March Wildness


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Below is all flavors still competing in March Wildness. Your coupon will apply to all of them!

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The Streak

We don’t judge those who have peeled off their layers to reveal all their glorious skin to go on a wild streak in the middle of the day or night. No, that’s not what we do here. We pay homage to those wild and fearless folks who aren’t...

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Star Struck

We see that twinkle in your eyes and that special little soft-spot in your heart for our December 2017 Mystery Flavor. Star Struck has blasted its way onto the VapeWild scene, and when you taste it, you’ll get that same shock-and-awe feeling like...

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One Size Fits All

Wristwatches, mumus, baseball hats, and ponchos… All things that are One Size Fits All (well, for the most part!) June’s mystery flavor, One Size Fits All, fits its name perfectly. Ripe, fresh strawberries mixed with juicy guava vape juice...

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Hooch is a purple drank concoction with blueberry and pomegranate to sweeten the deal. This juicy mix of pomegranate vape juice flavor could be the new fan favorite from VapeWild.Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Pomegranate Hooch was November 2015's #1...

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Summer Solstice

A sweet and refreshing vape with hints of coconut, pineapple, strawberry, banana and a little rum blended throughout. Primary Flavors: Coconut, Pineapple, Strawberry, Banana, Rum Made in the USA.

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Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Candy

A sweet and tart hard candy flavored e-liquid that is jolly great on its own, and even better when mixed with some of your other favorite fruit flavors for a new vaping experience. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy Made in the USA.

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Vanilla Tobacco

A flavorful and lightly sweet tobacco vape, the perfect blend of vanilla and savory rich tobacco. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla Made in the USA.

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A juicy and succulent strawberry e-liquid that's just dripping with flavor! Primary Flavors: Strawberry Made in the USA.

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So Berry Good

Wake up your senses with this ejuice flavor explosion of strawberry, raspberry, and pomegranate. If you like fruit flavors, you'll agree this e-liquid is very, berry good! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate So Berry Good was...

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Get Wild with March Wildness! Everyday of March VapeWild will be holding a popularity contest for 2 flavors within a single elimination bracket of a total of 32 flavors. Each day, customers are invited to come to the website and vote for their favorite of the competitors. The winner goes onto the next round, the loser is eliminated. The best e-liquid will be decided, make sure you make your choice known!marchwildnessbracketpromo-vw-cb.jpg

Round #1

Round #2

  • March 17th: Tiger's Blood vs So Berry Good
    • Winner: So Berry Good
  • March 18th: Watermelon vs. Summer Solstice
    • Winner: Summer Solstice 
  • March 19th: Vanilla Clouds vs. Strawberries
    • Winner: Strawberries
  • March 20th: The Streak vs. Razzleberry
    • Winner: The Streak
  • March 21st: One Size Fits All vs. Hold the Door
    • Winner: One Size Fits All
  • March 22nd: Star Struck vs. Happy Demise
    • Winner: Star Struck
  • March 23rd: Green Apple Envy vs. Hooch
    • Winner: Hooch
  • March 24th: OLMUCTNOTC vs Vanilla Tobacco

Win 1 of 50 Prizes!

Don't miss out on one of the biggest giveaways in vape history! VapeWild is giving away 50 prizes on top of E-juice for Life! Every day you have the chance to vote for your favorite e-liquid out of that day's competitors. Upon voting you can add your email address to the poll and enter for a chance to win 1 of 50 prized valuing in total over $2500! You can come back every single day to enter this contest for the ultimate chances to win!

How to enter:

  1. Starting March 1st vote for your favorite vape juice
  2. Input email upon voting
  3. Come back and vote every day for additional chances of winning per vote

Winners will be announced on April 5th and an email will be sent to all winners on how to collect their prizes!

Insane Savings Everyday of March

There's more! Everyday of March there will be a discount on all non-eliminated March Wildness flavors. All you have to do is vote for your favorite to get a coupon code for your discount. As the number of remaining flavors gets smaller, the discounts get larger!


  • Round 1 (March 1st-16th): 10% off all non-eliminated flavors
  • Round 2 (March 17th-24th): 12% off all non-eliminated flavors
  • Quarter Finals (March 25th-28th): 15% off all non-eliminated flavors
  • Semi-Finals (March 29th-30th): 18% off non-eliminated flavors
  • Finals (March 31st): 20% off Final Flavors
  • Winner: 30% off all of April

Win a Lifetime Supply of E-juice*

Picture this. Your are engulfed in an immense vape cloud created by e-juice you barely paid for...forever. This could be you! If you create a 100% correct bracket for March Wildness, you could win this ultimate prize. 

How to enter:

  1. Download the bracket below
  2. Fill out who you think will win in each match-up
  3. Email image of your bracket to before March 1st at midnight.
  4. Vote for your favorite flavor every day for a better chance to win!
*Due to FDA regulation against free e-juice, a lifetime supply of e-juice will come at a small fee.

Prizes, discounts, and insane amount of fun. March is going to be a WILD Month!

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