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Happy Demise e-Juice


Product Description

We all need desserts in our lives.  It’s a scientific fact.  And with Happy Demise, there lies a flaky, fruity strawberry macaron that is bursting with flavor.  This macaron has no coconuts (otherwise it would be a macaroon!) but still carries the same fantastic taste of cookies and fruit in a light blend that gets deeper with time.  Bite into the goodness today!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Macaron

Happy Demise was March 2017's Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild's Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Had to dump my tank

    Posted by Brittney May on Aug 14th 2017

    I had to dump my tank. I can't believe I wasted my money on a 30ml bottle because I had to throw this away. Really wish I had only gotten a sample of it, not your guys' fault, I guess I want to give advice, if you are going to try a flavor composed of baked goods, just beware, stick to fruits, easier to replicate, if you are into baked goods, go for it. :)

  2. Spot On

    Posted by Lauren Armwood on Jul 14th 2017

    Unreal how accurate this is to an actual strawberry macaron. I swear I can taste the crunch! It's a very very sweet juice so I can't make it my ADV but I'm sure someone could. I won this in an Instagram contest and I will absolutely be buying it from now on.

  3. New favorite

    Posted by Michelle Transue on Jul 13th 2017

    I got this as a mystery flavor and absolutely loved it! It tastes exactly like a strawberry macaroon, its delicious!

  4. Sugary, Creamy Strawberry

    Posted by Elle on Jun 26th 2017

    Happy Demise delivers in terms of tasting exactly like a strawberry macaron. On the intake it is a sugary strawberry flavour, with a creamy aftertaste. One of my favourites.

  5. Omg

    Posted by Jennifer on Jun 22nd 2017

    Okay so I got this one as a mystery flavor and I liked it a lot so I ordered myself a bigger bottle and didn't like it I don't know what happened so I just got another one and omg it's so so so good I don't have an adv but I think this one could be it

  6. I really like this

    Posted by Renee Muller on Jun 18th 2017

    Not sure what it really tastes like, but I like it a lot

  7. Zero dollars and zero cents were deposited in my account for this review.

    Posted by Kiley on Jun 17th 2017

    Out of about two dozen VW e-juice flavors, I have to say this one is absolutely my favorite. Each and every puff reminds me of something good from my childhood, but I can never manage to put my finger on what, exactly; therefore, it might be said, it tastes like nostalgia. But really it's like a pinkish, almost medicine-y, Flinstones Vitamin-esque kind of flavor - in the best way possible. It's basically strawberry, I guess, but it's unlike, and far better than, any other strawberry e-juice I've ever had.

  8. Yum Yum

    Posted by Mark Chamless on Jun 14th 2017

    rainbow angel food cake

  9. Good stuff

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 5th 2017

    I love this flavor! It's amazing!

  10. Bad strawberry

    Posted by philip on Jun 1st 2017

    This taste like the cheap strawberry vapes i've bought before, its really sickening and not a good vape for me. I like my vapes more sweet

  11. Good Stuff

    Posted by Alex on May 26th 2017

    Reminds me of a strawberry cereal just can't think of which one lol. No steep time and running out of Baby Beast about 50 watts

  12. I think a name change is in need.

    Posted by christoper delacruz on May 25th 2017

    Do you remember Flinstones chew-able vitamins? And that's all I could taste. I was hoping for the strawberry-wafer experience. It could just be me. This could be amazing for you. Get a sample. Or take a bigger chance and get more. You may like it more than I did.
    *I'm not a professional. I don't know what the e-liquid engineers were aiming for in this. That's why it still gets a 4 star. It was good. It's just not for me.

  13. Happy Demise

    Posted by Darla Shown on May 24th 2017

    This was March '17 mystery. It was amazing as the mystery and I could hardly wait to order. I ordered several bottles and steeped. Absolutely not near as good as the mystery bottles were. I'm gonna order once more along with the boost and if it isn't right I'll not order again.

