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Only the most popular e-liquid brands make their way to this website and are offered to you at the best prices possible! Incredible variety is at your fingertips with flavors ranging from fruit to tobacco and everything in between. Your next favorite is here and ready for you, so browse through these brands to find the perfect vape for you!

Best Selling E-liquid Brands

With so many options to choose from, you're probably wondering where to start. The brands below are the best selling on the website, so they're definitely good! Click on one that appeals to you and sort through their incredible e-liquids to find the next juice you'll be putting in your tank!

OFE E-Liquid
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Newest Brands

Looking for something you've never tried before? Here are the newest e-liquids to browse through to help you on your quest to find something new and fun to vape on. 

Leviathan E-liquid
Lazer Wolf E-liquid
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Nicotine Salt E-liquids

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Beard Vape Co.
You don't have to have a beard to vape this e-liquid!



BlueBird E-Liquid
Hear the bluebird sing with Bluebird E-Liquids.



Burst E-liquid
A burst of flavor with Burst E-Liquid



Cali Cooler E-liquid
Cool down with Cali Cooler Vape Juice.



Cassadaga E-Liquid
Holy cannoli, get some Cassadaga!



Charlie's Chalk Dust
Charlie's Chalk Dust is always a hit!



Cosmic Fog E-Liquid
Enter the cosmos with Cosmic Fog.



Dinner Lady E-Liquid
Vape fancy with Dinner Lady e-juice!



Element E-Liquid
Find your element with Element E-liquid



Ethos Vapor
Crispy treat desserts are Ethos' specialty.



FJ's E-Liquid
Put a smile on with FJ's Premium E-Liquid



Hometown Hero Vape Juice
Try Hometown Hero E-liquid today!



Humble E-Liquid
Sit down and buy Humble E-Liquid!



Islander E-Liquid
Take a vacation with Islander E-Liquid.



Jam Monster
Find your jam with Jam Monster.



Juice Dimensions
Enter the Juice Dimension with this e-juice!



Kilo Liquids
Get yourself a kilogram of Kilo Liquids!



Lemon Twist E-Liquid
Do the twist with Lemon Twist E-liquids



Liquid State
Vape your state with Liquid Sate.



Mad Hatter I Love Salts
Go mad over Mad Hatter E-Liquid



LazerWolf E-liquid
With a name like Lazer Wolf E-Liquid...


Leviathan E-liquid
Get the mystical Leviathan E-Liquid



Marmalade Vape Juice
Pour some Marmalade E-liquid on your coils.



Milkman E-Liquid
Get some Milkman E-Liquid delivered!



Naked 100
Naked 100 is voted the BEST brand.



Nasty Juice X Kilo
Nasty Juice & Kilo make a great team!



NKD 100 Salt
No one does Nic Salt like Naked 100!



OFE E-Liquids
Go old school with Old Fashioned Elixir.



One Hit Wonder E-Liquid
Hit the spot with One Hit Wonder.



Propaganda Salts E-Liquid
Let Propaganda E-Liquids make you a believer.



Ruthless E-Liquid
Be relentless. Buy Ruthless E-Liquids.



Salty Man Vapor
Get salty with Salty Man Vapor E-Liquids



Space Jam E-Liquids
Welcome to the Space Jam E-Liquids.



Sugio Vapor
Experience Sugoi Vapor's e-liquids.



SVRF E-Liquid
Savour the flavor with SVRF E-liquid.



Swizzle Stix E-Liquid
Fo shizzle my Swizzle Stix E-liquid.



Vape Pink E-Liquid
Vape Pink E-Liquids are for everyone!



Vapetasia E-Liquid
Discover the euphoria of Vapetasia



VapeWild Steeped & Ready
Get Pre-Steeped VapeWild E-Liquid!



WFFL E-Liquid
Vape breakfast with WFFL E-Liquid!



Yami Vapor
Say yummy with Yami Vapor's flavors!



Original Bold by OFE

Direct from the fields of Virginia and straight to your bottle, Original Bold E Juice has something to say.  With a solid throat hit and a boldly rugged flavor, this is the closest you’ll get to the real thing without the smell.  Primary...

