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Kiwi Berry e-Juice


Product Description

Two fruits that complement each other so well - the sweet strawberry and its delicious cousin the kiwi combine in a fruity e-juice that you don't want to pass up!

Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Kiwi

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Super delish

    Posted by Kendra Terante on Aug 12th 2017

    Love the flavor! It's so delicious and scrumptious! Definitely will get again!

  2. Great job!

    Posted by Ian on Aug 10th 2017

    A simple flavor, but this combo is done well! I wouldn't have ordered this on purpose, but it came as a free sample. The two fruits compliment each other well. Tasty with very little steeping (3 days). Definite reorder!

  3. It is what is says

    Posted by Jason on Aug 9th 2017

    Perfect blend, amazing kiwi flavor with a hint of strawberry

  4. Love this flav!

    Posted by Lea Smiley on Aug 9th 2017

    Yet another VW flavor I LOVE. Ready to vape day I received it. Steeping only makes it better.
    When it comes to fruit flavors VW gets it right!

  5. Not Much Flavor

    Posted by Jesse Whittley on Jul 18th 2017

    I expected to love this juice but the flavor just isn't there.

  6. OMG sooooo good

    Posted by Arunava Choudhury on Jul 17th 2017

    I tried the 50-50 PG/VG option....LOVED the flavour...!!!
    Fruity taste...none of them overpowering...Fresh and Tasty...loved it to say the least.

  7. Undecided

    Posted by jenjn79 on Jul 2nd 2017

    This one was the 2nd VW juice I tried. Flavor wise it wasn't bad. I didn't find either flavor overly pronounced. It just tasted fruity to me. But I found it harsh, particularly on the exhale. I'm new to VW though so I may need to play around with what VG/PG blend works for me.

  8. Kiwi berry

    Posted by Simon on Jun 18th 2017

    Nice flavour

  9. Amazingly delight

    Posted by Wendy Barnes on Jun 16th 2017

    Very very good kiwi taste light berry not to sweet or sour. Perfectly blended. Love this....

  10. One of THE BEST Strawberry/Kiwis I have tasted!

    Posted by DL on Jun 14th 2017

    Strawberry/Kiwi is pretty much my all day/go to flavor. I have tried almost everyone's version, and Vape Wild's is easily in the top 2.
    A subtle Kiwi inhale, followed by a sweet, ripe strawberry on the exhale, with amazingly great flavor.

  11. One of my favorites

    Posted by Remedy on Jun 11th 2017

    A friend let me try this and I have since gone through nearly 240ml lol. Even as a dessert flavor enthusiast this is amazing.

  12. Great flavor

    Posted by Ed on Jun 10th 2017

    I initially got a sample bottle of Kiwi Berry. Absolutely loved it and order 120 ml. It has a nice kiwi flavor on the inhale with a strawberry flavor on the exhale. This is a flavor Vape Wild hit head on the nail.

  13. Really good

    Posted by Joey b on Jun 3rd 2017

    Its aboit what,you,would,expect froma kiwi and strawberry mix flavor. Good for an adv and is in my official mix day to day.

  14. Vape wild is #1

    Posted by on Jun 3rd 2017

    I've purchased many products from this company from juice to hardware. There flavors are incredible and pricing makes vaping affordable. My favorite flavors are kiwi berry and Murcia. I love there customer service and free juice they send to try new flavors. I can say I buy all my vape needs from VapeWild!!
    Stay wild

  15. 10 out of 5 stars

    Posted by Unknown on May 27th 2017

    Got this flavor thinking it would be pretty good. Boy was I wrong, it was amazing! Absolute favorite flavor VW has to offer. Perfect blend of strawberry and kiwi with subtle sour notes, tastes just like candy. Definitely recommend this flavor

  16. One of the best

    Posted by Unknown on May 23rd 2017

    It was a ood one loved ir.

  17. Amazing

    Posted by Melody Faulk on May 22nd 2017

    Kiwi berry is a sweet blend with hints of berry and an amazing kiwi finish! It's most definitely one of my favorites so far!!!

  18. Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2017

    Love it!

  19. Instantly my new favorite!!

    Posted by Terry Keller on May 12th 2017

    This has been my by far favorite vape juice. Vape wild has some amazing products but this juice is for sure the top of the top when it comes to flavor! It hits you with that kiwi and you're just wanting more and more. Easily a 5/5 for me!


    Posted by Michael Lantow on May 9th 2017

    Absolutely on of .y favorite flavors of all time it is the perfect smphony of sweet and tart kiwi mixed with sweet fresh of the farm strawberries!!! This flavor is spot on delicious!! It is actually one of my prefered flavors and i vape "premium". This puts premium to same with the delectable flavors on whatever coil you decide to throw at it!! Thank you vapewild for a fair price on a spectacular flavor!!!

  21. You can taste the Kiwi

    Posted by Kimberly on May 5th 2017

    This is bursting with Kiwi and strawberry. If you like the combo you will love this! I did

  22. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2017

    Taste delicious big clouds all around amazing

  23. taste so good

    Posted by Hector Escobales on May 2nd 2017

    excellent flavor one of my favorites

  24. My ADV

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2017

    I really really like this juice. I will say the batch I got the kiwi was definitely more prevalent then the strawberry. However, I'm going to guess that it will be better the longer it steeps. Definitely would be in my "buy again" list.

  25. Meh

    Posted by Brandon Jinright on May 1st 2017

    I was a little disappointed in this flavor. It could be that I use ceramic coils. Wasn't awful just don't enjoy the flavor much.

