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GeekVape GBOX 200W Squonk Kit

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Product Description

Functionality, style, and power are the star components of the GeekVape GBOX Squonk 200W TC Kit, a reliable bottom feeding device equipped with an AS chipset capable of 5W to 200W. This device features a full temperature control suite, along with VPC support and a bypass mode to give users more control of many settings. Dual 18650 batteries (not included) are housed together with a removable 8ml reservoir bottle with a bottom locking latch door that securely holds everything in place. An enlarged OLED display shows a vertical menu complete with resistance, amps, voltage, a re-settable puff counter and battery life, keeping you up to date with all the information you need to tailor your vape to your specific wants and needs! 

The GeekVape GBOX 200W TC Squonk Mod comes paired with the Radar Bottom Feed RDA. Boasting a 24mm deck featuring unique dual staggered directional building posts and housing a 5ml juice well perfect for squonking with a pre-installed squonk pin, this RDA is epic to say the very least. Built to handle resistances as low as .05 ohm and as high as 3.0 ohms, allowing for all types of coil builds. A regular 510 pin is included in the box to give you the option to use it as regular dripper as well! A PEEK insulator is built in to handle higher heat without fear of melting. Dual adjustable airflow provide users with ultimate control in regard to vapor production, setting you up with the perfect hit that you’re aiming for. With superb design, amazing output, and a powerful chipset, the GBOX 200W TC Squonk Mod offers squonk lovers everywhere a mod designed for adaptability that is easily functional!


  • Utilizes the AS Chip from GeekVape
  • Seven output modes: Power, Bypass, Ni, SS, TCR and VPC (Variable Power Curve)
  • Full Temperature Control Suite (Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel full compatible) 
  • Micro USB connection for Firmware updates
  • 8ml Squonk Bottle (with an extra in the box)
  • Gold plated spring loaded 510 connection
  • Mod warnings: Low Voltage, Current, Output Short Circuit, Load, Low Resistance, Overheating 
  • Bottom slide and lock battery access door
  • Available colors: Wine Red and Army Green


  • Atomizer range: 0.05 ohms - 3.0 ohms
  • Atomizer resistance accuracy reading: 0.02 ohms
  • Output range: 5W - 200W
  • Voltage range: 0.1V - 8V
  • Maximum vaping duration: 10 seconds
  • Dimensions of the GBOX 200W: 114.9mm, 55.7m, 46mm
  • PCBA Temperature Warning: 85C
  • Detailed 0.96" OLED Display Screen that includes a Brightness Control Setting
  • Accepts two 18650 Batteries (sold separately)

Radar Bottom Feed RDA Features:

  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Height: 31mm
  • Juice well depth: 5mm
  • Drip tip compatible: 810 and 510
  • Staggered Directional Post Build Deck with 3mm terminals
  • Top Mounted Allen Screws
  • Wide bore top cap
  • Side adjustable airflow
  • Double O-Ring Secured
  • PEEK Insulator

What's in the Box

  • 1 x GBOX Squonk Mod
  • 1 x Radar RDA
  • 1 x Spare Squonk Bottle
  • 1 x GeekVape Allen Key
  • 1 x 810 Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1 x 510 Delrin Drip Tip Adapter
  • 6 x Spare O-Rings
  • 8 x Allen Screws
  • 1 x User Manual

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. First Squonk

    Posted by Eddie on Aug 27th 2018

    As the title states: This is my first Squonk mod. So I’ll just give a review of my experience.

    The good: The flavor is great! It’s very easy to build on the Radar RDA that the mod comes with. The mod itself is also simple to use. I also get great battery life running dual coils at about .19ohm. The bottle is pretty simple to use, too... despite what some YouTube reviewers have said.

    The bad: The bottle does leak a little if it’s not pushed in far enough. It’s not terrible, just make sure you pay attention. The buttons seem a little cheap, unlike the Aegis Legend I have. They still respond well, though. The airflow is ok, but seems to lack a little. It’s also not very pocket friendly.

    The Ugly: It’s just ugly. There’s no way around it. It kind of looks like a Halo helmet.

    The Verdict: Even though I nitpicked it a little, I still highly recommend this kit. If you have bigger hands, it’s very comfortable to hold. I have really been enjoying this mod over the past few weeks I’ve had it. I’m a big fan of GeekVape since purchasing the Legend and GBOX mods. Very good product!

  2. Great mod

    Posted by Michael Turner on Aug 13th 2018

    I love the gbox. Saves a lot of money in buying coils

  3. Exactly what I was looking for.

    Posted by Richard Hansen on Aug 3rd 2018

    This Squonker does exactly what you need. It’s my favorite mod I’ve ever owned.

