WARNING: This product
contains nicotine.
Nicotine is
an addictive chemical.

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FJ's E-Liquid

Now available at Vape Wild, the entire line of Elevate FJ's e-liquid! Cool off with the fruit and mint flavor of Frozen. Soothe your sweet tooth with Cookie Craze's sugar cookie flavor. Enjoy a classic Spanish treat with Churronimo's combination of cinnamon churro and vanilla ice cream. Go tropical with Lair and its Bavarian cream, pineapple and dragon fruit mix. Indulge yourself with the mango sorbet flavor of Bae, or go back to Grandma's kitchen with the warm flaky pastry and baked apple flavor of XOXO. Whatever your tastes, Elevate FJ's e-liquid has a flavor for you. Try them all today!

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