  26. Very good

    Posted by Frstrespndr on Apr 29th 2017

    I definitely get the strawberry and kiwi. A good all day vape. I definitely enjoy vaping on this one.

  27. Amazing E Juice!

    Posted by Mark Liapustin on Apr 24th 2017

    WOW, This one is the best Kiwi and Berries together e juice I ever tried from all brands I know. I really suggesting you to try this one, you will definitely enjoy.

  28. great edv

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 24th 2017

    Kiwi berry has a very amazing flavor. One of the best flavors I've had in awhile.

  29. A Happy Sample Surprise!

    Posted by Sarah on Apr 20th 2017

    I am loving this flavor! This one came as a sample in my order, steeped for 5 days, and it's delicious! Really good balance.

  30. Kiwi Berry Bomb

    Posted by Joe Myers on Apr 16th 2017

    So far the best flavor you guys have!

  31. Excellent

    Posted by Mellissa Lane on Apr 12th 2017

    One of the best ever

  32. KIWI BERRY from Vape WILD is the only juice I buy

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 12th 2017

    Kiwi Berry is just the flavor I love. It has the right amount of kiwi that for some reason with the only flavor I will vape plus a hint of berry. It's not to fruity or overbearing. It's just right. The taste and hit I receive from vape wild products is the reason I keep coming back and re-order my last order every month. I can't express how much I love this flavor.

  33. Good vape

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Apr 10th 2017

    Would recommend this flavor after steeping . Love the flavor

  34. To die for!!!

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Mar 22nd 2017

    To die for honestly . Straight outta the mail tasted sooo good . Don't even know if it needs to be steeped . Taste great like this and can't wait for even a day. Gotta order more to steep to see if it's any different . As of now taste soooo good

  35. love it

    Posted by Debra on Mar 14th 2017

    I love the taste and I ordered another one. just like kiwi and strawberries

  36. Juciest eliquid ever!

    Posted by Kristy on Mar 13th 2017

    The strawberry really shines here! The hint of kiwi gives it that special refreshing aftertaste that never gets old. By far my most favorite eliquid ever. If you love strawberry, fruity and sweet vapes, I promise you'll love this!! FYI: any sweet juices I vape kill my cotton in 2 days, but this does not!!!

  37. This it my favorite

    Posted by Karen Sauers on Mar 13th 2017

    This is my favorite all day vape. My only wish is that it lasted longer. It seems as though this burns quicker than most capes I've used.

  38. Amazing flavor!

    Posted by Austin Fitzpatrick on Mar 12th 2017

    It is an amazing flavors definitely one of the best at vw. Reminds me of a fruit roll up in a way lol. Absolutely delicious and a must buy!

  39. Kiwi is Excellent

    Posted by Mark on Mar 12th 2017

    The kiwi is very very smooth and tasty in this e juice. I really liked it. special.

  40. My new favorite

    Posted by Susan on Mar 11th 2017

    I got this as a free sample and I loved it. My new favorite. Fresh and delicious.

  41. great flavor

    Posted by jason fleetwood on Feb 19th 2017

    Taste like it says kiwi and strawberry bought four 30ml bottles and not going to last long enough thanks Vape wild

  42. All Day Vape

    Posted by Daniel Donovan on Feb 19th 2017

    I am seriously considering making this one of my everyday kind of vapes that I could sit around and enjoy throughout the whole day. I would definitely suggest you pick this up if you like kiwi and strawberry

  43. really good flavor but wanted more kiwi

    Posted by on Feb 19th 2017

    Like this juice

  44. awesome flavor

    Posted by on Feb 8th 2017

    I have just recently started to vape. I have tried a few flavors but this one has been def a favorite. Thank uou

  45. the shizzle

    Posted by John Connelly on Feb 6th 2017

    I loved everything I got from you guys! You are my new dealer. be back soon!

  46. wow

    Posted by branden on Feb 6th 2017

    This fluid tastes just like sour straws. Super fruity and amazing. It's now my adv. Recommended 100%

  47. smooth

    Posted by Lisa Adams on Feb 5th 2017

    Another true to the flavor

  48. needs some zing

    Posted by Terry King on Feb 4th 2017

    It's jus ok . Not what I was expecting. I think with a flavor shot or 2
    It could be a contender.

  49. Tasty Tasty

    Posted by Old School on Feb 2nd 2017

    If you like Kiwi, this one was hard for me to stop vaping. It's like a treat that keeps on coming. Great flavor!

  50. Love It

    Posted by Karen Boas on Jan 30th 2017

    I had been going to a shop that was about 1 hour from my house it was the only place I could find Strawberry Kiwi. I was given the information about the Vape Wild from my sister. I can't thank her enough. This Strawberry Kiwi is great. It is exactly what I have been looking for without having to drive over 1 hour.

  51. Great flavor

    Posted by Louis Imbrogno on Jan 29th 2017

    Exactly what it says it is. Nothing more nothing less. Exactly how i imagined it to taste. Cant go wrong with this flavor.

  52. juice review

    Posted by Stephen A Michael on Jan 20th 2017

    I would buy it for my vape shop. Love the juice will order sometime soon. It would love to get more for some reviews. Overall good juice = happy customer

  53. love this product

    Posted by Candi on Jan 13th 2017

    I absolutely love this blend. I am always ordering it. It is my top flavor

  54. Best Kiwi strawberry Ever

    Posted by Barry Miller on Jan 13th 2017

    This is the only juice I vape, I love there kiwi strawberry juice!