  4. Love it!

    Posted by Desiree on Jul 24th 2018

    I love my gbox! I can't express how much! It's fallen on the floor thanks to my daughter and not one scratch! It's a perfect fit in my hand even tho it seems bulky. It's even light for being as big as it is. I got the army green and it's a beautiful shade of green! Only complaint I have is the brightness but I don't have to look at it outside much so it's not a big deal. I'll be getting another one in red soon! Great mod and a great price!

  5. Awesome after a little modding to the mod

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 22nd 2018

    I have 2 of these both with I done the same modding to. Removed the back panel , took out the squonk system, placed a lost vape silicone bottle in place and replaced the back panel screws with cylinder magnets.

  6. Good for new squonker

    Posted by Gregg on Jul 17th 2018

    This is my first squonk mod, and I haven't built a lot of RDA's. The deck is laid out in a very easy to build manner.
    While bulky, it isn't very heavy even with 2 batteries and a full tank.
    The fire button is a little flimsy, the screen a bit dim outdoors, but it has some cool features and is a decent price.

  7. Not my favorite

    Posted by Aaron on Jun 27th 2018

    The gbox works decent as a cheap mod. But when it comes to the way the squonk system is designed, I am not a fan. I don't mind proprietary systems if they are designed well, and unfortunately this is not. First of all, the bottle is so stiff and cheap I often have to squeeze it with two fingers to get a satisfactory amount of juice on the coil. Second, the metal rod blocks you from fully compressing the bottle which is a problem when you get low on juice. Third, the rubber stopper that goes into the top of the bottle is not always air-tight and juice can actually leak out of it if you squeeze too hard. I ended up just dropping some money on a Lost Vape mod to replace it because this setup was annoying me. The only reason I gave it 3 stars is because it does get the job done if you are on a budget... But it does not do it well.

  8. Pretty awesome mod!

    Posted by Kyle Chandler on Jun 26th 2018

    At first I was disappointed in this product and I was going to write an angry review but I’m glad I didn’t because I love this mod for the most part, and the RDA as well! I had purchased and used RDAs years ago, but quit vaping and went back to smoking. I am giving vaping another shot, and had to educate myself about coils, batteries, and RDAs. I did however had a mod with a tank before I purchased this Geek Vape Kit, but am new to squonk mods. I’ve had it for over a week now and I really really like it.

    Great device in my personal opinion! I do like the RDA that came with it as well. I ordered the silver/black colored mod which came with a matching color RDA. The device is rather large which may be a issue for some but its fine with me. I love how many options there are to heat your coils! you have the options of wattage, temperature control, bypass, and my favorite Variable Power Curve! This setting is awesome, and I actually just discovered it today.

    All in all I really like this device but there are some things I don’t like. I was under the impression this device would feel more heavy duty. I’m not sure what type of material it is made of but it feels like plasticish although I’m almost sure I’m wrong. I feel as if I dropped the device on the ground it would easily scratch or break, although I haven’t dropped it yet thankfully! It also has two holes for venting I suppose but I’m not really sure. Either way when I vape with the device my fingers cover those holes which I don’t really like. However if I turn it around with the screen facing away from me the holes are not covered. The squonk bottle works well compared to others I assume from what I’ve seen. I wish the two squonk bottles it came with had lids with them so I could fill it and carry it with me. When I first removed the mod from the box it had a mark on it like it had been dropped, I rubbed it with my finger and it didn’t come off although, I later rubbed it with a paper towel I wet with water and it came right off. The screen also isn’t very bright, while outside although it is still visible but barely. The screen is nice and bright while I’m in my house though. The display will tell you useful information about your build and such, but you have to push the power button to view battery amps, volts, and it also times your puff but you can’t see how long your puff was because it only shows the timer when you hold down the power button! :(

    All around satisfied with my purchase and feel like it was well worth the money for the mod/RDA combo. Only real disappointment is that I thought it would feel more heavy duty than it does. In the long book I wrote above I nit picked little things that don’t really make much difference.

    Four stars only because I don’t feel as if it is as durable as it appears in the pictures online, although I’ve never dropped it on a hard/rough surface so I don’t really know! Just assuming, but I could be wrong.

    Also the manual doesn’t tell you much, but if you’re curious look for videos people post online about it!

