creamy and milky flavors, but according to the flavor it is pecised as the description says , you can taste all the berries and the cool mint refreshing your mouth . i gave it to a friend who now considers it as his all day vape flavor!


    Posted by carrie on May 7th 2016

    This is a perfect blend of berries and menthol. It has just the right amount of menthol so that it doesn't overpower the sweetness of the berries. Ive tried several menthol juices now and this is by far my favorite. Giddy up cowboy!!

  181. Amazing!!!

    Posted by Denis on May 4th 2016

    I want more and more!

  182. Great Vape!

    Posted by Josh Carter on Apr 24th 2016

    Tasty, refreshing vape. I'm not a menthol fan, but this has just the right amount to be a great compliment to the berries.

  183. pretty good

    Posted by Sho on Apr 21st 2016

    fruity freeze is better imo

  184. Cowboy Up!

    Posted by Cheryl Gibson on Apr 20th 2016

    Giddy up cowboy! Whew hoooooo! Yummy. Could not wait the 2 weeks to steep. Great ADV. Don't see myself getting tired of this one. Like other reviewer, taste like a blue dumb dumb sucker with a nice throat hit. Right on VW!

  185. Vape Wild is great

    Posted by lorrie kee on Apr 12th 2016

    Vape wild is the best and the greats

  186. YUMMY

    Posted by Patrick Camacho on Apr 10th 2016

    This is the best I have tried from VW and OMG if you love berry blends this is the one to go to. Love it this is my all day vape along with S+C

  187. YUMMY

    Posted by Patrick Camacho on Apr 10th 2016

    This is the best I have tried from VW and OMG if you love berry blends this is the one to go to. Love it this is my all day vape along with S+C

  188. coolness

    Posted by angela m on Apr 9th 2016

    I'm on my 2nd bottle n I'm waiting for it 2 steep. I've had it long enough that it should b ready but is not. But when it does, it will go down very quick.

  189. Cool refreshing ejuice

    Posted by Joshua Smock on Apr 7th 2016

    Man this stuff is smooth, cool menthol with the sweetness of the berry flavor. I've found my all time favorite.

  190. Not for me

    Posted by Manetta Noland on Apr 6th 2016

    I love mixing menthol with different flavors,but this one just wasn't for me.

  191. Great Tasting Juice!!

    Posted by Shane K Daniels Jr on Apr 4th 2016

    This juice tasted awesome and has great flavor! Would recommend getting it!!

  192. Clean and refreshing berry menthol

    Posted by Mr. Johnson on Mar 29th 2016

    I really enjoyed this juice. It's not too complicated or sweet making it a great all-day flavor. I found that I lost a little of the berry flavor after vaping it for a couple days, but that's to be expected when you can't put it down! I think letting it steep would help a lot with bringing out the berry flavor.

  193. A great all day vape

    Posted by Lisa Marie Faro on Mar 23rd 2016

    One of my faves from this company. It is a great all day vape I love anything fruity and a but mentholated. It is sweet and cool gives a nice throat hit...Awesome!!

  194. All time top 3

    Posted by Tim Hoover on Mar 19th 2016

    I have ordered this juice in almost every order iv'e had (That's a lot of boxes) I am not a menthol person but for some reason it really compliments the blue raspberry taste this juice gives me.

  195. coolio

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 17th 2016

    Only got a small bottle cause I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it. Boy was I WRONG! Love this one I'd say it's one of my top 5 go to. Will definitely be getting more

  196. My new favorite

    Posted by Brigitte on Mar 16th 2016

    I love all the fruit and menthol blends. This one has it all. I purchased the presteeped version, and I was in heaven. It's just a well-rounded flavor.

  197. a good all day vape

    Posted by steven on Mar 16th 2016

    Cool smooth all day vape

  198. Cooler than a Cowboy

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 15th 2016

    I usually vape 3-6mg and decided to get this in 24mg as my "emergency" nicotine dose. Surprisingly this wasn't that harsh with 24mg, which speaks a lot to is flavor. Very tasty and probably even more so with a flavor shot and less nicotine hahah.

  199. Cowboy Cooler e-Juice

    Posted by kenzie on Mar 13th 2016

    This is one of my favorite juices. It was so good and I could not get enough of it. Definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to vape!

  200. Great juice

    Posted by Paul Smith on Mar 10th 2016

    Tastes just like a blue Dum-Dums sucker to me. Berry taste on the inhale and a slight taste of cooling menthol on the exhale. Will definitely reorder!

  201. not what i expected

    Posted by derek klein on Mar 7th 2016

    its not a bad flavor exept there is no mint its sweet and tart very tasty but when u tell me mint and there isnt im not happy

  202. Not bad

    Posted by Severine Miller on Mar 6th 2016

    This is not one of my favorites and I recommend not to mix it in with another flavor otherwise it can taste bitter. On its own it is not to bad. Definitely can taste the raspberry. It could use a bit more menthol flavor.

  203. No ice

    Posted by John Gillispie on Mar 5th 2016

    Great flavor but, not a fan of menthol

  204. good taste and throat hit

    Posted by Joe Dhondt on Mar 1st 2016

    One of the best so far good flavor good throat hit definitely a good all day vape

  205. VapeWild is the bomb

    Posted by steven on Mar 1st 2016

    This flavor is really good. First time ordering from them and i am blown away from service and quality. I got the Cowboy cooler and it is refreshing flavor to vape on. I got the 3ml nic and 80 percent VG for more cloud production. Also i would like to add that they gave me 3 free sample of different flavors i havent tried yet, but its always nice to get some free. Shipping was fast also.