  14. Good taste

    Posted by Earl Gianne Espinosa on May 23rd 2017

    It has a good flavor but i don't really understand what is it

  15. Happy with happy demise

    Posted by Unknown on May 21st 2017

    Very good only like fruity flavors

  16. Happy Demise (Nice Surprise)

    Posted by NKJ on May 19th 2017

    Just delicious. By far this is my favorite vapewild e-juice and vape it daily. IMO the favor is spot on in an RDA or in a lower watt RTA Build. Highly recommend and one I'll be stocking up on.

  17. <3 this stuff-

    Posted by Tara S Ollis on May 15th 2017

    I got my first taste of Happy Demise with the March Mystery Flavor and have been hooked ever since. It really does get better with time. Im thinking about making a mini wine celler to keep a stock of finely aged Happy Demise!

  18. great

    Posted by julia bailey on May 13th 2017

    wow. this is such a good vape juice. I love the strawberry flavor because it is not very sweet and the flavor of the macaroon cookie without the coconut is just so good. I may have to get a bigger bottle.

  19. SO GOOD

    Posted by Keon on May 8th 2017


  20. Good all day vape

    Posted by Lucy on May 4th 2017

    Got this with an order. It was sweet, juicy and light. Thanks vape wild

  21. Excellent Juice

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2017

    The Strawberry isn't overpowering and is a good balance of sweet and tart, and the macaroon has a creamy marshmallow taste.

  22. Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Hadrian on Apr 29th 2017

    To me, it tastes like a strawberry wafer, which was a snack I had a lot of as a kid. It's pretty great!

  23. If I could give it 10 Stars

    Posted by Nick on Apr 27th 2017

    I would. This stuff is hands down the best strawberry vape I've had. Like strawberry milk but with an extra level. Already picked up 120 and it is better than the sample. Good stuff!

  24. Best juice ever

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 26th 2017

    Best juice ever

  25. Best Juice I've Ever Had

    Posted by Danielle S on Apr 23rd 2017

    I usually go for fruity flavors and got this as the free mystery sample. Love it from the first taste. Will be ordering much much more.

  26. Great flavor

    Posted by Mike on Apr 23rd 2017

    I typically give my mystery flavors away and after giving this one away I tried the next bottle and couldn't wait to find out what it was... actually made one order just to get the free bottle until I found it what it was

  27. Deeper with time? I'll wait then

    Posted by GS on Apr 21st 2017

    I sure hope it gets deeper with time because right now it's a little bland. Okay, ALOT bland.

  28. Surprised

    Posted by Ricky on Apr 20th 2017

    Got it as a mystery flavor.opened it up and literally already taste it,a smooth strawberry and cream,usually not a fan of fruity flavors but this one a must have

  29. Spot on..

    Posted by Christopher on Apr 19th 2017

    On inhale you receive a silky smooth light strawberry and on exhale you are taken to strawberry macaroon heaven. Im impressed... will be buying more.

  30. Wow, It's Delicious

    Posted by Christina Maxfield on Apr 14th 2017

    I don't know why some of the reviews say it has no flavor and one said it didn't taste like strawberry. I beg to differ. Got this one as the mystery flavor last month and have completely fallen in love with it. Has a very nice sweet strawberry cookie flavor. I did let it steep for 3 weeks and I guess I'm glad I did because the flavor is AMAZING!! This will be in my next order I place tomorrow. Keep those Mystery Flavors of the month coming Vape Wild, I probably wouldn't have tried this in the first place simply cause I have not found a really good strawberry vape yet and this one nailed it for me, so glad I got the sample. Keep up the amazing work Vape Wild!!!

  31. 5 start 100% wild

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 13th 2017

    Remember me the berry crunch

  32. Oh no....

    Posted by Desiree on Apr 12th 2017

    I got this as the mystery flavor. My husband does not vape. He said it smells nice, and could smell strawberries, but I couldn't taste them. It's still a mystery flavor to me, even though it's gone...I'm still trying to figure out what it tasted like- kind of like a super sweet, artificial, red-cherry flavor cough drop, and shredded wheat cereal. Yuk. And I love anything red flavored lol. Sorry you missed the mark on this one for me. At least it was free.