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Classic Gold By OFE

Subtle but mighty, Classic Gold by OFE is reminiscent of your favorite gold cigarette brand.  With just enough flavor to keep your nic fits intact! Primary Flavors: Cigarette Tobacco  Bottle Size: 30ml & 60ml VG/PG Blend: 70/30

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Cool Menthol By OFE

Refreshing and crisp, Cool Menthol by OFE takes on the traditional cigarette with a slight touch of cool that adds zing to your tastebuds. Primary Flavors: Menthol, Tobacco Bottle Size: 30ml & 60ml VG/PG Blend: 70/30

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This strawberry dragonfruit drips from your tank like fresh fruit juice.  Tropical flavors collide heavily with Drop.  You’ll love every drip. Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Citrus VG/PG Ratio: 65%vg / 35%pg Made...

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Lava Flow by Naked 100

With Naked Lava Flow, you can cool the flow of lava with this profile that takes the sweetness of strawberries and combines them with the taste of the islands.  Coconuts and pineapples follow close behind the berries in a river of sweet and...

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Islander Sample Pack (3x30mls)

Hey mon! Ever wanted to visit paradise but were afraid to take the plunge? The Islander sample pack is for you! It brings the flavor of the tropics right to your front door with every flavor in the line available now in 30ml vape juice sample...

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Cup O Joe by OFE

Java for the win! Start your morning off right with Cup O Joe E Liquid by OFE, a blended delight of rich, warm coffee with just a hint of luscious cream and a bit of sweetness.  Brew the perfect cup every time! Primary Flavors: Coffee,...

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Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

The islands beckon with this absolutely tasty e juice blend of passion fruit, orange, and guava. Naked 100 Hawaiian Pog e Liquid promises to transport you directly to the Big Island with big taste! Primary Flavors: Passion Fruit, Orange,...

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Naked Unicorn by Naked 100

Naked Unicorn ejuice by Naked 100 is a creamy strawberry delight that has absolutely nothing to do with naked unicorns, but we kinda feel like this is what a unicorn flavored ejuice would taste like. Yes, succulent strawberries and cream make naked...

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Turkish Blend by OFE

This exotic blend takes you straight to the Byzantine Empire with its robust and rich tobacco flavor that’s smooth and deep.  Primary Flavors: Cigarette Tobacco  Bottle Size: 30ml & 60ml VG/PG Blend: 70/30

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Beach Bum by Islander E-Liquid

Paradise in a bottle!  Escape to the islands every day with Islander Beach Bum!  Fruit fans - your perfect blend of eLiquid has arrived!  With a fine mix of a berry and pomegranate and a splash of pineapple, this eLiquid will have you in...

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Lava Flow by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

So flavorful, it burns, Lava Flow eliquid from the NKD 100 Salt line is superb in every way. The combination of flavor and pure volcanic mouth to lung pod vaping is unmatched. Every inhale drives the one-of-a-kind hit you desire, while balancing a rich,...

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Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady's Lemon Tart is a sharp lemon curd topped with gooey meringue, all cradled by a thin pastry crust making this e-juice delicious & delectable.  Primary Flavors: Lemon, Meringue, Crust Bottle Size: 30ml

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OFE Main Street Sample Pack

Ease your way on down Main Street with this delectable sample pack of flavors that bring the best of small-town America to you.  Every flavor in the OFE Main Street sample pack reminds you of home, of county fairs, general stores, and lazy Sundays...

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Maui Sun by Naked 100

Naked brings you a flavor full of beach vibes with Maui Sun ejuice. It's a yummy burst of pineapple mixed with sweet citrus notes of orange and tangerine. Just lay back and let your cotton soak up this tropical flavor and experience a taste...

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Hula Girl by Islander E-Liquid

Paradise in a bottle!  Escape to the islands every day with Islander Hula Girl!  This premium eLiquid will take your mind to the beach - relaxed, while vaping a mix of coconut, banana, and heavy cream.  This is a fine mixture of all three...

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Really Berry by Naked 100

The best of berries make their presence known in Naked 100 Really Berry, this fruity blend of sweet blueberries, juicy blackberries, and just a hint of zesty lemon to round it off in a uniquely tasty way.  Primary Flavors: Blueberries,...

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All Melon by Naked 100

Naked 100's All Melon Vape Juice is filled with juicy watermelons, crisp and sweet honeydews, and tart but unique cantaloupes! It’s the trifecta of fruit you’ve been waiting for! If you’ve been looking for an all melon mash up,...

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Amazing Mango by Naked 100

Mango is an amazing fruit and Amazing Mango by Naked 100 E-Liquid shows you just why! This lusciously sweet tropical treat is infused with hints of peach and cream in a subtle, but sexy way.  Your collection is not complete without Naked Amazing...