  206. New Favorite

    Posted by tomek on Feb 29th 2016

    This is by far my favorite flavor on this site! You can really taste the blue raspberry

  207. Amazing Ejuice! My favorite!

    Posted by Ryan Hammer on Feb 29th 2016

    This ejuice is amazing tastes just like it says it would! I would have to say its the perfect blend of menthol & raspberries!
    You honestly can't go wrong with this ejuice, it isn't overpowering with the menthol no matter how much you vape! The berry tang taste is perfect its not to sweet & its not to bitter like other flavors.. it's the perfect blend!

    You can't go wrong with ordering this product!

  208. Tasty

    Posted by Jarrod on Feb 29th 2016

    Not overwhelming menthol taste at all. It was blended nice with the fruits. I enjoyed it quite a bit. In fact.....I let a friend try it and he ordered some because of it. He's the kind of guy that's hard to please with juice flavors so that says a lot

  209. Their best menthol flavor

    Posted by alaskavapor on Feb 28th 2016

    I think this best fits on first place for menthol flavor, Ice Cold coming in second. Its like eating a snow cone with a mixture of berries. Would recommend trying

  210. My favorite so far

    Posted by Kodizzie on Feb 27th 2016

    This juice has such an amazing taste, just the right amount of berry tanginess, not overly sweet and with an amazing menthol that isn't overpowering. I've read other reviews saying that the taste is weak especially after chain hits, personally I completely disagree.

    No matter how much I inhale I always get the tanginess from the berries and the refreshing menthol. Even while drinking beer this flavour is a very satisfying vape.

  211. This Is My FAVORITE

    Posted by Sydney Crabtree on Feb 26th 2016

    This was my very first purchase, and it really impressed me and got me hooked on buying more juices. It has that perfect tangy blue raspberry with the hint of the sweet blueberry. Then, to finish it off, it has that refreshing, menthol-like after taste. I am VERY pleased with this, especially that I am a huge berry-flavor fan. Good job, guys.

  212. Bland, but good

    Posted by Breki Tomasson on Feb 22nd 2016

    I like this flavor, I really do, but after the first couple of hits of it, you start forgetting you've even got flavor in there. Great for dripping if you just want that flavor for a couple of hits, but not something I'd have in my all-day vape. That said, I've had some success mixing this in with other juices to give a bit of a blueberry hint to something else.

  213. great flavor!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 19th 2016

    really sweet/slightly sour flavor, with a nice little menthol addition. i love the flavor, it reminds me of that candy where you'd put the sour drops on the lollipop. not too sour and really sweet, but the top of the bottle popped off the first time i was filling up, and i spilled almost half of my 30 ml): otherwise i absolutely love it!

  214. cowboy cooler

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 19th 2016

    To me this tastes exactly the same to mt baker vapor seahawk sauce.... If u like that u will love this. All in all I really like this.

  215. Sweet, Smooth, OMG Fruity

    Posted by Seth on Feb 18th 2016

    I ordered this flavor with 80VG/20PG and added flavor boost. It is very sweet and smooth. Everyone comments on the pleasant smell of my cloud lol. A definite reorder.

  216. Cooling and candy-like

    Posted by Andy Shirinian on Feb 18th 2016

    By far the best flavor I have tried. I love the cooling taste and sweet candy-like scent.

  217. Great

    Posted by Dale from Rancho Cucamonga,CA on Feb 17th 2016

    Great flavor. I bought 600 mils. since Dec.I can't vape anything else.

  218. Awesome again

    Posted by Chris DAvis on Feb 17th 2016

    Great fruit flavor. Not bad on the menthol. Great juice to cleanse palate.

  219. Perfect mix of berries with just a touch of menthol

    Posted by Jeff Bowan on Feb 14th 2016

    I first purchased this flavor in a sample pack and liked it so much that I ended up buying it in a larger bottle in my next order. It was great from the start even without steeping but even got better as I allowed it to steep. Definitely one of my favorites! By the way, Vape Wild has fast shipping and their customer service is top notch!!!

  220. Good quality, great price.

    Posted by Brent J on Feb 14th 2016

    First time ordering, will be ordering this again. Very good flavor. I will be trying others on my list. Thank you

  221. Excellent Flavor

    Posted by Zak on Feb 13th 2016

    This one hits the spot as a nice blend of fruit that's not overly sweet.

  222. Good af

    Posted by Jarrett Workman on Feb 12th 2016

    Probably the best flavor of juice EVER!!!!!!!!!

  223. coooooool

    Posted by Muz on Feb 12th 2016

    The name is really right

  224. not to bad straight out da box

    Posted by sue knight on Feb 11th 2016

    This was my first order thru Vape Wild. I will admit I really did not have high hopes due to the price. I am used to paying a LOT more for my juice. I have always put price and quality together in one box. You get what you pay for. I will have to say I was really really astounded at this product. The first tank i thought was alot more menthol than berry... but as i kept vaping and vaping it got better and better, less menthol more berry. I am not sure on this whole steeping thing, I am pretty new to the vape world, and i am impatient and did not want to have to go spend more money on juice than i already had. So long story short i used it when got it. and i Liked it a lot! fast shipping and the product quality is great. I will be ordering more!