  33. A nice vape

    Posted by Barry Filerman on Apr 11th 2017

    Overall the flavor is very good and smooth but it is reminiscent of Flinstone vitamins.

  34. Great juice

    Posted by Joseph on Apr 10th 2017

    I love this juice it was good straight out the mail it's only been two days and it's so so good should have got the 120

  35. Too sweet...

    Posted by Attila on Apr 8th 2017

    ...for me and not too much (almost no strawberry flavour at all), but the macaron is pretty good, reminds of of a very special party a few months ago. Just too sweet. By the way: very bad name for this juice, because of the name, I don't think that I will ever buy it. (This first one was my mystery flavour.)

  36. It's ok

    Posted by Trish on Apr 8th 2017

    Reminded me of fruity pebbles.

  37. Nice surprise!

    Posted by Jen on Apr 7th 2017

    Very nice! Well balanced. Not sure about the macaron description, I'm thinking more of a strawberry shortcake taste. Still delicious. I'll definitely get this one again!..(and thanks for the extra freebie bottle with my April order!)

  38. My new ADV!

    Posted by Kevin on Apr 7th 2017

    I love this! Can't wait to order more!

  39. Got it as a mystery flavor

    Posted by Dee on Apr 6th 2017

    Not knowing what it was until it was released still pleased me! I loved its! Will order this again.

  40. very good

    Posted by James Hibbard on Apr 6th 2017

    i got it as a added bonus for a order i did and it was very good i liked it a lot thank you.

  41. strawberry marshmallow toastieness!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 5th 2017

    The Best, juiciest ripe strawberry flavor. Meets a lightly toasted marshmallow flavor, then what happens? A sweet love child named "Happy Demise" of course!

  42. Strawberry chapstick??

    Posted by Samantha on Apr 5th 2017

    I got this flavor last month as the mystery flavor... It smelled (and even tasted?) like strawberry chapstick. Sounds weird, but I loved it. As a kid, many of us always wanted (and sometimes did) eat that tasty chapstick. Now you can vape it!

  43. Love it!

    Posted by Ange on Apr 5th 2017

    This tastes so good after letting it steep for a couple weeks! The taste reminds me so much of strawberry Nesquik, I can't wait to order more of it!


    Posted by Unknown on Apr 4th 2017

    I love the new flavor, did not see this one coming. From the first time I vaped as the mystery flavor I could not wait to order as part of the regular!!

  45. Just wasn't to my liking.

    Posted by Zachary Taylor on Apr 4th 2017

    Got this as a sample mystery flavor for March. It smelled amazing and i was really looking forward to trying it after i let it steep for awhile. Time came to vape it and it was disgusting. I took 3 hits and knew this wasn't for me. I got the strawberries on inhale but the exhale taste was awful. Vape Wild has some amazing juices but this one just didn't hit my flavor profile i guess. Gave what was left to a friend. This is just my own personal taste so you may love this stuff, i just couldn't vape it.


    Posted by Micijah on Apr 3rd 2017

    I got the tester for Mystery Mar17 at the beginning of March and instantly wanted to order more! Sadly, I couldn't order any so I spent the rest of the month smelling the bottle and trying to guess the flavors inside! I am really picky about the flavors I vape, but this blend of strawberries and marshmallows is on a whole new level! I can't wait till my order arrives!

  47. This a absolutely a all day vape

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Apr 1st 2017

    Been waiting for the March mystery flavor to be revealed . This is a five ***** all the way !!!

  48. Sweet but not overpowering

    Posted by JS on Apr 1st 2017

    When I got my last shipment with this mystery flavor, I was eager to try it and attempt to figure out what it was. The smell reminded me of a candy like PEZ or Pixy Stix and when I tried it I thought the same. It had a fruity flavor, with a sweetness to it that wasn't too strong but just right.

    While I don't disagree with strawberry macaron as the flavor, it still reminds me more of a sweet candy with a slight fruity strawberry flavor to it.

  49. Amazing!

    Posted by Ariel N Collins on Apr 1st 2017

    This stuff is sooooo scrumptious! By far, my favorite!

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