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Only the most popular e-liquid brands make their way to this website and are offered to you at the best prices possible! Incredible variety is at your fingertips with flavors ranging from fruit to tobacco and everything in between. Your next favorite is here and ready for you, so browse through these brands to find the perfect vape for you!

Best Selling E-liquid Brands

With so many options to choose from, you're probably wondering where to start. The brands below are the best selling on the website, so they're definitely good! Click on one that appeals to you and sort through their incredible e-liquids to find the next juice you'll be putting in your tank!

OFE E-Liquid
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Beard Logo
Dinner Lady Logo
Ruthless Logo



Newest Brands

Looking for something you've never tried before? Here are the newest e-liquids to browse through to help you on your quest to find something new and fun to vape on. 

Leviathan E-liquid
Lazer Wolf E-liquid
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Nicotine Salt E-liquids

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Beard Vape Co.
You don't have to have a beard to vape this e-liquid!



BlueBird E-Liquid
Hear the bluebird sing with Bluebird E-Liquids.



Burst E-liquid
A burst of flavor with Burst E-Liquid



Cali Cooler E-liquid
Cool down with Cali Cooler Vape Juice.



Cassadaga E-Liquid
Holy cannoli, get some Cassadaga!



Charlie's Chalk Dust
Charlie's Chalk Dust is always a hit!



Cosmic Fog E-Liquid
Enter the cosmos with Cosmic Fog.



Dinner Lady E-Liquid
Vape fancy with Dinner Lady e-juice!



Element E-Liquid
Find your element with Element E-liquid



Ethos Vapor
Crispy treat desserts are Ethos' specialty.



FJ's E-Liquid
Put a smile on with FJ's Premium E-Liquid



Hometown Hero Vape Juice
Try Hometown Hero E-liquid today!



Humble E-Liquid
Sit down and buy Humble E-Liquid!



Islander E-Liquid
Take a vacation with Islander E-Liquid.



Jam Monster
Find your jam with Jam Monster.



Juice Dimensions
Enter the Juice Dimension with this e-juice!



Kilo Liquids
Get yourself a kilogram of Kilo Liquids!



Lemon Twist E-Liquid
Do the twist with Lemon Twist E-liquids



Liquid State
Vape your state with Liquid Sate.



Mad Hatter I Love Salts
Go mad over Mad Hatter E-Liquid



LazerWolf E-liquid
With a name like Lazer Wolf E-Liquid...


Leviathan E-liquid
Get the mystical Leviathan E-Liquid



Marmalade Vape Juice
Pour some Marmalade E-liquid on your coils.



Milkman E-Liquid
Get some Milkman E-Liquid delivered!



Naked 100
Naked 100 is voted the BEST brand.



Nasty Juice X Kilo
Nasty Juice & Kilo make a great team!



NKD 100 Salt
No one does Nic Salt like Naked 100!



OFE E-Liquids
Go old school with Old Fashioned Elixir.



One Hit Wonder E-Liquid
Hit the spot with One Hit Wonder.



Propaganda Salts E-Liquid
Let Propaganda E-Liquids make you a believer.



Ruthless E-Liquid
Be relentless. Buy Ruthless E-Liquids.



Salty Man Vapor
Get salty with Salty Man Vapor E-Liquids



Space Jam E-Liquids
Welcome to the Space Jam E-Liquids.



Sugio Vapor
Experience Sugoi Vapor's e-liquids.



SVRF E-Liquid
Savour the flavor with SVRF E-liquid.



Swizzle Stix E-Liquid
Fo shizzle my Swizzle Stix E-liquid.



Vape Pink E-Liquid
Vape Pink E-Liquids are for everyone!



Vapetasia E-Liquid
Discover the euphoria of Vapetasia



VapeWild Steeped & Ready
Get Pre-Steeped VapeWild E-Liquid!



WFFL E-Liquid
Vape breakfast with WFFL E-Liquid!



Yami Vapor
Say yummy with Yami Vapor's flavors!