  225. Someone get me a Horse!!!!

    Posted by CMR on Feb 9th 2016

    I didn't have high hopes for this juice, bought it in a sampler pack. Let it steep for three weeks and fired it up in my crown tank... Yeeeee haaa this juice is the whip... Love Love Love it !!! A +++ VapeWild !!!

  226. It's now in my top three that I'll keep stocked

    Posted by Cookasaurus on Feb 8th 2016

    Fresh cool blueberries to wake up to? Or to fall asleep to? Or to voop to? Put it in your basket now!

  227. All day vape.

    Posted by Steve on Feb 8th 2016

    Mt #1 juice to vape. People say it is menthol, myself personally get zero menthol. BERRIES with a cool feeling at the finish. Very clean juice, I use 65/35 3mg and there is zero throat hits. All though I steep over 12 weeks, this juice is perfect strait out of the box. Amazing at 4 months. Only VAPE WILD juices thru my vaporizers.

  228. My new ADV!

    Posted by MItch on Feb 7th 2016

    Perfect balance of berries to menthol, very good!

  229. Fan-freakin-tastic all day vape!

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 6th 2016

    Definitely my favorite juice VW offers and it makes a great all day vape. It's a berry mix flavor with a slight hint of menthol so it's not overly sweet or tart making it a great all day vape for those who love fruit flavors. I definitely recommend.

  230. It's was okay

    Posted by Ashley Gregory on Feb 6th 2016

    All I could really taste here was razzberry, it could have used a bit more menthol as well, just not my cup of tea.

  231. Good

    Posted by STACEY SELL on Feb 2nd 2016

    I am not a menthol person so this is a great flavor with a hint of cool

  232. Pretty good

    Posted by Zane on Feb 2nd 2016

    Great liquid but maybe not for me. Has a weird little taste to it that's sorta sour(?) but overall still tastes pretty good. I still definitely smoke it when I'm out of Blackberry Breeze.

  233. I'm loving it!

    Posted by AbiYak on Jan 30th 2016

    I've been told it smells delicious and like a cloud of Jolly Rancher candies. It tastes great, fruity and the menthol isn't overpowering. Definitely one of my favorites.

  234. Perfect blend

    Posted by Lauren A on Jan 28th 2016

    I just loaded this up in my Triton 2 tank with the Aspire Clapton coils and it is AMAZING. The fruit is great on the inhale and exhale, the menthol jumps in at the end. I let it steep for 2 weeks to get that menthol to not be so strong, I'm not a huge menthol fan. But now that the steeping is done, it's perfect. Part of my first order of juice from Vape Wild and I will never go to another supplier!

  235. #ADV

    Posted by Matt Beamon on Jan 27th 2016

    I've tried almost evry flaver from VapeWild which is ,by the way, the very best vape vender..., anyways CowboyCooler is easily my favorite flaver EVER!! Perfect mixture. I do get the flavor boost. I got 240ml last month that will last for a while.. But when it does run out I will ABSOLUTLY buy more. Vapors u will not be disappointed with Cowboy Cooler..!!

  236. Best juice ive had

    Posted by Noah Davis on Jan 27th 2016

    I absolutely love this juice, only downside is suddenly everyone wanted to use my vape because they liked this flavor so much, Lol

  237. Better than "Hawk Sauce" or "Thug Juice"

    Posted by Brandon Christophe on Jan 21st 2016

    I love this e-juice it is way better than other juices from other vendors with the same flavor profile.........I got this juice 50/50 12mg and it was good in my Triton/Crown/Zephyrus/ that i vape 0mg or 3mg cant wait to order this again and see how much more improved the flavor will be.............#ADV

  238. Love this stuff

    Posted by Jennie on Jan 21st 2016

    Really enjoyed this juice. I smoked Newports forever and have quit for oh I think this is three months now. I have a seriously difficult pallet and throw out as much juice as I use. This one is awesome. I did add extra flavor.

  239. Smooth Fruit and just a tiny hint of cool!

    Posted by Dan on Jan 14th 2016

    I have been hooked on..another popular site for a long time now. Recently, they ran out of my favorite flavor and I was running out. It was a "Sauce" named after a certain bird...

    Anyhow, I read the reviews and did my homework and decided to try this as a replacement. Seriously, this stuff is great! I think I like it better! Smooth, fruit and light menthol. Very light. Just a touch. (Which is PERFECT!) If you were searching like a "hawk" for a replacement sauce, this is the one. I am in love. THANK YOU Vape Wild. I am going to be a return customer!

  240. awesome!

    Posted by nicole on Jan 13th 2016

    Perfect for the people who love fruity flavours with a hint of menthol

  241. mild and powerful

    Posted by dennis croissant on Jan 12th 2016

    Not a menthol flavor but mild enough to call it fruity.

  242. Excellent!!!

    Posted by Adam on Jan 10th 2016

    Received my order within a week and only had to shake and fill. The flavor was amazing!!! Can't wait to order again!!!

  243. nICE

    Posted by Christopher Yandell on Jan 9th 2016

    Very nice flavour. It is not really menthol at all. As mentioned before, it tastes like chilled berries. Will definitely order this again.

  244. great all day vape

    Posted by Japon on Jan 4th 2016

    Perfect balance between fruit and menthol. Smooth and doesn't need steeping but tastes great after a week! This is one of my must have juices and I try to keep it on hand at 'll times.

  245. flavor

    Posted by Dustin Davis on Jan 2nd 2016

    One of the best ones that I have tried - sometimes it could have a little more flavor to it. Will be getting some more.