  55. First Choice

    Posted by Joshua Pounds on Jan 7th 2017

    When I first came to Vape Wild I was a little overwhelmed by the selection and looked for something simple in combination. This was my choice. I have been vaping with Vape Wild now for about 6 months now and I always grab this at 80/20 max VG. No steeping needed but the taste does get stronger with steeping. 10/10.

  56. Very Tasty

    Posted by Larry G. on Jan 3rd 2017

    Got it for the wife, she LOVES it! Always try any flavors we get anyway and this one is very tasty. She mixes it with Wrangler, interesting combo, hard to put down. Give it a try and you'll not be disappointed.

  57. 65/35

    Posted by James on Dec 17th 2016

    So I bought this juice with 65/35 previously and was curious how the maxed out VG would taste like and I would recommend sticking to the 65/35 ratio.
    Other then that, this juice is delicious. I would also recommend the S+C juice, if you were looking to keep the strawberry flavor but leave aside the kiwi.

  58. Love Love

    Posted by Kas on Dec 15th 2016

    Love this juice! It's flavorful and sweet and mixes well with other juices. I am a big mixer - right now it's Pink Elephant, Kiwi Berry & Razzleberry plus a few drops of sour flavoring. I'm excited that VW has a new Kiwi Berry flavor boost available too!

  59. the one and only

    Posted by Melissa M on Dec 13th 2016

    This is the only flavor I vape..and it can't be copied. Never change the formula! Thanks VW

  60. new to vaping

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 1st 2016

    This is my favorite juice! A true strawberry kiwi flavor

  61. It's good!

    Posted by Josh Welsh on Nov 29th 2016

    Vapor has a flavor as described... Kiwi & strawberry which i really enjoy. When you inhale you will notice a mix of berry with highlights of sweet kiwi. This mix is sweet and tasty but not overwhelming or perfume like. The flavors are nice and mild as well natural fruit tasting. The exhale is just as good seemingly exactly flavorful as the inhale. I really enjoy this e-liquid and consider it one of my favorite fruit flavored liquids i have purchased from vape wild. Thank you Vape Wild I really like this one.

  62. Delicious ADV

    Posted by mollycules on Nov 27th 2016

    First got Kiwi Berry as a sample and wasn't too sure - I basically vape only berry flavors. But adding kiwi actually makes for a sweet (which I like) addition to the berry flavor. If you like strawberry kiwi, then you'll like this e-Juice. I will definitely be ordering more, as it is becoming one of my favorites.

  63. so disappointed

    Posted by David Davis on Nov 24th 2016

    I had such high hopes for this one, but I believe I will be avoiding it from now on.

  64. Good flavor, but sort of weak

    Posted by Libs on Nov 19th 2016

    Easy to vape, smells great, reminds me of my childhood. Just a bit weak on the flavor. Definitely buying again w/flavor boost

  65. A Good Flavor E-liquid

    Posted by Eric Mitchell on Nov 16th 2016

    This is a nice flavor to have in you e-liquids arsenal. I like to mix this flavor with On Cloud Custard flavor e-liquids.....great taste.

  66. Kiwi Berry

    Posted by Alizabeth Parker on Nov 15th 2016

    I really enjoyed the kiwi berry flavor. I decided on it to get first from Vape Wild because a friend let me try it. I was a little scared to try something else that I hadn't "taste tested" but the free sample I got allowed me to explore for if the juices!! Love the service I get and all of my questions are answered within just a few minutes if I have any.

  67. Awesome

    Posted by Daniel on Oct 28th 2016

    This has turned out to be one of my ADV great flavor, great vapor production, and isn't so full of artificial sweeteners that destroys your coils!!! I can't recommend this enough and for the price you'd be crazy to not give it a chance!!!!

  68. Feeling Fresh

    Posted by Joey "Corsi" P. on Oct 25th 2016

    I have only been vaping for about two weeks. Started with a Cherry Lime from a local place and they are real expensive. I picked this up in a sample pack and tried it in another tank I bought. When I get home I swap straight to this just wanting more. It's so good it's unreal. The perfect chill and relax vape taste.

  69. omg!!! Delicious...

    Posted by Jamie on Oct 24th 2016

    Tastes amazingly like the keylime pie !!! Great job vape team!!!

  70. Favorite!

    Posted by Joy on Oct 24th 2016

    This is my favorite flavor. It did taste slightly different this time but it's still very good!

  71. Nostalgia

    Posted by Sean on Oct 20th 2016

    about 2 years ago a good friend used to make strawberry kiwi juice and that was his only flavor. it was so good i always got some from him when i had the money. this juice tastes exactly like it. it is so damn good! i could vape on this for hours. i tried mechsauce for their flavors, but all there juice was terrible. vapewild is definitely better in my opinion. it was very spot on. definitely recommend getting a bottle.

  72. I remember it being better

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 20th 2016

    It's good in small doses, I wouldn't vape it all the time. I thought it was my favorite, until I bought 120ml of it.

  73. The berry best!

    Posted by Ryan Platone on Oct 19th 2016

    The flavors are great. Spot on.

  74. loved this

    Posted by ChristinaL on Oct 14th 2016

    I've had a few kiwi berry flavors in the past but this one is by far the best. A definite reorder for me!!

  75. fantastic product

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 9th 2016

    If you like strawberry or fruity flavors this is definitely a must try it vapes really good!!

  76. great flavour

    Posted by dameian R on Oct 4th 2016

    This is a great juice so flavourful tastes great defiantly my go to vape. great job vape wild.

