Liquid State Vape Juice

One of the cool things about Liquid State e-juice flavors is the civic pride this line is known for displaying. Every flavor represents a different state, and the equally tasty flavors they are known for around the world. From the East coast to the West and down to the Dirty South, this line has delicious reminders of each, and what you love best about going home again. Liquid State Vapors takes you on a tour of the United States with flavors like Sweet Leaf, a wonderfully blended sweet tea flavor that makes you think of tall, cool pitchers sitting in the sun. Head to the shores of one of the Hawaiian islands and indulge in Passion Punch, a heady mix of tropical fruits. Each state (flavor) has its own unique flair and stands out by representing what makes them special and it’s a fantastic way to show patriotic pride by blowing the biggest, sweetest clouds ever. It's also the best way to tour the entire country without even leaving the confines of your own cozy abode. We highly encourage you to take the journey with Liquid State vape juice and see why everyone’s taste buds are traveling. You will be so glad you did.

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