  246. Cowboy Cooler is Cool!

    Posted by GlacierBabe on Jan 1st 2016

    I am not a menthol vaper at all but this one that I can vape on a regular basis. It's a refreshing fruity vape with a nice cool feeling. It is not minty or strong, it is just refreshing. I would highly recommend giving this one a try even if you don't like menthol.

  247. good

    Posted by Jeremy Brown on Dec 30th 2015

    Very good stuff gives a taste of iced berries

  248. A Must Try!!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 27th 2015

    Amazing Juice right here...a nice breeze is what it reminds me of!!!

  249. Yeehaww thats what i say about Cowboy Cooler

    Posted by NIGEL HARDESTY on Dec 25th 2015

    Cowboy Cooler is my favorite juice. Perfect mix of Berries and mint. I love love this juice, it is refreshing and super tasty. I always have it in one of my tanks and I make sure I never run out of it!

  250. sooooo goooood

    Posted by jared ross on Dec 25th 2015

    I've tried so many flavors from so many places and I received this as a mystery flavor and it was so great as soon as it became available to buy I haven't turned back this is my go to vape all day every day.

  251. Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Bo S. on Dec 9th 2015

    I don't write reviews very often, but absolutely had to for this. Cowboy cooler has now taken its place as my favorite juice and ADV. With a cool inhale with a hint of fruit, to the sweet berry coming to the forefront on the exhale, everything about it is perfect. I tried the fruity freeze and just couldn't get into it. The menthol took center stage and refused to get off. Some people may like that much menthol with a hint of fruit, but it wasn't for me. Cowboy cooler is more like an orchestra, every piece coming together to create something beautiful. I will be ordering a large amount of this very soon.

  252. love it.

    Posted by Jessica on Dec 6th 2015

    Strong, sweet but tart, and cool. I love it. One of my favorites.

  253. Best Flavour Ever

    Posted by Debbie on Dec 3rd 2015

    The cowboy cooler is simply awesome! Really sucks that I can't get it in Canada - vape wild shipped very fast, but it stayed at the border forever.

  254. Good not favorite

    Posted by Wendy on Nov 28th 2015

    This one is good but not my favorite

  255. Not for me

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 28th 2015

    This one was... Meh. I couldn't taste any menthol what so ever, lots of sour though.

  256. Spot on flavor

    Posted by Kodey on Nov 26th 2015

    Tastes exactly like the description, one of my favorites! Reminds me of a blue raspberry jolly rancher or blue paint brush candy with a minty aftertaste.


    Posted by Gavin on Nov 26th 2015

    The perfect taste of Blueberry and Menthol! It is the best I have had so far and recommend it to anyone who likes Berries and wants a little chill after taste!

  258. best juice ive found

    Posted by john on Nov 21st 2015

    Vape wild is awesome. Their cowboy cooler is the best I've tried so far, but I will definitely be getting more stuff from them. They always have quick shipment. And even throw in some sample juice. I will be doing business with Vape Wild for a long time.

  259. Great Vape

    Posted by Frank on Nov 19th 2015

    Sweet/Sour and very cool, An all day vape for me.

  260. fresh as bro

    Posted by Ash on Nov 17th 2015

    This by far had to be a favorite for me. The blueberry kick then that icy fresh boost afterwards I'd where it's at. Great products and would definitely purchase this one again!

  261. Good to go

    Posted by ANDREW KANAE on Nov 16th 2015

    Ordered 480mL of this stuff; 6mg, no boost, 65/35. Straight out of the bottle it's good to go. I agree with the description, menthol and a sweet fruit flavor to it. Not bad at all.

  262. Cowboy

    Posted by Garry on Nov 12th 2015

    very good

  263. name's right on target

    Posted by Kayla on Nov 12th 2015

    I really enjoyed this one... Very smooth

  264. must have

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 11th 2015

    Great flavor to use in an RDA - highly recommended

  265. Fave Flave

    Posted by Amanda on Nov 11th 2015

    Got this in May as a mystery flavor and loved it. I'm so glad the awesome folks at VapeWild could tell me what it was so my friends and I can order more! Very subtle menthol, I couldn't tell it was menthol really - it just imparted a slightly cool, smooth flavor to the juice. Very nice flavors and not the least bit overpowering but not bland or dull either. I could vape this all day.

  266. My Favorite juice

    Posted by Stephen on Nov 8th 2015

    My favorite part of waking up is VAPE WILD Cowboy Cooler in Kanger Plus Tank. Best menthol on the market. Try it you will love it. Thanks VAPE WILD.

  267. Delicious

    Posted by Abe on Nov 4th 2015

    Reminds me of a Blue ICEE, which, of course, means it is fantastic! Was looking for a good juice to keep in my tank all day, and, when I'm not dripping, this is the BEE'S KNEES!!

  268. surprisingly amazing

    Posted by Tane Zacharias on Nov 2nd 2015

    I didn't think that I would taste the fruit, but as with other flavors from VapeWild, I was able to. It's a great blend.

  269. ADV

    Posted by Cody on Oct 31st 2015

    Cowboy Cooler is the best juice I've ever had. Just enough menthol, and the perfect amount of sweet/sour. I am not a big menthol fan, but this juice is something else.

  270. best best best!

    Posted by carrie on Oct 23rd 2015

    I got cowboy cooler a few months ago as a monthly mystery flavor. I fell in love immediately! The flavor is phenomenal. Very juicy and flavorful on the inhale, smooth, slight menthol on the exhale. By far my favorite juice ive ever had!

