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Icy Trio by Yami Vapor


Product Description

A strong cool inhale, with a burst of lychee mixed with kiwi and strawberry fruit on the exhale, Icy Trio e-juice definitely packs a full punch of flavor with each puff!

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Product Reviews

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  1. I hate menthol!!

    Posted by Johnny on May 19th 2018

    I absolutely hate menthol flavors. My wife had this flavor in her vape. I tried it thinking it was something else. I was amazed by the taste of this stuff. I’ve started buying this for myself and have also purchased the nic salt version.

  2. so good

    Posted by roman kaplun on May 14th 2018

    really good mix of fruit and perfect icy hit. never liked menthol flavors but this one really got me. been vaping it non stop and now gonna buy more

  3. Pretty damn good

    Posted by Heather on Nov 27th 2017

    This flavor is amazing and I'm tempted to try other flavors.

  4. Sharp but is it icy

    Posted by The Ocean Wizard (VW Loyal) on Nov 12th 2017

    I decided to take the chance and ordered this for my birthday, as it seems. (Mind you, $30 is a lot for one bottle but 100mils is worth the take) It tempted me in terms of Icy Trio being cold. The taste is great if you're looking a sweet taste but alas it bear no high point, being that I felt no menthol or icy feeling. That was the down side, lucky I had Ice Cold to add in the cold feel. If you want a sweet goody goodness, I recommend this but do have in stock Ice Cold Menthol or other form of menthols to add that kick, add both together and you got a juice to enjoy. Take the leap but mix fate with it. I gave this jem a 4 of out 5 stars. Enjoy

  5. I don't even know

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 7th 2017

    I was really excited for this juice. I love menthols with a passion. From the start the juice seemed amazing, the smell from the bottle was intoxicating. But as soon as i put tin my tank the problems started.I don't know what flavor is causing it but it tastes like burnt rubber. No joke I actually vomited cause of this juice. I gave it to all my friends to try and everyone refused to take a second hit. This is out of my well crown 3

  6. breathtaking !!

    Posted by Hiro on Nov 3rd 2017

    I'm usually pretty iffy about trying brands other than VW, especially ones with non-customizable VG/PG levels (because I have a hard time with rough throat hits...). but i took a risk on this one because I've been looking for a Lychee juice that doesnt overpower such a soft flavour.
    Oh. My. God. From the first puff this juice was incredible - the kiwi and strawberry come in sweet and strong on the inhale, then menthol and lychee are Unmistakable in the exhale. I can't believe how many flavours they packed into this juice! I love love love it, and the box/bottle art is beautiful. Will absolutely order again!

  7. Amazing

    Posted by Castigs on Oct 28th 2017

    I was definitely a little iffy about getting a 100ml for $30 I never tried, but to say this wasn't one of the most delicious fruit juices I've ever had would be a lie. It also gives a nice cooling sensation on the exhale that's definitely quite pleasing. Will definitely buy again

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