  77. very good vape

    Posted by Cameron Leigh-Edgar on Sep 23rd 2016

    This was delicious, it tasted exactly the way it was supposed to, and was my all summer vape

  78. My favorite Vape Wild juice

    Posted by mateo on Sep 20th 2016

    I went broke buying fancy designer e juice for a long time. Vape Wild has really helped me a lot with that. Every time I order, I get 120 mls of this juice. It's perfect for me. Tastes just like kiwis and strawberries, but has a slight candy twist to it. Makes me think of a Ring Pop. Love this juice, I get it every time and will get it every time. In fact; I lagged on ordering a week or so ago, and had to give my right hand for a fancy juice from the local vape shop. $23 30ml, Stawberry Kiwi flavor. Tasted like crap compared to Vape Wilds.

  79. Fruity n Clean

    Posted by Alan Kim on Sep 17th 2016

    If you like fruity and clean flavors, I recommend this flavor. I ordered a bunch from this site and this is the second flavor I tried after Circus Bear but I think like this so much I think I will order more of this. Very clean flavor, exactly as described.

  80. berry good!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2016

    One of my all-time favorites. Can't go wrong with this one

  81. 4 stars

    Posted by Jenifer Moyer on Sep 13th 2016

    Really good and would order again

  82. Tasty

    Posted by Crystal Rich on Sep 6th 2016

    really good juice.

  83. True kiwi flavor

    Posted by Ruth Ayers on Aug 29th 2016

    This flavor is great. Most kiwi flavored juices don't taste like kiwi at all, but this one does. And the strawberry is a fresh, ripe strawberry flavor, not candy flavoring. So happy with this juice.

  84. Must Have Flavor

    Posted by Brigette on Aug 25th 2016

    If you like a sweet juice you can vape all day LOOK NO MORE!!! This juice has a powerfully sweet flavor that you cant put down!!!!

  85. it's good

    Posted by Donald McCartney on Aug 19th 2016

    It's very good Max VG With the flavor shot

  86. adv right here

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 17th 2016

    My absolute favorite adv Very delicious

  87. Awesome juice...:)

    Posted by Stacey Dawson on Aug 16th 2016

    Delicious! I love this flavor, one of my mains!


    Posted by Christopher Rock on Aug 15th 2016

    Incredible flavor. No funky aftertaste. One of the best juices I've gotten from anyone and definitely one of my favorites in the Vape wild lineup.

  89. great taste!

    Posted by Jeremiah greene on Aug 14th 2016

    definitely one of the best strawberry kiwi juices I've had.just not the best juice I've had

  90. Found my EDV

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 11th 2016

    I like this the best from the samples I ordered

  91. will buy again

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 13th 2016

    Will be a constant buy from us

  92. One of my favorites.

    Posted by James on Jul 12th 2016

    Yup. It tastes like a party in my mouth.

  93. tasty

    Posted by JenniLee Wilson on Jul 11th 2016

    It's tasty but not one of my gotta haves. Used it as a change up. If you love strawberry kiwi you'll love this

  94. Decided to try this

    Posted by BEn Worrell on Jul 11th 2016

    On other reviews I decided to try this Kiwi Berry @ VG 80%. I just got it today, but I can tell you It is pretty good. Hints of both strawberry/kiwi. I'll let it steep for a while and hope more taste comes alive. Shipping, excellent. communication, excellent. Plus three sample bottles to try. Very happy.

  95. Really good tasting juice

    Posted by kpp on Jul 8th 2016

    I had order 5 different flavors but liked this one the most. Kiwi flavor is prominent and it does feel like you have had a kiwi a while ago.

  96. Yummy

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 29th 2016

    Another awesome one, and it was a freebie for me!

  97. Super Great!

    Posted by Jamie on Jun 23rd 2016

    I ordered this on a whim and am glad I did. Great strawberry flavor with kiwi. Will order again

  98. First bottled finished from order.

    Posted by Brandy Wilson on Jun 15th 2016

    Out of the 4 30ml bottles i ordered this was the one i wanted to vape most!
    Good flavor, Re ordered it.

  99. Really Good

    Posted by Oscar on Jun 8th 2016

    I enjoyed vaping this one.

  100. Superior Blend

    Posted by Mike Shinn on Jun 7th 2016

    I've tried local blemds with on or about the same flavor, but VW surpasses the quality and taste by far!!!

  101. Taste like they described it

    Posted by slug on Jun 6th 2016

    Out of my 3 juices I purchased from VW this was by far my favorite. Very little steep time and it tasted exactly like kiwi strawberry. I hope my other flavors steep well and taste better and I will remain loyal to VW if so! The juice was received quick and on time and customer service answered my calls and emails quickly.

  102. kiwi and strawberry magic

    Posted by Grey on Jun 2nd 2016

    Great flavor, once you steep it, the flavor is amazing, worth every penny, I recommend this flavor to anyone who likes fruit flavors.

  103. nice

    Posted by Thuan Le on May 16th 2016

    I can smell exactly kiwi and strawberry...

  104. KiwiBerry is delightful!

    Posted by Donna on May 12th 2016

    This is an absolutely delightful flavor to vape. It isn't too sweet, it tastes like kiwi fruit & fresh strawberries - it isn't a candy-like flavor but more toward fresh fruit. It would make a lovely ADV but I have so many different VW flavors that none are singularly vaped all day long - more like rotated all day long. Great customer care & great prices! I think you will be pleased with this flavor. I liked it so much that recently I ordered larger bottles.

