How to Vape - A Beginner's Guide

Posted by Dale on Apr 4th 2017

How to Vape - A Beginner's Guide

People start vaping for a few different reasons, if you are one of the millions that would like to start or need a little guidance on how to vape, this is for you.

We at VapeWild completely understand that when you are ready to make the switch to vaping, it can be intimidating. You can go into a vape shop or look online, but it is hard to actually grasp how many options are out there and how much there is to learn. Do not worry, we are here to simplify everything for you and make your transition into vaping as easy and fun as possible with this Vaping How To Guide!

When talking to our new Vapers, the first few questions are always “what is eLiquid?”, “How do I choose an eLiquid?” or “What device is best?”. We bet these are questions you've asked as well, so let's answer a few of these for you!

What is E Liquid?

When talking about eLiquid, we are talking about the liquid you put into the vaporizer that heats up to create the vapor that you inhale. There are four ingredients that make up eLiquid: Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Flavoring and Nicotine (if you choose to have nicotine). Aside from the nicotine, the 3 ingredients are food grade products, and are actually used in many of the products we already use on a daily basis like toothpaste, inhalers and even ice cream.

What Nicotine Strength Should I Use?

Another common question that new vapers ask concerns nicotine strength. Nicotine strength is how many milligrams of nicotine per milliliter there is in the e-liquid. Choosing the right nicotine strength is important to your success with vaping, this is why we have created a info graphic below to help you choose! Please keep in mind that for some people, choosing your nicotine strength can be a trial and error process. If you choose too high you may not enjoy your vaping experience and if you choose too low, you may find yourself craving a cigarette. If you would like some more help choosing your nicotine strength, please feel free to message us in our chat window. We are always happy to help and make it easier for you!

What Flavors Will I Like?

The most fun part about eLiquid is hands down how customizable the flavors are, and we at VapeWild take advantage of that! Once you figure out your nicotine strength, you can choose from flavors like desserts, candy, fruit, tobacco and anything else in between. Choosing a flavor can be the best part about vaping but it could be overwhelming. To make this a bit easier for you, we like to tell people to think about a few points before they decide. We like to start with types of foods you like to eat. This might sound silly but this can help you narrow the options down by category. For instance, if you do not like fruit why would you spend time looking in the fruits category? However, if you like desserts, this is a category you might want to look at. When choosing a flavor, we also recommend keeping an open mind. There are a lot of choices and options out there, so taking some time to research and read about flavors is definitely worth your time. If you can't decide on a flavor, try one of our Best Seller Sample Packs and see which flavors speak to your palette.

What is VG/PG?

In addition to flavor, you'll need to pick your PG/VG blend, which will help you dial into several factors including the throat hit, smoothness, cloudchasing and being able to vape more discreetly by creating less vapor and clouds.

A Throat hit is the sting or burn you get in the back of your throat when you smoke or vape. Some people like high PG blends because they like the burn in their throat, others like high VG blends because of the big clouds. PG is a thin liquid and the flavor carrier in your eLiquid. The more PG, the more flavor you should taste, but in return you will have a harsher throat hit. VG is a thick liquid that helps create the clouds you see when you vape, but does not help if you want stronger flavor. We recommend starting with a 65VG/35PG blend since it works well with most beginner devices! 

What Vape Should I Start with?

The next step in getting started with vaping is pick a device. This could easily feel like searching for a needle in a hay stack, but don't panic, VapeWild is here to help! There are different types of beginner or starter devices to choose from, most are customizable and easy to use. All vaporizers (ecigs) are made up of five components; Battery (could be internal or external), tank, coils, drip tip and eLiquid.

The easiest device to use is a Ciga-Like. Vape Wild’s Ciga-Likes are called E1 (everything in one) and look the most like a cigarette. They are pre-filled disposable vaporizers that only require you to inhale and exhale. The Ciga-Likes are rated around 500 puffs and once they stop working you toss it and pick up another Ciga-Like… It is just that easy!

The next step up from the Ciga-Likes is a non-variable vape device -- often referred to as a Pen Vape -- which is the most common device that most new vapers will start with. A non-variable vape device is one that puts out a static power output and will only reduce in power output as the battery dies. This is a step up from the Ciga-Likes because the power output is stronger and you can recharge them and change e-juices! Quite a few people who are new to vaping will pick up a starter kit that will have a non-variable vape device and eLiquid included in one price. If you do not want to start with a starter kit we recommend the SMOK Stick V8 Kit

Learn how to use both devices in the videos below!

Eleaf iCare Mini and Eleaf iCare Mini PCC Kit

Eleaf iJust Start Plus+

If you would like a device that you can fine tune to your needs, then a variable vape device is for you. A variable vape device allows you to control the wattage or voltage that you would like to vape at in order to create a more custom experience. Variable devices feature screen and buttons that allow you to control various settings. How wattage, voltage and resistance effect your vaping experience can be a bit complicated, and takes time to learn, so don't get discouraged if it doesn't immediately make sense. Our customer service team is happy to answer any questions you have in the chat window.

VapeWild have quite a few variable hardware choices for you to choose from. However, we recommend the Serpent Subox Kit for new vapers looking to get into variable devices. This kit will have everything you will need to start your variable vaping journey. Below you can see more about the Serpent Subox and how easy it is to use.

We love vaping and the vape community, and want to help all vapers, beginners and experienced alike, have an experience that is both easy and fun. Remember, VapeWild and the award-winning customer service we offer will always be here for you at any stage in your vape journey. We love helping with anything we can, because we want your experience to not become overwhelming. Don't hesitate to contact us in the chat window if you have any questions. Stay Wild and Vape On!

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