  271. Fruity

    Posted by Arlis Walker on Oct 23rd 2015

    This flavor truly has a very fruit filled flavor that is awesome. You want be disappointed.

  272. Love this juice

    Posted by Ryan on Oct 21st 2015

    This juice is great. For a former menthol smoker like me it's been hard to find a juice that contains menthol that doesn't overpower the flavor of the juice itself. Well this one my friends is the one. The berry flavor pops with a subtle hint of menthol. I highly recommend this juice. If you're thinking about buying it do you self a favor and put it in the cart you won't be disappointed. Vape on yall.

  273. So Addicting

    Posted by Alexander C on Oct 19th 2015

    This juice is almost too good because even with these amazing prices I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go broke buying gallons of this stuff. Bomb flavor and its great out of the box.

  274. goodies

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 17th 2015

    Great juice

  275. Minty heaven

    Posted by Ali Elgabri on Oct 10th 2015

    This ejuice is amazing. I love the sweet raspberry taste mixed with the toned menthol in there. It's not too much menthol; just the right amount. I got a sample of "Ice Cold" (peppermint) and I mixed a few drops of that with Cowboy Cooler and hot damn, I was in minty haven.

  276. Straight out the gate!

    Posted by Kristopher Koehler on Oct 8th 2015

    I tried this as my first juice from Vape Wild. It only steeped for two days and the juice was still clear when I cracked it open. The flavor was there, it was just weak. I imagine that after some more steep time, it would be stronger! This has the resemblance of a certain "Hawk Sauce."

  277. Awesome

    Posted by Arlis Walker on Oct 7th 2015

    Awesome flavor

  278. good

    Posted by Terry Patton on Sep 30th 2015

    Good taste with a cool exhale it will keep you wanting to keep taking draw after draw

  279. Great Juice!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 28th 2015

    The balance between the berry and menthol is perfect!

  280. Great taste

    Posted by Lisa on Sep 28th 2015

    Love the fruity taste

  281. plesently surprised

    Posted by Jerri Dillard on Sep 25th 2015

    I wasn't sure I was going to like this, as I'm not big on menthol flavors. But this one was a shock, great berry flavor with just the right amount of icy cool menthol.

  282. very good taste.

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 24th 2015

    New to vamping. Rating it a 4 is not a negative. I'm a menthol smoker in past and this is one of the best I have tried. Reluctant to rate anything a 5 until I have tried more. Highly recommend.

  283. Good Juice

    Posted by rf on Sep 24th 2015

    This is a very good juice. However, I am not a fan of menthol. I know, why did you order it then, I just overlooked the menthol part. Still this is a very good tasty juice. I would buy the non menthol version again, stars & stripes.

  284. Stays in your coil

    Posted by Chris on Sep 24th 2015

    The first couple of vapes is pretty nice...with a smooth fruity light menthol flavor. But, if you chain-vape like me, the menthol takes over and becomes too much. Plus even after about four or five tanks of another flavor, the menthol has stayed in my coil.

  285. Great balance

    Posted by Jeff on Sep 21st 2015

    It is not an overwhelming menthol which I love even with the flavor boost. And the berries give it a sweet exhale, Most definitely an ADV

  286. My new all day vape.

    Posted by Casey Criswell on Sep 20th 2015

    This flavor has blown me away! Just enough menthol with a hint of berries. Super smooth and very tasty.

  287. My favorite slight menthol and berries flavor

    Posted by Stephen Felmlee on Sep 17th 2015

    I always order 240ml 3mg with boost. I steep my juice a long time.. 3 months or more. My favorite is Cowboy Cooler

  288. Dope.

    Posted by Mickey on Sep 14th 2015

    Okay so this tastes like the blue jolly ranchers. Except this has a smooth icy mint going through so the fruit taste isn't overwhelming. If any of this appeals to you then make sure you stock up on this.

  289. Love cowboy cooler!!!!!!

    Posted by Brianna Harley on Sep 13th 2015

    This is our 1# favorite!!! We always order this! My husband says just order this for him lol

  290. Great Vape Flavor

    Posted by Karen on Sep 11th 2015

    This is my every day vape. Nice flavor.

  291. Refreshing!

    Posted by Lisa on Aug 29th 2015

    Cowboy Cooler is light and refreshing. I love it during the day as a little pick-me-up. The menthol is not overpowering and it's a great vape when you don't want anything too sweet. Great price and super fast shipping!

  292. My Favorite

    Posted by Lee on Aug 29th 2015

    I love this juice! I pretty much only order this now. I think that next time I will get the flavor boost as sometimes by the end of the day the flavor seems a little weak.

  293. YUMMMM

    Posted by john kendall on Aug 28th 2015

    Perfect mix will be a fan for life it's in my tank now.

  294. Takes time for full flavor

    Posted by Justin on Aug 23rd 2015

    Decent flavor. Took a couple weeks for the menthol flavor to fully kick in after steeping it. Berries flavor is good with flavor boost but kind of missing the strawberry flavor in this.

  295. My favorite!

    Posted by Alicia on Aug 21st 2015

    I received this as a mystery flavor a few months ago and I was seriously amazed at how great it was! I don't think the menthol is over powering at all. It's a cool berry breeze. It tastes great even right out of the mail. Love it!

  296. This was recommended to me by Kristin on chat

    Posted by Julio Santana on Aug 18th 2015

    This flavor is the bomb! Very good out the mail, the wife and I love it! It has nice sweet taste on the inhale and very smooth refreshing exhale. I highly recommend if you love berry that is not too sweet.