  105. Kiwi Berry -- Will Reorder!

    Posted by Angela on May 4th 2016

    I like candy and strawberry-ish flavors (but not overly sweet like cotton candy), and this one's really good!

  106. Kiwi Berry is G2G

    Posted by ANDREW KANAE on May 3rd 2016

    Got this as a sampler in 6mg, 65/35. Right away it's good stuff, really enjoying it. Surprised there's any bad reviews for it at all, actually. Would consider ordering 240mL of it if it came down to it. Very good flavor.

  107. Way too sweet

    Posted by Alli Pierce on Apr 25th 2016

    This vape was entirely too sweet for me. To the point where it made me a bit nauseous. It was very smooth, but that is honestly the only positive thing I can say about it. If you like overly sweet, candy type vapes, this will probably be perfect for you though!

  108. Adv for sure!

    Posted by Shin on Apr 17th 2016

    I've tried several Strawberry Kiwi flavored vape. Apart from the flavor "Zombie Blood" by Anna Mae, this is by far my favorite. I've tried the boosted flavor and now in running the non boosted flavor, because I accidentally ordered it non boosted. Honestly? Boosted, has more of a direct kiwi flavor, whereas the non flavor boost has a traditional Strawberry Kiwi. Absolutely delicious. It has officially replaced my Zombie blood, for sure.

  109. the best

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 10th 2016

    One of my faves taste good and is smooth!!! You wont go wrong here

  110. Awesome

    Posted by Beth on Apr 6th 2016

    I should start off by saying I typically like fruit and fruit/candy combination flavors. This is my new favorite from VapeWild. It's smooth and has a great taste. I usually let it steep for about a week after I receive it, but it's even vapable (is that a word? -- potential Bushism) without steeping.

  111. Not for me...

    Posted by Bobby J on Apr 2nd 2016

    This is the go to juice for 2 of my friends. So while I'm glad it helped me discover the great products vapewild has to offer, this one wasn't for me. Maybe it was just a bad batch, but I tasted hints of what seemed like pineapple or coconut. Either of which instantly turns me off any juice

  112. smooth and tasty, highly recommend it

    Posted by Ed Marrero on Apr 1st 2016

    Highly recommend it, smooth and tasty

  113. Sweet and smooth

    Posted by Cassie Cole on Mar 28th 2016

    Very good flavor straight out of the box. Can't wait to taste again after a few weeks!

  114. Best e-juice flavor I've ever vaped!

    Posted by Donna on Mar 6th 2016

    Kiwi Berry is absolutely WONDERFUL! I'm vaping it in my T-18 and loving every puff! I mixed in some S&C(2) just for fun and it's even more delicious. I cannot recommend it highly enough if you love the taste of Kiwi fruit. It smells delightful and tastes fantastic. I let it steep about 1.5 weeks.

  115. THE BEST

    Posted by Fuller on Mar 4th 2016

    my all time favorite juice from vapewild

  116. Soo good!

    Posted by Daniel on Feb 26th 2016

    soo good! you cant go wrong!

  117. Great Service, Great Prices, Great Juice

    Posted by John on Feb 22nd 2016

    Buying the Kiwi Berry juice from Vape Wild was my first experience with them. First off, the service. Ordering was fast and easy and very customizable. It was easy to get exactly what I wanted, which at the time was a simple fruity juice. The shipment and delivery were quick. I believe I got my juice about 3 or 4 days after I ordered it (and I'm guessing it would've been quicker if I hadn't have ordered late at night on a Friday). The delivery was packaged well and came with information on how to steep juice and a business card. They also included samples based on the juice I chose. The prices for the juice are great. I bought a 20 ml bottle for under $5 which is great because if I didn't like it, I wasn't wasting that much I money, and if I did like it I had 20 ml instead of 10. Lastly, the juice. The reason I gave the juice 4 stars instead of 5 is because it's not my favorite. It is a great juice and is up there among the better ones I've had, it just doesn't make my top list. It gives the fruity flavor of strawberry and kiwi that you'd expect and it's a nice smooth vape. With the pg/vg at 65/35 I am getting great vapor production. If I were to order this juice again, I would add the flavor boost to make the flavor stronger, but it is an amazing juice and I would recommend it if you are looking for a fruity vape.

  118. yum

    Posted by danny finch on Feb 21st 2016

    this is my fav juice next to hooch... 65 vg with flavor boost and its awesome after 2 weeks of steeping

  119. Vape wild thee best

    Posted by rod on Feb 14th 2016

    The kiwi berry was simply the best I ever had, kiwi was there when inhaled and great berry flavor when exhaled excellent my favorite.

  120. top three best I have ever had!

    Posted by jacob liebi on Feb 3rd 2016

    It is one of the best juice I have ever bought from any manufacturer!

  121. nummy

    Posted by D on Jan 31st 2016

    It's great u just gotta steep it

  122. Nailed it!

    Posted by kristy grindle on Jan 26th 2016

    I love the crisp fruity full on flavor of this one! Not too sweet but tastes incredible!!! ADV for sure!! I vaped thus straight from my mailbox and its so good i cant imagine how much itll improve in another week!!!!! I am a customer for life!!!

  123. Delish!

    Posted by leslie wilson on Jan 23rd 2016

    Very berry :) this is one I could be addicted to

  124. Amazing Flavour!

    Posted by Naj on Jan 21st 2016

    Love this flavour, has fast become my daily vape! Light and sweet!

