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Nicotine is
an addictive chemical.

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Ethos Vapors

Let’s face it, we all love a scrumptiously crispy treat in our lives, and Ethos Vapors is here to deliver the goods! Fresh out of Mama’s kitchen, Ethos Ejuice provides four delectable flavors that you need to get your sweet-tooth-having, dessert-craving hands on. First, we start things off with the original Crispy Treats (self-titled), which packs a 60ml flavor punch of crispy rice cereal morphed with sweet, chewy marshmallows to create a gooey marshmallow cereal bar vape. If you’re looking for a hint of more complexity, wrap your taste buds around Strawberry Crispy Treats, Blueberry Crispy Treats, and Fruity Crispy Treats. What do they mean by “fruity” you ask? Instead of the rice cereal, they harness the power of fruity cereal instead to add an extra dimension of deliciousness. Drip some of this vape juice on your freshly wicked cotton to hear that famous snap, crackle, pop as you unleash this tantalizing eliquid onto your taste buds. What’s also great about vaping Ethos is that you don’t have to worry about the icky sticky mess that marshmallow cereal bars would usually create, other than the fact that these bottles will stick to your hand because you can't stop vaping it. Let the dessert flag fly majestically in the air with Ethos Vapors.

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