  297. Super Cool

    Posted by Nikki on Aug 18th 2015

    I bought this flavor for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He Vapes it everyday. Very fruity and redreshing. The menthol isn't overpowering at all.

  298. Amazing flavor

    Posted by Rob on Aug 13th 2015

    love the menthol in it mixed with the berry!

  299. Wife's fave

    Posted by CW on Aug 13th 2015

    My wife loves it when I vape this, she can guess it when she walks into the room. It is a good vape, but a bit on the minty side.

  300. Favorite flavor so far!

    Posted by Julia on Aug 12th 2015

    I've tried about 15-20 different flavors. So far, nothing beats Cowboy Cooler. Never even thought to try a menthol flavor (even though I used to smoke menthols) and Can definitely taste the sweet and sour berries. And the menthol blends perfectly. Just plain yummy.

  301. Great tasting flavor!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 12th 2015

    I've gotten this flavor with and without the flavor boost. I enjoyed the flavor more without the boost. The flavor was better without the boost in my opinion because it wasn't too strong on the menthol. It just had a fruity taste with a little mint in the back. The aftertaste on this flavor is amazing! For all the menthol lovers, the flavor boost would be a great addition.

  302. one of the best

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2015

    It's very fruity and tasty
    Highly recommended

  303. My favorite VAPE WILD juice

    Posted by Stephen Felmlee on Aug 8th 2015

    No words other than 1.......AMAZING

  304. Not my style

    Posted by Sam Snow on Aug 7th 2015

    This is probably the worst flavor I've tried from VW. I gave it 2 stars because it made me realize I enjoy desert flavors more. This will be a good flavor for menthol/mint seekers

  305. upset stomack

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 5th 2015

    This flavor gave me an upset stomach

  306. Nice

    Posted by Ben on Aug 4th 2015

    You can taste the berries in this juice but the menthol is a bit lacking. I ordered an Ice Cold along with this and I run a dual coil build. I just drip some of the Ice Cold along with this and it makes it so much better if you're into strong menthol!

    Definitely something I would pick up again.

    Running dual coils at 0.5ohm on a Plume Veil with 70/30 mix. Flavor is nice and the clouds are decent.

  307. very good taste

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 30th 2015

    Very good fruity taste with a slight cool on the exhale

  308. Where is the FLAVA!!!!!!!

    Posted by CEEBV on Jul 27th 2015

    I vaped this straight out of the box;... Absolutely No flavor... I steeped it;... Again no flavor. I will not give up on them yet. I will try flavor boost and do a second review. Thank you vape wild for all you do!!!!!!! I definitely recommend a flavor boost on all of thier flavors even if it is your first time trying them.
    Vaped on:
    Zorro rda mini by Tobeco
    Dos Equis box mod clone by Limwel
    24g G-plat Elite Dual coils 4-6 wraps
    .18 ohms

  309. Best ejuice ever ! ! !

    Posted by eron holley on Jul 25th 2015

    Cowboy Cooler max vg 3mg nic. is the best juice i have ever tasted in my life. This is my everyday vape. I have not found another juice that I have loved like this. I am almost running low hopefully soon I can reorder some when i get some fund in my bank lol.

  310. Great Flavor 3mg

    Posted by Robert Lohr on Jul 23rd 2015

    The free 3mg tast Great But when i got it in 18mg there is a pepper tast I think you need a better Nic Base

  311. amazing!!!!

    Posted by thomas nelson on Jul 22nd 2015

    first off like all my juices from vw I let it breath for 48 hrs and steep or 2 wks to get rid of harsh throat it and I must say this juice is so refreshing the menthol is just right it almost has a ice breaker effect with the throat hit and I one of y adv

  312. Best juice EVER!

    Posted by Brianna on Jul 21st 2015

    This juice is one of my all time FAVORITE!!!! The taste is amazing a fruity menthol. I can say that my husband and I will always order this flavor.

  313. No fruit flavor

    Posted by Steve on Jul 15th 2015

    For me, there is not fruit flavor. Just a very strong mint and menthol. They need to back off on it so that the mint and menthol is in the back ground, not overpowering the juice.

  314. Pretty good.

    Posted by Steve on Jul 12th 2015

    This is a good menthol flavor. It's fairly well balanced and the mint comes through a little strong. It's a refreshing flavor. Would I buy it again? Yes.

  315. best juice in a while

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2015

    I tried this juice once after my friend bought a 20ml and the next day I ordered a 20ml. That 20ml didn't last too long had to come back and order 60ml!

  316. good i love it

    Posted by chris on Jul 10th 2015

    Good customer service fantastic juices at a great price customer for life

  317. Berry nice menthol flavor

    Posted by Armando on Jul 9th 2015

    I love this flavor, a lot. Got it as a mystery flavor and took a guess based on flavor, went straight for a 120ml bottle and don't regret it. Might be a little harsh for sub-ohm vaping with flavor boost but other than that it's wonderful. I consider this my daily vape.

  318. great flavor

    Posted by chace on Jul 6th 2015

    Always good flavor

  319. Cowboy cooler

    Posted by Rob on Jul 3rd 2015

    Very good, nice light menthol fruit vape.

  320. amazingggggg

    Posted by redty001 on Jul 3rd 2015

    this juice is amazing!!!!!!!!! so mad i only got a 10ml bottle. will definitely be getting alot more with my next order! i can vape this flavor allllllll day

  321. Hmmmm

    Posted by unknown on Jul 1st 2015

    Not my fav. Doesn't tatse like it should!