  125. KiwiBerry

    Posted by Darin, Pismo Beach CA. on Jan 21st 2016

    Hands down, the best Berry flavor out on the market. I have been in and out of Vape Vape Lounges for three years and have been vaping hundreds of juices. My favorite juices are berry flavors, mostly strawberry. I have just vaped my 28th bottle straight in a row and have two bottles left to go...this flavor i am not sick of yet. All my buddies that Vape have tried my Kiwiberry and have fallen in love with it, they all are ordering VapeWild juices now, The prices are cheap compared to a Vape Shop. Most Vape shops sell there 30mil bottles around $25 on average Vape Wild sells a 30mil around $5. Do the math people! Every time i order my juice, it comes in a neat personalized box with always a extra surprise :) Never any leakage, aleays exactly what i ordered. I recieve it extremely fast too. The orders come with a tracking number and if you forget your number, they have a rockin staff that totally is on top of any concerns i ever had. Plus!!! i think they are like the GodFather of juice when it comes to a slogan for all vapors out there....Vape On!! ,
    Love you Vape Wild Crew, you guys Friggin ROCK!!!

  126. Berry good juice

    Posted by Mary on Jan 18th 2016

    There's just one thing I gotta say about this juice,"Gotta Try It"!! It's just an amazing vape with great flavor.

  127. flavour boost is must delicious mix

    Posted by Pam on Jan 17th 2016

    12mg with flavour boost 65 35 I was like omg first smell and vape I was hooked. This currently is my everyday flavour

  128. Pretty good out of ten.

    Posted by CMDR Disco on Jan 13th 2016

    65vg/35pg - Used on a Kanger Subtank Mini @ 35 watts

    Bought this so I could mix with some Sweet and Creamy. Inspired by a sushi roll called the Fusion Roll in my home town: cream cheese and coconut tempura shrimp in a rice/nori wrap with strawberry and kiwi slices on top. Drizzled in a fruity/savory sauce. Put some wasabi on top and dip in soy and my mouth goes to heaven every time.

    Mixed with the Sweet and Creamy, it is smooth like Mother's Milk or (S+C)^2, but with added kiwi. Nice sweetness on my lips/tip of my tongue after the exhale.

    Also really great vapor production. Dunno what's doing that, but DANG.

  129. Lets Taco Bout It

    Posted by Corey Jewett on Dec 30th 2015

    My buddy let me try it and tasted just like the description.
    Great Product

  130. great

    Posted by kristy on Dec 22nd 2015

    I do not usually like strawberry but loved this one. It's on my list every order - just the right amount of sweetness. I do not usually like them - overly sweet. This is my favorite flavor from vapewild. I usually do desserts, but this is the best of the fruits - my all time every order favorite

  131. kiwi berry mint

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 16th 2015

    Tastes great when mixed with little mint.

  132. Best juice at Vape Wild

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 16th 2015

    This is the best juice I've bought from this site. I recommend it entirely.

  133. Not sure...

    Posted by Tod on Dec 14th 2015

    Does not taste like Kiwi at all to me, in fact I just ate a kiwi strawberry salad and it was nothing like this at all. not a bad flavor just not what i expected at all.

  134. Good inexpensive vape.

    Posted by Phillip Cheek on Dec 13th 2015

    I love this flavor and this company. I have tried a few cheap eliquids form other companies in the past that had great reviews. But when I got them you could tell that they were cheap. If it wasn't for my brother giving me a sample. I never would have given this company a second thought. Now I order most of my eliquid through Vape wild and this is my favorite flavor. This is the flavor that got me started with vape wild and I can't get enough of it. It's about time for another order and another 120mls of this flavor will definitely be on it's way to my house. Great flavors great prices fast shipping what's not to love. This company is definitely deserving of the name vape wild.

  135. Pretty Good

    Posted by Tane Zacharias on Dec 7th 2015

    I like fruit but I like sweet and this actually hit the spot. At first, I wasn't sure about the flavor but I give all flavors time to mend in to the new wick and try it again. I found it smooth, fruity and sweet all at the same time.

  136. not enough flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 6th 2015


  137. Eh

    Posted by Haelie Shaw on Dec 5th 2015

    Not quite the "strawberry kiwi" flavor I was hoping for. Tastes more like mixed berry and kiwi rather than just strawberry and kiwi. It reminds me of that terrible hard candy that your Great Aunt Judy always seems to have on the coffee table.

  138. Try it. you might like it

    Posted by Abe on Nov 22nd 2015

    This was one of the better strawberry and strawberry blends I've tried so far, and not just from Vape Wild. A little disappointing that the strawberry, for some reason, most companies can't get it to taste just like strawberry Kool-Aid, but Vape Wild was the closest. The kiwi is alright, but together it taste really good. Will be definitely ordering 120 mls again

  139. great

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 17th 2015

    This is my favorite and one of the ones that does not burn my throat

  140. Good, Simple Fruit Flavor

    Posted by Zac on Nov 13th 2015

    There isn't really much to say here regarding the flavor that isn't on the bottle. It's kiwi and strawberry; very sweet but a nice fruity sweet. I'm actually here to get more because I only got 10 ml to try and figured I'd drop a short review while I'm here.

    If you're looking for something sweet, but not a heavy desert flavor with a bunch of competing flavors, give this a try!

  141. Simplicity is KING!

    Posted by Kris on Nov 6th 2015

    This is a simple strawberry-kiwi flavor, which is always an awesome combination. This juice does it great justice. Keep the good stuff coming, VW!