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Hawaiian Pog Ice by Naked 100

If you’re on a quest for an e-juice flavor that will teleport you to a white sand beach vacation, start with Hawaiian Pog Ice by Naked 100! This flavor takes the original passion fruit, juicy orange, and ripe guava blend of Hawaiian Pog and adds an...

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Hawaiian Pog by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

If you need a getaway but can’t afford to escape to tropical isles, just grab some Hawaiian POG by NKD100 Salts. This tropical fruit-infused flavor contains the heavenly aromas of passion fruit, guava, and a hint of citrus with a burst of orange...

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Brain Freeze by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

Brain Freeze ejuice by NKD 100 Salts is mind-numbingly amazing to say the least! Stay extra frosty with super ripe strawberries, succulent kiwis, and a superb pomegranate overlay, all spiked with icy greatness create the ultimate winter wonderland in...

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Sun Seeker by Islander E-Liquid

Paradise in a bottle!  Escape to the islands every day with Islander Sun Seeker!  If you're looking for a fantastic fruit eLiquid, here you go.  A fine mix of melon and citrus will satisfy your fruit eJuice needs, and will most likely...

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Peach Cobbler by OFE

This decadent dessert is loaded with creamy vanilla and cinnamon as you inhale it and mixes with ripe, juicy peaches on the exhale that creates a combo of peach cobbler vape juice flavors unlike any other.  Dessert’s up! Primary...

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Really Berry by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

Are you really into berries? We mean, are you really, truly into berries? You’ve stumbled across the perfect e-juice flavor with Really Berry e-juice by NKD 100 Salts! When tart and sweet collide with the likes of fresh blueberries, crisp...

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Very Cool by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

If you’re looking for a fruit menthol blend with the extra punch of nic salts, look no further than Very Cool by NKD 100 Salt. The tongue-tingling mix of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries with a cooling wave of menthol creates an unmatched...

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American Patriots by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

Experience a bolder tobacco flavor blended just for pod mod vapers who prefer a pure mouth to lung experience in a stronger milligram of nicotine. Masterfully crafted by NKD 100 to give you the striking taste of an analog without the...

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Berry Lush by Naked 100

Soaring in with another fantastically fruity flavor from the Naked 100 line, we bring you, Berry Lush. This definitive tropical fruit e liquid harnesses the power of ripe, juicy strawberries, crisp pineapple, and a nice finishing layer of rich cream. The...

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Amazing Mango by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

NKD100 Salt line by Naked 100 brings you Amazing Mango e-liquid, their answer to the call from fruit smoothie lovers everywhere. They’ve taken mangoes and peaches and blended them with a fresh and smooth overlay of cream to create this...

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Green Blast by Naked 100

The power of the green fruit is prevalent in this powerhouse of a flavor, Naked 100 Green Blast Vape Juice.  The sweetest honeydew marries itself to the tart crunch of Granny Smith apples and the ever-luscious kiwi, creating a symphony of flavor in...

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Apple Pie by OFE

It doesn’t get any more American than the flavor of ripe, fresh-picked apples that meld with sweet and savory cinnamon, spices, and a hint of buttery crust made into an Apple Pie E Liquid.  Taking fresh out the oven flavor to a whole new level...

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Damn Good Coffee by Swizzle Stix

If you need a straight boost to start your day off right, there’s no better way than with some Damn Good Coffee e-juice! A piping-hot dark roast coffee, lightly sweetened with brown sugar, Bavarian cream, and a subtle hint of coconut is all you...

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Polar Breeze by NKD 100 Salt e Liquid

Cantaloupe and honeydew melon fused together and mixed with a blast of cool menthol. Polar Breeze NKD 100 Salt e-liquid packs a punch of cool fruit and nicotine salts in all the right ways!  Bottle Size: 30ml VG/PG...

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Lemon Berry by OFE

Tart lemons and sweet berries intermingle for a lovely duet in your mouth! Lemon Berry Vape Juice flavor oozes with cool and refreshing charm, much like the best berry lemonade you’ve ever tasted.  Primary Flavors: Lemon, Mixed...

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Azul Berries by Naked 100

Many have created their own spin on the berries and cream ejuice combination, but Naked Azul Berries brings something new to the table. Once you taste it there won't be any other flavors, only Azul. Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Cream Bottle...

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Strawberry by Jam Monster Nic Salt

For the strawberry lovers we have Strawberry Nic Salt by Jam Monster. This yummy e-liquid is a buttery piece of toast slathered is deliciously sweet strawberry jam to give you a vape that will satisfy your tastebuds like no other! Primary...

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