Kilo 1K Ultra E-cigarette Pod System

Meet the portable pod mod system with a sleek design, a virtually leak and spill free pod, and a charging time so fast, you’re able to move about your day with quickness and ease. The Kilo 1K Ultra is an all-in-one pod mod set up for nic salt...

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Dewberry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack) Dewberry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)
Sold Out

Dewberry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

Combining ripe, honeydew melon and fresh summer berries, Dewberry Salt Kilo 1k Replacement Pods deliver a solid throat hit, while still maintaining a sweet, succulent flavor. Four Kilo 1k Replacement Pods come in each pack. Primary Flavors: Honeydew,...

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Lemon Berry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack) Lemon Berry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)
Sold Out

Lemon Berry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

Combining the tartness of the juiciest, ripest lemons with the cool, refreshing flavor of mixed berries, Lemon Berry takes on menthol in a fruity way. The unique overlay of iciness in this Kilo 1K Replacement Pod does more than speak for itself. Comes...

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Strawberry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods Kilo 1K Ultra Pod Replacement
Sold Out

Strawberry Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

Harness the power of vibrant strawberries with a 4-pack of Kilo 1K Strawberry Replacement Pods! Refreshing is an understatement as these pods give you a straight blast of deliciously juicy strawberries, no extra frills. These 1K Strawberry Replacement...

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Menthol Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack) Menthol Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)
Sold Out

Menthol Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

Mild tobacco flavor combined perfectly with a refreshing hit of menthol, Menthol Salt Kilo 1k Replacement Pods provide a delightful flavor that will satisfy tobacco lovers everywhere. Four Kilo 1k Replacement Pods come in each pack. Primary...

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Smooth Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack) Smooth Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)
Sold Out

Smooth Tobacco Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

Perfectly cured mild tobacco leaves blended with subtle touches of smooth vanilla and sweet caramel create the Smooth Tobacco Salt Kilo 1k Replacement Pods. It’s a flavor designed for tobacco lovers, and the nic salt will give you the throat hit...

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Cereal Milk by Kilo Cereal Milk by Kilo
Sold Out

Cereal Milk by Kilo

Classic be thy name, Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid harnesses the power of nostalgia with this original cereal treat. Fruity, crunchy cereal softened by silky milk is satisfying enough to have you slurping up every drop in the bowl (and maybe even licking...

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Nutty Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack) Kilo 1K Ultra Pod Replacement
Sold Out

Nutty Kilo 1K Ultra Replacement Pods (4-Pack)

If the light flavor of almonds accentuated with a touch of creamy vanilla and sweet cream sounds good to you, then you definitely need Nutty Salt Kilo 1k Replacement Pods. It’s the perfect way to appease your sweet tooth, without too much sweet...

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Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo

We all scream for ice cream with the graceful flavor of Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo E-Liquids filling your atty. Another rich gem from Kilo’s White Series, Ice Cream Sandwich smothers captivatingly sweet and smooth vanilla ice cream inside layers of...

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Honey Creme by Kilo Honey Creme by Kilo
Sold Out

Honey Creme by Kilo

Rolling in from the Kilo Black Series, Honey Creme makes the word “smooth” an understatement. This premium eliquid flavor combines rich and creamy vanilla bean ice cream, a lusciously thick layer of honey, and warm, roasted nuts. Hand-crafted...

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Dewberry Creme by Kilo

Hand-crafted to perfection from Kilo’s Original Series, Dewberry Cream pairs two flavors you love in sheer bliss. You’ll want to crank out the clouds with this divine mixture of sweet, succulent honeydew melons, drizzled with a smooth cream...

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Cinnamon Roll by Kilo Cinnamon Roll by Kilo
Sold Out

Cinnamon Roll by Kilo

Hot off the presses from Kilo E-Liquid’s White Series, Cinnamon Roll is exactly what you think and then some, blowing your expectations out of the water (or out of your tank, whichever you prefer). Rich in every aspect, Cinnamon Roll is, you...

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