  142. Awesome! My ADV

    Posted by stanm on Oct 24th 2015

    Really great flavor. It's my all day vape and I love it. Realistic kiwi flavor with a berry undertone.

  143. The only one i liked form the order

    Posted by Avo on Oct 22nd 2015

    I am more into fruits and by purchasing 6 different bottles this was the only one i liked. Rest were too harsh on the throat that were completely unsmokable. Flavor is good with no throat hit. I really do like it allot. I might just order this again.

  144. Meh

    Posted by Dustin Pope on Oct 16th 2015

    It's alright but i didn't care for the aftertaste. It's one of those things that is definitely subjective though so don't let me stop you from trying it.

  145. Awesome

    Posted by Mike on Oct 10th 2015

    I highly recommend this flavor. Tasteful

  146. yum!

    Posted by Krystal Stewart on Oct 3rd 2015

    Taste great! Can taste kiwi and the strawberry perfectly put together!

  147. Tasty and Clean Flavor

    Posted by JB on Sep 20th 2015

    I bought 60ml of this without tasting it 1st....Glad I did, this will become a regular part of my order.

  148. GONE

    Posted by VICKIE on Sep 12th 2015


  149. Couldn't finish the bottle

    Posted by David Miller on Sep 10th 2015

    Strawberry flavor seems off to me.

  150. Strong kiwi inhale with a smooth strawberry finish

    Posted by Alex Schladetsch on Sep 6th 2015

    This is a really nice juice. It goes really well as an ADV for me, good in a tank.

    On the inhale, I get somewhat of a hint of strawberry, and the exhale is just all kiwi fruit. Really tasty, really punchy.

  151. Gooood

    Posted by Josh on Sep 2nd 2015

    Really great mixture of berries and kiwifruit. I will definitely be ordering a bigger bottle next time. Would add to my reg 30 ml orders

  152. Gooood

    Posted by Josh on Sep 2nd 2015

    Really great mixture of berries and kiwifruit. I will definitely be ordering a bigger bottle next time. Would add to my reg 30 ml orders

  153. Good stuff

    Posted by Mitchell Gams on Aug 31st 2015

    This is one of my go to juices. Out of all the ejuices I've tried this will stay in my top 5. It's a very smooth vape that tastes incredible but isn't too overbearing flavor wise. Every time I shop here I buy at least 5 different flavors and Kiwi berry is the only one I end up vaping until it is gone. I can't wait to buy more!!

  154. Strawberry kiwi

    Posted by Krystal Stewart on Aug 28th 2015

    On point!!!!
    Taste great!!!!

  155. love it

    Posted by ali naji on Aug 21st 2015

    Im using a mech mod and it taste really good on it and its really good and the quality is great.
    So kiwiberry for the win!!!!!

  156. Amazing.

    Posted by Thomas Cash on Aug 19th 2015

    I received this as a freebie in my previous order. It was max VG in 3 MG of nicotine. It's hands down my favorite flavor I've had to date. If you like fruit flavored e liquid you'll love this!

  157. obsssesed

    Posted by alex slear on Aug 14th 2015

    Vape wild has some of the most amazing juices I've tried. I give them about a week to steep and they are awesome. I love how you can pick the pg/vg ratio.

  158. YUMMY

    Posted by Shannon McIntyre on Aug 13th 2015

    I think this juice taste like the kiwi berry Starburst candy. I really like this one

  159. Very nice

    Posted by Tami Johns on Aug 9th 2015

    Wonderful flavor, tho I taste more berry than kiwi, but very nice. I use 0 nic and extra flavor...

  160. kiwi berry

    Posted by travis bright on Aug 8th 2015

    One of the best so far.

  161. Great product

    Posted by Michael perlmutter on Aug 6th 2015

    I love the flavor of this juice. I got a sample of it on a previous order, and that prompted me to order it. I love it

  162. Great!

    Posted by Alex O on Aug 6th 2015

    This is one of my favorite flavors so far. It is very similar to Drip Beats - Echo (though that is kiwi/goji berry).
    very smooth and fruity - not too sour. It is so smooth, it's almost creamy. Definitely going to order it again!

  163. good

    Posted by arash sorouri on Aug 3rd 2015

    nice flavour I got the boost which is perfect for high niq levels

  164. Kiwi goodness

    Posted by Jr on Jul 31st 2015

    the name doesn't let you down even the flavor!
    It's pretty good I love but not everyone has the same taste of flavor...

  165. Really good!

    Posted by Steve on Jul 30th 2015

    This is a nicely balanced juice. It's a little on the sweet side. I alternate between this and (s+c) 2 for my adv. Just received my 120 ml of this in my last order. Give it a try. You'll like it.

  166. Top 10

    Posted by arash sorouri on Jul 28th 2015

    i ordered over 20 flavours this one was top 10 because of its nice balance i got this in a 9mg with bost and wow

  167. Flavor

    Posted by Gabriel on Jul 27th 2015

    One of the best juices I have ever tasted. I will be ordering this flavor every time. Thank you Vape Wild for the speedy delivery and excellent flavors to choose from!

  168. ADV great flavor

    Posted by Soufia williams on Jul 24th 2015

    this juice is great you get both the strawberry and the kiwi but most of the sweetness from the kiwi its hard to explain but its great! on twisted builds and regular builds it tastes amazing but i found on clapton builds its a bit bitter for some reason, tried rewicking but it stayed the same, guessing claptons bring out different flavors u cant taste on normal builds. just a little fyi

  169. Awesome!!

    Posted by Ian on Jul 20th 2015

    This is a great flavor, its my #2 ADV.
    Try it you wont be disappointed!!!