  322. Great

    Posted by Xavier on Jul 1st 2015

    Got this as a mystery flavor when I ordered some other juices. Unfortunately my battery fell and broke not too long after I started vaping it, but the flavor is great. The menthol is very cool and refreshing and the berry flavor and scent is definitely packing a punch. I still have it sitting in my tank, so I as soon as I get a new battery i'll continue to vape this.

  323. berry refreshing

    Posted by nikki g on Jul 1st 2015

    I like it! I will be ordering more in the near future. Berry refreshing. Thanks again vape wild, you guys are freat, have a great product and perform a great service.

  324. nice cool vape

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2015

    Nice cool menthol not too overpowering as some. Nice subtle berry flavor. All blends well together.

  325. Cowboy cooler

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 30th 2015

    The juice is great and full of berry flavour I just wish it had more menthol

  326. COOL - RRRR

    Posted by toby 12 on Jun 28th 2015

    All I can say is this one's a tasty BLAST.

  327. Excellent

    Posted by Lasttango on Jun 27th 2015

    Tremendous value... Very vapable juice at a super reasonable price... Cowboy cooler is a hit... Its a berry menthol with raspberry blueberry tones...

  328. Wow!

    Posted by Joe on Jun 27th 2015

    I was instantly in love with this juice I'm more of a desert and custard kinda guy however when I got this as a mystery flavor back in May I was hooked

  329. cowboy cooler

    Posted by andrew bond on Jun 27th 2015

    the name kind of describes what is flavor profile is I would give the berries 4 stars cuz I love berries but I gave the overall ratings 3 stars because I didn't think the menthol would be quite as strong as it was ....3 stars

  330. Wow!

    Posted by Stephen on Jun 26th 2015

    Wow, this is the first fruity menthol I've had that doesn't taste like cough syrup. Vapewild continues to impress.

  331. Really lassoed this one!!!

    Posted by Dave Jennings "OG Vape" on Jun 26th 2015

    Very nice one,and that was without steeping which can only make it better. I definitely will order more, and also will recommend it to friends

  332. ADV

    Posted by Donna on Jun 24th 2015

    My new ADV! LOVE IT!!! I could only let it steep a week!

  333. Love it!!

    Posted by Sandy on Jun 22nd 2015

    I absolutely love this juice!! I am a menthol smoker and I'm thinking this flavor might be what I need to stop smoking cigarettes completely. We received Cowboy Cooler as the mystery flavor in our last order and I have fallen in love. I ordered 120 mls this morning!!! If you are currently smoking menthols and want to quit, I'd highly suggest this juice.

  334. givaway winning

    Posted by VM on Jun 15th 2015

    Won it in a giveaway and I must yes WOW perfect blend of flavors !!! Before steeping and I can't wait for the steeping to be done. This was my first time trying vape wild and now trying to choose which one would be next.

  335. So yum!

    Posted by Chelsea on Jun 13th 2015

    I got this as the mystery flavor last month, and as soon as I tried it I LOVED it. It's not too sweet and it's not too tart, and the menthol is an amazing compliment. I haven't been able to keep this out of my tank! Even if you're not a menthol fan or a berry fan, (I really wasn't) this is perfect, and guaranteed you'll be a fan after! Definitely my all day vape.

  336. very surprised

    Posted by Bama on Jun 11th 2015

    Received this back in May as the mystery flavor and it smelled and tasted just like sweet & sour candy, then VW named it so wanted to see what it was and shocked that it had menthol in it although very light thank goodness because i hate menthol but i was so surprised how much i liked this flavor, so soon as my 3 free mystery bottles of this run out i will be ordering more.
    Vaping on a iStick 30w in a Eleaf Melo sub-ohm tank at 0.5ohms.

  337. One of my tops

    Posted by TJ on Jun 9th 2015

    One of my top 5s from vapewild. And I dislike menthol. But this and twin mint gun are amazing.

  338. Don't Ever Get Rid Of This Flavor!

    Posted by Missy on Jun 9th 2015

    This was sent to me as a mystery juice in my last order. It is absolutely amazing! I have a hard time trying to find flavors that I can vape on all day and this one is magical! Great berry flavors with a burst of icy cool! Doesn't leave a bad after taste and the smell of the vapor is amazing! This is a flavor that needs to stick around! Please don't get rid of this one!

  339. hmm, definitely interested

    Posted by chris on Jun 8th 2015

    I'm a creamier custard dessert kinda guy myself so when I got this as the mystery flavor last month I was hesitant to say the least. My first go around with it was horrible as I had been rockin Smurf Cake prior to trying it. Couple days went by and I gave it another shot. I typically despise menthol flavour in general but this was pretty dang good. It's been pretty hot where I live and this made a perfect ADV, cool and refreshing wether it was from a sub tank or my drippers. I will definitely be purchasing more of this juice on my next order to have on hand for the hot days! Great job VapeWild!

  340. This was great

    Posted by Knut on Jun 8th 2015

    I got this as a mystery flavor bonus and when i first filled my tank up and tried it, i literally went "Wow, what the heck is this? I need this!" at the first drag. It's that good. I guessed it had a little menthol in it, but its not overpowering at all, the menthol is very muted and enjoyable. The fruityness came through nice and clear. I guessed raspberry menthol so i wasnt very far off. It kind of has a "creamy" sensation to it as well that i cannot quite put my finger on, but the overall impression was awesome. I'll definitly order this again, with a flavor boost.

