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Nicotine is
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Cyclops Vapor

Cyclops Vapor is an e liquid brand that is steeped in Greek Mythology (pun definitely intended)! All of these legendary flavors harness the powers of the Greek Gods to create an e-juice line that is worthy of an epic tale of great proportions. The creative masterminds behind Cyclops e liquid were two friends who had a strong passion for vaping. The Cyclops, according to Greek legend, created the weapons for Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades to defeat the Titans who wreaked havoc on the earth. This colossal e-juice line may just be creating the tools to defeat the Titans of today, AKA Big Tobacco, with their superb quality flavors. Every single flavor branded with the name Cyclops Vape Juice features the name of a Greek God or a fabled beast, using their superpowers on your taste buds to send them into blissful joy. All eleven of their mythologically-inspired e liquids are a blend of 65VG and 35PG, a perfect concoction to maximize flavor output and cloud production. Some flavors have complexity, others are simple and extra flavorful, but whichever Cyclops juice you choose, you will dive into the midst of Greek lore and experience vaping in a fantastic way.

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