  170. ADV

    Posted by AVK on Jul 14th 2015

    Ordered 480mL on a whim as a first order on VW. I like this stuff. All day vape potential. With 3 extra free bottles, you can't go wrong when ordering from VapeWild. Best prices I've seen yet and great quality!

  171. Excellent

    Posted by Joe on Jul 12th 2015

    Sometimes when you mix fruit you can only taste one of them. Both flavors are prominent and excellent. Great fruit clouds.

  172. Best Kiwi Strawberry

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 26th 2015

    So I've tried many kiwi strawberry flavors out there and none seemed to hit the spot they were so bland until I found this one this is the best kiwi strawberry flavor out there I was skeptical at first when I got it because it had an overpowering kiwi smell to it but I just filled it up and oh man this stuff is amazing I just got itonn Monday and I'm already ordering another 30ml this is AMAZING! This is my first review I'm not one to review anything at all but I just had to review this juice thank you vale wild for this juice!

  173. Very Good

    Posted by Taylor on Jun 20th 2015

    Got this as a freebie with my order. Good smooth berry flavor if that's what you're after. Not my favorite, but the girlfriend loved it.

  174. awesome

    Posted by toby on Jun 3rd 2015

    I think this is the best ejuice I have found

  175. so good

    Posted by jessica on Jun 1st 2015

    Loves this one. Will definitely order it again

  176. Great

    Posted by Dee on May 25th 2015

    I was searching for something close to another brand who's main flavor was kiwi berry. I ordered this one thinking it might be close but what I found was that it was far better than the other brand!

  177. awesome

    Posted by Toby on May 17th 2015

    I love this ejuice I've been using it for months it's just awesome.

  178. Delicious

    Posted by Andrew on Mar 30th 2015

    This was a very good after I let it steep for a couple weeks it seems to only keep getting better and better. I ordered max vg 3mg nic. No flavor boost but The flavor boost would've peob only made it better.

  179. Taste like a juice box!

    Posted by BenK on Mar 14th 2015

    Right out of the bottle it is really good. Letting it steep will make it even better. Reminds me greatly of a CapriSun juice box.

    Using a 1ohm micro coil with organic cotton on a cheap no name rda at 25 watts. Max VG at 3mg, it's very smooth with a perfect throat hit.

  180. Yummm

    Posted by Brittany on Mar 14th 2015

    I couldn't wait the 2 weeks to try this, and I'm glad I didn't. Fresh out of the box this juice is so good! The strawberry is definitely more dominant but you get a light fresh kiwi on the exhale. Nice and smooth and has a nice juicy taste to it. Also leaves a nice aftertaste in my mouth. Will try and let it steep but I have a feeling I will vape right through it today. 3mg max vg

  181. Delicious!!!

    Posted by Fiona on Feb 24th 2015

    Love this juice! The berry taste is more dominant however the kiwi is there on the exhale... nice throat hit & easily my ADV. I got this one in 65/35 VG/PG with an extra flavor shot and after 2/3 weeks steeping was lovely :-)

  182. its ok

    Posted by Elisabeth on Feb 22nd 2015

    i really dont get the flavor that much and i got the flavor boost :(

  183. Berry

    Posted by Brianna on Feb 6th 2015

    The berry flavor is amazing!

  184. Great Flavor

    Posted by Andrew Soto on Feb 4th 2015

    Sweet strawberries and tart kiwi, what's not to like about this yummy oil?

  185. Very very nice

    Posted by James Macapagal on Jan 22nd 2015

    I switched here from MBV due to all the hype I've seen and this was the very first flavor I looked at because I loved Strawberry Kiwi from MBV. Although they completely taste differently, and I like both flavors equally. This is now also one of my few favorite flavors.

  186. So good

    Posted by DoucheAsaurus on Jan 17th 2015

    This juice is great. Very natural tasting. Best kiwi strawberry flavor I've had to date.

  187. Very smooth

    Posted by Malachi on Jan 14th 2015

    Not a fan of kiwi on its own but the strawberry balances it well here. Very smooth but not very sweet either. A little more strawberry and this would be an ADV for sure.

  188. Surprisingly tasty

    Posted by Carolyn on Jan 13th 2015

    I got this one free, so I was a little leery, having never had a kiwi flavor before. Thankfully, it's excellent. I am a huge strawberry fan, and therefore very very picky but this one nails the strawberry while melding the kiwi in perfectly. Neither flavor overpowers the other and instead comes together in a lip smacking happy vape. If you're on the fence, get it. If it's not perfect, steep it. You won't be disappointed!

  189. Nice

    Posted by Vinny on Jan 4th 2015

    The taste is great I let it steep for week n made it better.

  190. Natural kiwi with a strawberry kiss

    Posted by Shucknjive on Nov 24th 2014

    Love it! The most natural kiwi flavor I've ever had, and it goes great with strawberry.

  191. Delicious!

    Posted by Greg on Nov 16th 2014

    6mg of 30/70 pg/vg This juice is the bomb. The flavors go together so well. I am definitely falling in love with this juice and this company.

  192. Awesome!

    Posted by Felix Santos Jr. on Nov 3rd 2014

    120ml 80vg/20pg 3mg no flavor shots - The strawberry comes off too strong in the beginning and seems somewhat "perfumy" on the exhale. I let it steep for a week and I fell in love. The kiwi notes come out that make the vape a smooth one. Definitely recommend steeping and I'm definitely comjng back for more! VapeWild is the best!!!!!

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