  341. utterly suprised

    Posted by Ben R. on Jun 7th 2015

    Have to start by saying I hated all menthol flavors that iv tried in the past, and iv had a few. I got this as last months mystery flavor. Out of the box and first hit and I was like eww menthol. Decided to give it another try about three days ago and I find myself enjoying it more and more. enough to order some on my next order. Flavor reminds me of those ice breakers fruit mints. Great balance of fruit and icy cool menthol not overbearing at all. Overall its slowly taking over my ADV. Which of course right now is pre steeped sweet complexity. Thanks VW on a great job.

  342. Surprise!

    Posted by IrishBastard96 on Jun 6th 2015

    Damn good juice. When I first got it I guessed blue jollyrancher, but then after I steeped it for a bit It definitely had a menthol kick to it. Not enough menthol to make non-mint lovers like myself hate it. But enough to keep me hooked. I was glad to see it has been released.

  343. Hate Menthol

    Posted by Xena on Jun 6th 2015

    This flavor drove nuts but I knew there was mint or menthol in it and thank goodness it was light cuz I hate menthol!!

  344. Very good

    Posted by Stephanie on Jun 6th 2015

    When I first tried this I honestly didn't know if I loved it or hated it. But it's grown on me and I really enjoy the cool fruity flavor. Thanks VW, you're awesome!

  345. cowboy cooler

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 6th 2015

    This is a amazing juice I got a bottle in my order last month and we loved it, it's not to harsh of a menthol it's just right!! Even for people who don't enjoy menthol. You will still love this flavor!!


  346. One of the few menthol flavores I've enjoyed

    Posted by Randy H on Jun 5th 2015

    I also got this as last month's Mystery Flavor and it had me guessing what it was all month too.

    My guess was a menthol with peach and raspberry, pretty close.

    Definitely a good flavor, give it a try, one of the few menthols I've ever liked.

  347. Awesome!

    Posted by caitlin on Jun 5th 2015

    Got this as a mystery flavor. Could only smell berries so I thought I would give it a try since I'm a fan of fruit flavors. Was surprised to find it had menthol. I'm not usually a fan of menthol but the menthol is very mild and not overpowering at all so I ended up liking this a lot! Will definitely be ordering in the future.

  348. This flavor had me guessing all month!

    Posted by Connor Linehan on Jun 5th 2015

    This flavor is great for people who like to throw a little bit of menthol into the mic occasionally. To me this tastes like Sour Patch Kids with a slight icyness to it. Only thing is that I personally wish there was a bit more of the fruit flavor. None the less amazing flavor, and you should definitely spend at least $3 to try it!

  349. Great Mystery Flavor

    Posted by Lawrence on Jun 4th 2015

    Got this as a free sample. Didn't think I would be interested in anything menthol (I used to smoke menthol cigarettes). Wow, this is good. My guess was a grape menthol, I was a little off! :). Will definitely be ordering this in a future order and have a different outlook on menthol vapes. Thanks Vape Wild, you guys are the best! :)

  350. great flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2015

    I got a sample bottle of this and I really enjoyed it I am not big on menthol or cooling juices but they got it right with this one. It has a great blue raspberry flavor that's not over powered by the menthol very refreshing vape.

  351. Yum

    Posted by JD on Jun 3rd 2015

    I got this as a mystery flavor and I will be reordering ASAP. It is the best.

  352. Awesome

    Posted by Nikki on Jun 3rd 2015

    i got this as a mystery flavor and liked it right out of the box. I only vaped about a 1/4 if the bottle and let the rest steep. I tried it again at the two week point and OMG. It's like a cool berry , perfect for summer. Berries on the inhale icy on the exhale. It was gone in two days. I will be ordering more.

  353. May Mystery Flavor

    Posted by A. Bryan on Jun 2nd 2015

    Very good flavor, with a very accurate description.

    This was the mystery flavor for May and I knew it was berries and menthol on the first drag.

    Highly recommended if you like menthol juices.

    PS: VW I just ordered from you guys for the first time and I LOVE all the juices

  354. Awesome

    Posted by Manny on Jun 2nd 2015

    It's like a certain other company's "thug juice" but better. Dark sweetness with a menthol finish

  355. The mystery is over

    Posted by Josiah on Jun 2nd 2015

    Got this as the mystery flavor for May with my first order. So good, and of course taste better as the days have passed.
    Usually if I do an order through other companies the juices always sound great and they always taste awful.
    This company definitely needs more of an audience. Worth way more than the price.

  356. Light menthol

    Posted by Stephen burkhart on Jun 2nd 2015

    when I smelled this juice I wasn't expecting it to menthol verry light berry with a splash of mint yummy and I don't like menthol vapes Mabie cuz it was minty is why I enjoyed it

  357. Great!

    Posted by Myztic on Jun 2nd 2015

    This was the May Mystery flavor and I enjoyed it completely! No steeping time required :) Ordering it now that it has an official name

  358. Surprised!

    Posted by Joey on Jun 2nd 2015

    This was the mystery flavor I had gotten and I was actually taken back that I liked it. I dripped it mosfet with a dark horse rda and the flavor was great. I'd spend money on it

  359. Woo

    Posted by Kendra on Jun 2nd 2015

    Very best flavor. I taste tart blue raspberry with a cool exhale. It really reminds me of a blue raspberry dum-dum.

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