  9. Awesome Squonk Mod

    Posted by Arvin on Jun 26th 2018

    I am new to squonking. This is my second squonk mod, my first being an Aspire Feedlink Revvo. The Feedlink didn't really convince me, so I tried one of these since the price is right. The mod is awesome. The finish is gorgeous and feels very solid. It has enough power to satisfy anyone's taste in vapes. Only downfall I have found is the screen. Even at 100% brightness, it is still very tough to see when outside on a sunny day. Otherwise, the mod is fantastic. There was a learning curve for me as to how often to squonk, but I think I have the hang of it after a few days. The bottle isn't soft silicone, but I'm ok with it since I can't accidentally squonk the mod. Thus far no leaks and battery life lasts all day. Was so happy with this mod that I had to buy a second one.

  10. Just arrived today, New to squonking!

    Posted by Andrew Bennett on Jun 2nd 2018

    I never do much research when I buy a new mod, except in this case. This mod shows up on every list of the "best" squonk mods, and I'm starting to see why.

    Some notable features:

    POWER! It's one of the few squonk mods I've seen that doesn't max at 80w, it goes to 200w, and it takes TWO 18650's. I usually vape at 150w, so when I found an interest in squonk mods, this was very important.

    Brightness setting! Before this mod I used a SnowWolf VFeng-S, and holy shit BRIGHT! Vaping at night or in a dark room was... irritating. So I also appreciate the monochrome display. I don't need an array of colors blasting me in the face when I vape.

    The Squonk Bottle. Soft enough to squeeze it easily, not soft enough that I might accidentally give it a squeeze. (My friends call my hands/fingers meat claws, so this is a real thing for me. Lol.) VERY NICELY goes in and out with ease and without mess. That's a huge selling point for me because this is why I despise tanks.

    Battery Hatch. It has some spring action to it. Clicks closed securely and without play. I've seen some people complain about the batteries and squonk bottle both being under the battery hatch, but the bottle won't move on its own when the hatch is open and the hatch seems quite stable.

    This is my first squonk mod and so far I love it. I haven't set up the Radar RDA that came with it. All I can really say is it happens to be my only none clone RDA, and it seems built from quality materiel.(It's heavy) I'm currently using a Dead Rabbit clone that came with a squonk pin installed. (Didn't even know it was a bottom feed until I rewicked it yesterday). And it's SO goooooooood.

    Highly recommend. 10/10, would vape again.

  11. Great mod

    Posted by Damon on May 25th 2018

    To the person that thought it only came with lightning cable it that is just a cap on the micro usb. You can pull the lightning top off to uncover the micro usb.

    I have been using this mod for 2 months and it has been the best one ive ever owned.only thing they could change is to be able take bottle out with removing batteries

  12. Un boxing was sad. But it will do

    Posted by Stosh Przychowicz on May 7th 2018

    This isn't my first dual battery squonker. I had a KangerTech Dropbox 160 that I lost in a car accident but they are built close to the same way.

    I was disappointed that in the box I didn't get a micro USB cable but a lighting to USB, I'm guessing they don't mind using Apple's patents on the stuff that stays in China? My Gbox unit does need the micro USB for charging thought. The lightning USB cable does have the Geek Vape logo screened on to the ends so you decide what may be happening there.
    I don't like that I have to open the battery compartment to change the the bottle, it's just annoying and the Kanger didn't require it but it does make for less pieces I guess.

    Menu options are easy to use like every other box mod I've ever used so nothing of note there.
    It does feel good in my medium sized hands. Heavy and solid but it's a two battery unit and they are usually kinda hefty.

    I can't speak to the Radar RDA it didn't come prebuilt or with any coils and cotton so I simply left it in the box. I'm sure I'll play with it in the next week or so but I've got other BF RDAs that I'm already built out on.

    Gotta say the biggest disappointment was I paid 50% more for this geek vape box than I did for the KangerTech Dropbox and the only place that I feel geekvape did it better was the battery compartment wells. The Kanger was very tight and had the potential to strip off the wraps from my batteries. In the geek vape unit they slide right out, but that again makes filling the bottle annoying.
    It's a diecent double battery squonker but I'm just meh about it.

  13. This squonk is awesome!!

    Posted by Joe on Apr 18th 2018

    I love this thing! The dual batteries makes sure your good for a few days and takes any build you can dream of. It's a beast, only downfall is the shear size of the mod and hardness of the bottle. Feels good in the hand though and works beautifully with my dead rabbit. P.s. The customer service here rocks!!

  14. Best squonk kit I've tried to date

    Posted by Nate on Jan 13th 2018

    I've tried a few single battery squonk kits and out of them the Pulse was my favorite. This set up has the power needed to enjoy squonking and produce the type of vape that satisfies.

  15. Love love love

    Posted by JoeDar on Jan 13th 2018

    I'm so glad I waited to get this kit. Guys if your thinking about getting this mod don't wait to get it you won't be disappointed. I was on the fence about getting into squanking. I was so glad I got this and dead rabbit. Combo rocks!

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